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I donated 15 mediums to Goodwill a couple months ago. Wish I still had them for you :/
thrifty PSA:   these printed J Press m 65s are pretty cool at 90% off   http://www.jpressonline.com/printed-m65-jacket-blue-1/ http://www.jpressonline.com/printed-m65-jacket-tan-1/  
fwiw I'm a 15.5/35 regent fit too, and neither the ny slim or ny classic with similar measurements worked for me. the armhole was too high on both and cut into my armpit uncomfortably.
What trousers will you wear them with @gettoasty? I just got some dark brown suede Meermins and I'm kind of wishing I'd gone for snuff. Feels like too much contrast with light colored trousers...since they don't reflect light like calf they just feel so dark.
@SpooPoker Looks like more of just a generic office chair and not a collectible/designer/mid century piece unfortunately.
Ouch. Was just hunting for one of those online yesterday.
That feeling when you find just what you've been looking for. Tonight it was a vintage kelly green 60/40 Sierra Designs parka, perfect fit.   Had the exact same jacket on my eBay watch list.
Online. Yeah it's significant...40%. But I knew I'd never get around to selling everything myself and it's worth it to me not to deal with photos, measurements, answering questions, shipping, etc.
@Snoogz sighting at Goodwill
I gave up on selling everything myself and started sending clothes to a consignor. The convenience is awesome.
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