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^ Thinking something more akin to Japan Blue's "High Tapered" cut, far from Obama territory. IMO it's an underserved niche in denim that's becoming more and more in demand lately. See also Levi's 501 CT cut. There's actually a discussion about this type of jean cut going on in Random Fashion Thoughts this morning. It seems to be becoming the new normal, at least on the SW&D side of the forum.
Tara and *Heath   Last night's episode really didn't do anything to move the story forward or contribute to the overall arc in a meaningful way. Pretty frustrating how little has happened this far into the season.
Would love a high rise jean with a roomy top block/thighs in stretch fabric. Preferably black and light wash blue.
Chair looks great. Can't believe how well it cleaned up. Awesome find!
I bought both L and XL and will likely return the L since I like a slouchier fit. Would be happy to pass it along to you if I'm right about the fit. (Will know for sure when they arrive next week.)
X-post from WAYWT with a couple of NWMA purchases 
  Blue Blue Japan vintage Nigerian scarf Uniqlo OrSlow Chup Heschung    
Farfetch has the Lemaire x Paraboot collab for about $300. Tempted but not a big fan of the contrasting color welt (maybe could dye with edge dressing?).   Thuya's are awesome but gigantic. I'm normally an 11–11.5 and my size 10 Thuyas fit loose.    
  vtg 1950s French moleskin jacket Needles Rebuild shirt Orslow jeans Epaulet Chelseas    
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