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Yeah. Basically we're sharing stories with each other. Like fishermen or something. "Here's a mediocre catch that will net me a buck but is otherwise completely unremarkable" isn't much of a fishing story.
About pictures vs text: I kind of want both. Often the story behind a find is more interesting than the photo, especially if it's something we've seen a million times. I think spoilering photos of tags and stuff is pretty reasonable if you're posting a huge batch. I mean people should do what they want, but however cool your stuff is, the page becomes super tedious if it's too data heavy.
I need to know how much you paid for the Cucinelli before I know how jealous to be about the Cucinelli. (And more pics!)
 Noob's Polo > Attolini Truth. 
Yeah I had figured it was Nike's agency Wieden + Kennedy but guess not.
 +1000000. We see enough boring but high MSRP stuff around here.  Keep thrifting weird.
Woah. Awesome Ray.   I know it's not well loved but I've found some cool Varvatos stuff.
Loving Apple Music for new music discovery. Great to have owned and streamed music in the same place too. Bye Rdio.
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