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 They fit looser than the extra slim fit—more inline with BB's slim fit (which is actually not that slim). 
    MMM & H&MMM
HATTRICK for extra 25% off clearance items
 I've had this done about a dozen times (length). It worked I think 9 out of 12 times, giving me an extra half size in length. Once the leather cracked, another time it showed stretch marks. These were mostly cheap thrift store pickups, so the risk was low. I'd think twice about stretching something I had just purchased new. Stretching the width, though, seems pretty straightforward and less risky.
 Yeah. The one last year was a gift for somebody else. This one is for me :)
Just one outing over the holidays in Portland. Here's one to make Fueco proud :) $10 at Value Village. My size (though not really my style)     I'm starting the new year by re-donating 300 or so backlog items, mid-level stuff that I'm just never going to get to. Pretty much just keeping the mega premium stuff from here on out. Feels good and manageable.
Pendleton x Nike       
If you're going for a more fitted look, maybe you're right. Just seems crazy since we're pretty much the same size and XL is reasonably fitted on me.    Maybe the difference between sizes isn't as much as I imagined. Just seems like a medium Stark would probably fit like a traditional small. Anyway, enjoy it.
You're crazy. 
+1. Even if truly destroyed you could do something cool with that I bet.
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