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Looks cool. What's going on with the fit model though? Looks like he's levitating?    
^ "World's Biggest Hypebeast Ruins Everything"   "Brandon Sales, World's Biggest Hypebeast, In His Own Words"   He does have a crazily punchable face.
Yeah, I've now accepted that they are ruined. Debating whether to   1. try some crazy diy project...maybe remove the pockets with a seam ripper and cover them in paint or something?   2. donate them (though I'd feel bad if someone bought them at a thrift shop without noticing the problem)   3. throw them away
Of the three, top one is best.
  Maybe the lopsided-ass look will become my signature. I'm surprisingly nonplussed about it...made me laugh. 
No kidding. Will remove the label and try briefly to convince myself I can still wear then soon give up.    
I'm amazed at how many crappy fake Dunhill variations there are out there. Seems like an odd brand to focus on knocking off.
 Worse are the weirdly non-equidistant back pockets.    
I like stitches' jeans as is.  
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