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 Parker started one a while ago here: + DRIES VAN NOTEN +
Lemaire boots - thanks Yoox      
Utah is such a wasteland. Not sure why I even bother. Will be in LA for a week soon though
Yeah I take advantage of the 30 day returns and have sent back used stuff before. Thanks guys, gonna try them out.
Really want to try a pair of these. Not super crazy about any of the colorways. The Gyakusous are sort of cool.
Finally got an Apple Watch. Returned it days layer. I liked the fitness rings a lot, and a few other things, but hated wearing it with a suit everyday. Just felt out of place. Will definitely check back when future gens arrive though.
That feeling when the coworker you taught to thrift starts texting you pics like this... ...and he's at the store you drove past last night but decided not to stop at :/
Been eyeing this too. The piece of master tape is a neat idea.
  brb going back to the store to fix it
Haha whoever he is he knows what he likes. They were scattered on different shelves and I rearranged all the shoes to put them next to each other like that. People probably thought I was crazy but it had to be done.
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