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Ok sure.
True to size, based on advice in the NMWA thread.
La Portegna  (thanks, No Man Walks Alone)    
Ahhh, dropped my iPhone today and it's kaput. Won't even power on. I have a Genius Bar appointment Saturday but am not holding my breath.    Probably just going to buy an SE, which I've been intrigued by anyway. Such an awkward time to buy a new phone though, with the 7 on the way.
EG linen blend     EG batik   orSlow
Found one on my 5 zip. What's the best way to protect suede?    
I spent the better part of a day playing with a group of friends. Pretty fun/relaxing tbh. And we ended up walking almost 30k steps. Also yeah everyone has their phone out but seems like it actually causes more social interaction. We talked with tons of people throughout the day (also playing) we wouldn't normally talk to. edit: To make it fashion related/relevant to recent topics here: was wearing EVA Birks the whole time and no complaints about comfort.
Finally. Never thought I'd see this label.
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