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Yea or nay? Seems ancient. Not sure if it's cool or just really old.
I want a 5 zip so bad.
+1 for +JI get that sometimes and just assume it's a caching issue and the item has sold out.
I like my iPhone 5's size but will reserve judgment until I see the new phones in person.   The Apple Watch unveiling was lots of fun to watch—the Jony Ive video is neat. That it always requires an iPhone to function kinda limits the appeal IMO. I mean, I'll probably always have my phone anyway, but is the watch basically dead weight without it? If so that's a shame—it would be nice especially to workout without carrying a phone.
Loosely fashion relevant: I'll be curious to see how many people pony up for the 18k gold Apple Watch.      
I worry about the welfare of your Dries jacket, jdrizzy. Send it to Synthese for safe-keeping.   Or let a lucky thrift-store find propel you beyond the dim realm of khakis + ocbds. Find some cool pics with similar jackets and emulate.   Whatever path you choose, quit screwing up the lapels.
I love this show but it's been so long I can't remember how season 4 ended. Will have to read Wikipedia before tonight's premiere.
My first couple iPhones I carried "naked." They got pretty dinged up overtime around the edges (though not enough to hurt resell much), but the screen never got scratched up. I even dropped them pretty regularly without a case and without significant damage—until one unlucky drop where it hit just right and the screen shattered.   I've been using the leather Apple case with my latest phone after the sting of the shattered screen. But lately I find myself going to no case...
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