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Nice @dieworkwear. I love my herringbone Eidos Balmaacan and wear it with Lemaire-esque fits as well as more CM-leaning stuff. Probably my most-worn piece of outerwear. I'm excited to see how yours turns out.
Just make sure you get it back before you give the refund.
I've found some crazy stuff at the clearance store in Centralia, WA: new releases for dirt cheap, unreleased samples, Pinnacle/White Label/Nike Lab-level products, etc. If he means that type of clearance store (not a factory outlet store) I wouldn't be surprised if he found some of the new Lunarepics for a steal.
A Kind of Guise.
Does anyone know how the Heschung Arum fits in relation to the Heschung Thuya? I sized down a whole size (from my US size) for the Thuya. Wondering if I should do the same for the Arum.
Even the "good version" of rag & bone isn't the good version. IMO it's a brand like Billy Reid or Band of Outsiders that had a moment with a certain crowd a while back but has no cachet today.
Thanks! They're OrSlow 107s (3 year wash).
Live from the thrift shop. 28oz wool coat from March 1951.
Why I love thrifting. 28oz wool coat from March 1951. Just yesterday I was eyeing similar coats from Frank Leder. This isn't quite the same, but mine was only $20
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