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New Macbook looks really really nice. First Macbook update that's tempted me in the last couple of years.   Interesting that they're calling it just "the new Macbook" and not "Macbook Air."
^ Not a manufacturer worth knowing about based on the tacky as **** label design.
  Supima tees restocked already. Ordered a dozen. http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-supima-cotton-crew-neck-short-sleeve-t-shirt-138686.html
ah gotcha. probably will be returning then :) might try to shrink 'em and see how they do. 
XLs already sold out in black and white WTF   Ordered some XXLs in case based on jet's advice
Edit: link that doesn't require login http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2015/03/03/lemaire-uniqlo-collaboration-announced
Lots of Apple Car rumors. Would be exciting to see what they can do.
 Those are great. I don't know about Bergmann, but that genre of danish modern chair may have originated with Hans Wegner's plank chair, which is similar. French probably knows :) I know a ton of designers over many decades have made similar chairs—slightly varying designs are pretty ubiquitous in mid century shops. Ikea even reissued a similar but kinda clunky design from their archives last year, which I bought because I'm lowbrow and poor like that. See also the "z...
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