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These deserve to be re-posted.  
Apple is all about slowly iterating and improving over time. This has long been the case. People who expect a quantum leap every year don't get the game Apple is playing and are always disappointed after announcements, claiming Apple is losing their edge.Also, Apple doesn't try to match every feature of every competitor's phones...it's about the overall user experience, the complete package, and by that standard, the iPhone 6 looks to be the best phone money can buy.
+j offerings are pretty underwhelming.
Not all that's striped is orphaned. This thing is a beauty. Single-button, single-breasted peak lapel, 90% cotton/10% steel (!), mother of pearl buttons, crow's foot stitch detail on one sleeve, pick stitching, slanting jetted pockets, Made in Italy, perfect fit. Picture in summer with light blue linen shirt, no tie, white chinos, tan loafers.
Thanks! Wow, that's old.
Yea or nay? Seems ancient. Not sure if it's cool or just really old.
I want a 5 zip so bad.
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