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Accidentally donated my multicolor Flyknits to a thrift store last week Along with my black/white Flyknit trainers, a Gyakusou jacket, four NWT and almost new knit running shirts, and a few other things. Feeling pretty dumb.
Consignment is the way to go, especially if you have a lot to unload. Yes you share the profits but they take better pics, take measurements, deal with all the hassles, ship, and get a higher final price than you would on your own. Just send a box of stuff to the consignor and wait for a check.
Instead of a thrift store brag, a thrift store moment of shame: I accidentally donated the wrong bag Saturday night and lost some really nice stuff. Went back today and they let me search the back room but there was too much to sort through and I came up empty handed. If any Salt Lake City guys find a Margiela sweater, some premium Nike stuff (rainbow Flyknits, black/white Flyknit Trainers, Gyakusou jacket, NWT knit running shirts) or Proper Cloth shirts please let me know!
Too late, MagSafe is already gone.
Pendleton has one that's surprisingly decent. Found one at Nordstrom Rack for $50.
 Hi @winny94 -  For food in SLC, my top three downtown are Copper Onion, Cafe Molise, and Em's Restaurant. Copper Onion is on the same block as a cool theater that shows indie movies (The Broadway), two secondhand modern furniture stores (The Green Ant and Urban Vintage), and a great used bookstore (Ken Sanders), among other things. For Mexican, Red Iguana is the place to go (not the mall food court one, the actual restaurant). For quicker food options, J Dawgs (hotdogs)...
Also the reason I don't have any Kapital. Well played.
I need some Kapital in my life. I like so much of their stuff but have never owned any.
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