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Wtf! Amazing. Arnys alone is thrift of the year.
All sale items dropped to 50% at Totokaelo. Lots of good stuff.
I'll try to post a photo soon. I didn't paint them though—they came that way.
Need more deets on the Brioni find @eazye. Wow.
My painted Margiela GATs are suede.
 Looks like 1990s to me.
I like it. Carson Street has the Segment jacket at 50% off and says to size up.   http://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/clothing/product/536/segmentjacket http://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/sale/product/541/segmentjacket   Be sure to get the matching shorts.    
Love that.
How to Wear a Pocket Square with a Denim Jacket    
Or a cringe-comedy web series about a couple of awkward, hapless fashion bloggers with terrible fashion sense and a general lack of self-awareness.
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