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plastic "Air Chair" by Jasper Morrison for Magis, made in Italy ($6) http://www.hermanmiller.com/products/seating/stacking-chairs/air-chair.html       (not thrifted but related and was waiting on my doorstep right after I found the chair:)   1971 lithograph by Philip Mitchell for Herman Miller    
I put them there for scale.
While we're on art...any ideas what this might say?     Thought it might be a monoprint but turns out it's just a regular offset print. Still looked kinda cool though.      
Recent highlights, mostly stuff in my size.   Isaia x 2 ($14, $10)       recent Zegna x 2 ($12, $9)     Brioni orphans reunited ($20)       Paul Stuart by Southwick ($8)     vintage 1960s h.i.s. ($10) (notable mainly because it's my best-fitting-off-the-rack tailored clothing find ever)     Edward Green ($14)—war-torn but wearable       Florsheim with cool textured grain ($9)     Nike Flyknit ($14)     Mulholland Bros...
^ Try the eBay thread, but IMO most people are better off with just a hanger, no mannequin, for photos.   90% of the time the mannequin is styled poorly and it just ends up distracting.
Not sure about a restock, but they did post the link on the Nike Running Twitter account.
Wish they'd stock tees and linen shirts online already.
^ I donated that Gant Rugger shirt and the Ben Silver cords.  In Portland, right? There was another pair, also unhemmed, in red. 
heavy-gauge cotton knits on sale
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