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Triple White Tennis Classic        
$15-17k if you want anything other than a plastic band on it
But butterfly switches, @Fueco. Butterfly switches!   Pretty much every product Apple announces gets the "it's just a blank with a blank" thrown at it. It's all about the subtle details.
It's the most appealing laptop I've ever seen. The thinness and weight are moving toward early iPad territory. The portability of the 11" Air has always appealed to me but felt a little small for everyday use. 12" seems like the sweet spot for portability and usability (for my purpose at least: writing). Plus you have the Retina display on basically an Air computer, with lots of carefully considered small details throughout.    Other iPad parallels: a simplified range of...
Here's a handy chart of all the available Watch configurations and prices.   It's nuts that they're selling a $10000 gold watch with a plastic band. Anyone who's spending in that range is going to pony up for the leather band, so basically the real starting price of an Edition is $15000 for the "classic" band. Modern band is $17000. Wow.   Only option I'd really consider for a gen 1 is the Sport, for workouts.
"Starting at $10,000."     Wonder how high it goes.
Any last minute guesses on Watch pricing? Will top of the line hit $20,000 as Gruber predicts? 
New Macbook looks really really nice. First Macbook update that's tempted me in the last couple of years.   Interesting that they're calling it just "the new Macbook" and not "Macbook Air."
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