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Best wishes, barrel!
Had a really great day in the field today. Some cool finds, nothing worth flipping your desk over, but I had more fun than I can remember having in a long time.    Took in nice scenery, enjoyed the drive and some good music, had awesome food between stops, saw interesting stuff, took home a few things for myself, stopped by my tailor. Finished the day hiking a mountain to watch the sunset. Perfect.
? I'm seeing tons of new stuff. 
They stopped making Lunar 1s last year but have released new Racers and Trainers recently.The upper is 100% different.
Weird stuff found in thrift store pockets, dispatch #37: sketchy vintage Polaroids. Did not buy. Got excited when I saw this...until I also saw the $400 price tag
I think a better colorway will help, but looks like a weird mashup of the 1s and 2s to me. My least favorite iteration yet.
Don't buy that.
New Posts  All Forums: