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No brags, just blues today. Drove a hundred miles, nothing but a Billy Reid shirt to show for it :/ A few almosts, but everything was damaged or not quite right.   Vacilated on this Bric's duffle, then went back two minutes later to grab it but of course someone had scooped it up. (Which is fine, not that cool anyway.)        
I bought Vesper when it first was released and deleted it a day later. It's minimalistic, so if you need something robust, it's probably not for you.   I use a combination of Drafts, Meteor, and Evernote on iOS and am decently happy with it. I love Drafts so much for capturing quick thoughts. Anything I want to keep later gets exported to Evernote, which is where I archive tons of stuff.  I use Meteor like Drafts for pictures basically. It allows you take quick "photo...
Never tried it. I used Google Notebook way back in the day and switched to Evernote when they stopped development. Never really been happy with Evernote either though.   Isn't Apple Notes way more robust with recent updates? Is it a viable alternative yet?
To my secret Santa, whoever you are (you forgot to mention your username): Holy smokes, so generous and thoughtful. Thank you—fit pics and details soon.
Came to the same conclusion with the 501 CTs. Ended up just buying a pair of the loose fit 3Sixteens and tapering them a little.
Other than Gold being marketed as a more "premium" line, I'm not sure. I once found a cache of new-with-tags Gitman and Gitman Gold shirts and couldn't discern a difference.I have a crazy nice Oxxford tie made by Gitman Bros. In fact, there's a video floating around somewhere that shows ties being made in the Gitman factory for Oxxford.
Really cool stuff @mormonopoly.
 The other albums are solid too. I got so sick of sorting through Herb Alpert, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the like, I don't even bother with LPs anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: