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Please do say I need to know exactly how jealous I should feel. That's amazing.
IF YOU SEE THAT ‘IF YOU SEE A STYLUS, THEY BLEW IT’ QUOTE, THEY BLEW IThttp://daringfireball.net/linked/2015/01/20/if-you-see
Consignment Shop Vader
I thought the Hermes watches were sort of cool, minus the cuff. I'm actually surprised how "cheap" they are at around $1200. Would have expected them to be paired with the 10k+ gold models. At that price I bet they'll actually sell well.
Hermes x Apple
Really excited to see what they do to the TV. One of my most used devices and also the one most in need of an upgrade.
Speaking of Buffalo Exchange: Portland OR dudes, there's a Kamakura Ivy OCBD for $18 downtown. Small, white. Good pickup for personal use.
Thanks guys. Yeah I was pretty positive it was fake but had never handled Visvim in person. And I guess I still haven't
New Posts  All Forums: