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I really liked the Clyfford Still Museum in downtown Denver. (And it's right by a few other museums, though I didn't go to those.)
Does this happen to anyone else when thrifting? 1. Take your jacket that you own off to try on thrift store jacket (not in changing room) 2. Take thrift store jacket off and put back on rack 3. Put your jacket that you own back on 4. Think to self, "Hmm I hope no one thinks I'm stealing this jacket. What if they only saw me putting it on and then walking out of the store? It's my jacket I swear!" 5. Feel a little guilty/hope no one tackles you as you walk out of the...
4 pairs of white jeans for summer     501 tapered fit on sale for $14 with "30EXTRA" if anyone cares. 
Bought a stack of white jeans for summer. Levi's tapered 501s on sale for $14 with "30EXTRA":   http://www.levi.com/US/en_US/mens-jeans/p/181730005
 Park City? They had a pile of them last time I was up there, grabbed a few Polos and Ferragamos. Also, how have we never run into each other? One of these days.
 Parker started one a while ago here: + DRIES VAN NOTEN +
Lemaire boots - thanks Yoox      
Utah is such a wasteland. Not sure why I even bother. Will be in LA for a week soon though
Yeah I take advantage of the 30 day returns and have sent back used stuff before. Thanks guys, gonna try them out.
Really want to try a pair of these. Not super crazy about any of the colorways. The Gyakusous are sort of cool.
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