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Is that the by-the-pound place? Went to that once and never again it was so depressing, despite also living 10 miles from there.   Never really understood how those online auctions work—does each individual Goodwill do their own auctions or (I'm guessing) one central location in the area, like a regional office? Some serious effort went into creating that listing.
Really enjoyed this:   "The Myth of Fashion as Self-Expression" by @Rosenrot
 The ceramic watches are the new Edition models.
 Yeah, that is a disappointing spec. I hope the charging case makes it a little less terrible.  Also: this is probably not a problem for many people, but I often charge + listen to headphones at the same time while falling asleep at night. Guess that's out now, but I'll figure something out.  
I'm in for a Watch Series 2.   Being able to run without my phone but still have fitness tracking + music is a big deal for me. With the added GPS and the AirPods, I'm in business.   All I ever really wanted the Watch to be was a compelling fitness tracker, and now it's much closer IMO. 
 I have those same La Portegnas from NMWA. I'm an 11 D (though one foot is probably more of an 11.5) and the 44s are perfect/true to size. Probably wouldn't size up on them if you're a narrow 11.5.  And I agree with @wigglr — I love them.
Grabbed the L, thanks! Also grabbed the broadcloth band collar.
Anyone else enter? Good luck. Not getting my hopes up.
The black Racers look cool. Has it really been 3 years since the last banned 1 retro? The sting of striking out on those feels more recent. Hoping for a raffle win tomorrow.
First stop in weeks. A few F/W–friendly finds. N/A Isaia wool 7 fold, Hermes, $2 each Polo x Corneliani tweed herringbone SUIT vtg Southwick navy herringbone tweed, 3 roll 2
New Posts  All Forums: