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My house is a 5-hour drive or $50 flight away from Vegas and I've never been. One of these days.
Like this? Thanks. Yeah wasn't think they're valuable or anything. Just it's always cool to stumble across something a little unusual. There were also some random figurines, nativity statuettes, etc. I did buy a half dozen tiny baby heads. Not sure what for but seemed like the thing to do.
Hmm maybe I should go back for them. If nothing else could make for some interesting bookends.
Weird find of the week: molds for these Grace S Putnam dolls: http://www.ebay.com/gds/Your-Guide-to-Buying-Grace-S-Putnam-Dolls-/10000000178723344/g.html
might want to keep the jacket unbuttoned though
Love those Arnoult chairs, awesome score. Been eyeing a pair of sling armchairs for a while. 
Anyone else watching the keynote right now? Really liking the updates so far, especially for macOS. (Haven't gotten to iOS yet.)
Someone should start a fashion pronunciation guide. I mispronounce stuff all the time because I only read about it on the Internet. (That video is a good start.)
ee-sah-EE-ah http://italian.about.com/cs/pronunciation/ht/pronouncevowels.htm http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare106a.htm
Hay and Tom Dixon are doing collabs with IKEA: http://www.dezeen.com/2016/06/08/hay-redesign-ikea-iconic-blue-yellow-frakta-bag-collaboration-chair-bench/
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