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Yeah I like all the band collar shirts, including the flannels ones also. The new UU tees are great. Got all three shades of blue. I normally size up for the regular Supimas but went true-to-size with these and they are just right. I finally tried on my pleated UU wool pants from FW and they are nice. Wish I'd bought more. Best Uniqlo pants since +J flannels.
Live from the field. I love this thing. You can zip the sleeves off and convert it into a vest. 1970s Jackson Hole. Love the western yoke and the 70s Kelly green + blue. I can totally see a Japanese brand reproducing this design today.
Man you have to post pics of your closet sometime Regis. So jealous of all the Margiela stuff you've collected.
One last FW 2016 item for me: Chester Coat in Olive Double Cloth   After missing out on the Highland Parka, I feel like this can be worn to similar effect, and also be incorporated into less-heritage-leaning fits as well.   I had to size up since the sleeves were a little on the short side, and I seemed to be right between sizes anyway. Hopefully it works out (or, if not, hopefully my tailor can help).    
It looks pretty good on you. Grab it!
Yeah if you are going for Take Ivy then tapered and cropped jeans would help. Straight up Ask Andy-style trad looks always feel a little nerdy to me. I'd look beyond that to heavy duty ivy looks of the 70s and to more contemporary interpretations from EG and others for cues.
I haven't done a side-by-side comparison but they look and feel the same to me (besides the stem and no wires obviously)
+1. Felt the same way when I had to use my EarPods once at the gym a few weeks back.Also, relevant to this forum, from an aesthetic standpoint, it looks better not having that cord hanging across your torso. Especially if you're wearing a coat and tie, that always has look kind of bad to me.I have yet to see someone in my city wearing them but expect to start seeing many soon.
Thanks @mythage! I'll go ahead and cross-post it here:     I actually took the hood off just now and it's pretty cool buttoned up all the way.
I think a short-sleeve madras shirts calls for something breezier and lighter in color and than dark denim. Maybe some drawstring linen pants or even some olive fatigue pants. Or, if denim, a lighter wash or white. And definitely something less heavy than boots for footwear.
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