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Love burl. Nice.
I don't know man I'd almost give that to eazy. Sort of a thrifter's honor thing. Or split the proceeds and host drinks for the local guys. We all know the pain of finding a thing without a price and the store won't work with you.
 That hurts man. Ouch.
Yeah I mean definitely order quickly, but hopefully if you're on top of things it'll be doable. Not like buying Jordans online and competing against bots or some madness.
I feel like it should be obtainable as long as you don't sleep on it. Can't imagine it sells out in the first ten seconds online or something. The thirst isn't that strong and the supply hopefully not that limited.
Spoo you lucky (hardworking) bastard.
Dude you can't just say that and not post pics. Deets!
 501 CT is the answer. My 32s have a 34" waist and a 6.5" opening (and a 12" rise).
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