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Apple Cinema Display, ten bucks Saw a dude looking it and a recent-looking iMac over, thought there was no way he'd pass. Lucky day. PS apologies to people I owe PMs and packages. I am the worst
Love Uniqlo tees so much. Finally figured out that sizing up to XL was the way to go (I wear M in a lot of Uniqlo stuff). Loose and perfect.
No mention here of the retina iMacs? Pretty exciting product addition IMO.Taskpaper used to do exactly this: a plain text editor for tracking to dos/making lists. I haven't used it in a few years but you might look into it; I assume it's still aroundReally want to try this. I love the idea of Apple Pay. Need to figure out who accepts it near me though.When I bought my 6 the sales assistant let me pick any case in the store for free. Got the black leather Apple case. I...
I wish. Pic added.
Pop: Eames.     Not terribly exciting without the eiffel base, but I'll take it for $5. Should clean up nicely.    
Great photos (and finds), @suited
I'd skip the square and tie bar.
Replaced my lost iPhone 5 with a 6 today. I was set on the 64gb but settled for the 16gb when that was all they had in stock, which may have been a rash move.   Just so tired of not having a phone after a few days and didn't want to wait longer.  
Didn't know what the place was until we drove up to it. And yeah, once I realized I figured it was gone for good but had to try.Even played the sound a bunch of times without luck. Life goes on.
Damn. Lost my iPhone tonight. Was able to track it to a halfway house using Find My iPhone, where I can see it still is now. Went there to ask for it back...no go. Guess I'm getting a 6 sooner than planned. Complicating things, I also managed to lose my drivers license and debit card this week (shitty week) and don't have any other ID, and I don't think anyone will let me buy a new phone with a credit card without ID. I may be phone-less for a week or so. Weird feeling.
New Posts  All Forums: