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Me too. Those early Polo tweeds are always awesome.
Ralph Lauren. Could do tailored minimalist with Black Label / Purple Label, MC with PRL suits, workwear with RRL/Polo, workout clothes with RLX, etc. Not super exciting but doable.
Got a package from @futuremyth this week. Couldn't have asked for a better Secret Santa. Thanks man!  [[SPOILER]]
Something to wear, something to listen to, something to drink, and something to read. Really generous @futuremyth—thanks so much. Hard to pick a favorite, but I really love the Wings + Horns blazer.         Thanks again!
  Sasaki-Yohinten 1960s German shop coat Void the Brand tee Margiela jeans and boots    
Open it, man! 
Not sure but I think it's actually "PVC-coated cotton" not leather.
No brags, just blues today. Drove a hundred miles, nothing but a Billy Reid shirt to show for it :/ A few almosts, but everything was damaged or not quite right.   Vacilated on this Bric's duffle, then went back two minutes later to grab it but of course someone had scooped it up. (Which is fine, not that cool anyway.)        
I bought Vesper when it first was released and deleted it a day later. It's minimalistic, so if you need something robust, it's probably not for you.   I use a combination of Drafts, Meteor, and Evernote on iOS and am decently happy with it. I love Drafts so much for capturing quick thoughts. Anything I want to keep later gets exported to Evernote, which is where I archive tons of stuff.  I use Meteor like Drafts for pictures basically. It allows you take quick "photo...
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