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I've tried to do the minimalist wardrobe thing but get antsy, see stuff I like that doesn't "fit the plan" and, craving some variety and novelty again, give up. After a while I'll get tired of excess and try to pair down again—it's a reactionary cycle.   The idea appeals to me, though I'm not sure if all the reasons behind the appeal are rational or represent some mild form of OCD. I too like the idea of fitting everything into a couple of duffle bags, but I'm not...
I started doing just that with Uniqlo tees—buy XL and shrink them.   I do like the fit of the H&M tees but Uniqlos feels nicer.
A couple of 30% off Yoox codes I'm not using.   NEWOQYCpI8o NEW14vzb54TxG
I didn't know HTMs were ever sold on Nike.com. Is that a rare occurrence?
I've been using 1Password daily for the past four years and am very happy with it. It lets me have extremely secure passwords that I don't have to memorize. I also store my credit card info, tax documents, and other sensitive info there. Syncing works great too, the developers are always improving it, and it never gives me any problems. Worth the money. I can't speak to the other apps you've listed, but from what I gather 1Password seems to be the gold standard.   I know...
I think people who flip sneakers use some kind of page monitor to see when restocks happen. Perhaps whatever that is could be used to watch for price changes too? Sorry I don't know details.
^ Those look great, Wes. 
I've been wanting some light-colored boots to wear with washed denim and a field jacket, and I do think the more bulbous shape and the texture of these may work better in that context than some of the sleeker, smoother side-zips I generally like more.   But it could be that the brand and low price ($170) persuaded me to make an unwise purchase.
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