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Some great stuff. That Cucinelli jacket is my favorite.
 I'll tell you in a few days when they arrive.
 Are you trying to make this happen quickly? Because that whole "fast, cheap, good—pick two" thing. If you have time/energy, you could do better and still keep it cheap. If you just want basic, functional stuff that fits you, I guess that works, though it sounds pretty boring.
Only thing that bothered me story-wise was Cranston's son telling Elizabeth Olsen to stay in San Francisco an extra day or two until he arrived. Really, when you know giant monsters are on their way there?   Also, while it made for a cool scene, dangerously parachuting into San Francisco seemed unnecessary.
Found at a thrift store today: a dozen crazy vintage Reyn Spooner popovers. Left some of them behind but a few are pretty awesome.  
Just in time for the heat: a dozen vintage Reyn Spooner popovers, made in Hawaii. N/A.  
They're fine, but the linen shorts are nicer.
New Posts  All Forums: