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thrift store find: oversized 1960s Italian knit blazer from Brooks Brothers    
    I'll be more interested when it looks closer to the one on the right a few years from now.
Broke my Margiela GAT laces :/ Does anyone know an online source for similar laces?
 The ones that got away: Margiela suit in my size, before I became a big Margiela fan Hermes scarves gifted to an ex   various Hermes ties, simply because I'd have a solid collection of 30 or so had I held onto them all, which would be kinda neat
This is pretty random. Stopped at a TJ Maxx to look for Gyakusou running gear. Found a slouchy Kiton cashmere/silk knit on clearance almost for free. No clue how this thing made it there among the American Eagle and Abercrombie cast-offs.    
 I'd be all over that if I could pull off the deep v neck. 
Wow. I have a couple pairs of the black/white trainers but think I donated one of them to Goodwill recently. Didn't think there'd be a market for used Flyknits :/
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