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 You are on a website dedicated to fashion. You're really going to do this every time someone gently expresses an aesthetic opinion?
 Defensive much. Just sharing an alternative perspective. Enjoy the jacket.
 The stretchy, elasticized hem is a deal breaker for me. Always thought that looked pretty lame on leather jackets. Shame because otherwise it looks nice.
Hmm, I'll have to reconsider the linen blazers then. We're the same height. I've never even looked at them closely because I figured they'd be way too short.   Edit: Based on the measurements I'd have to get an XXXL to get a semi-long length (31"). If I fit to chest size (medium), I'd get a 28" length. Guess I'm not seeing it or the measurements are off.
   Really? Colorway is cool but who wants canvas Jordans?
Came here to see what people thought of the last episode and was surprised to see no new posts. Then I thought about it and realized there's usually not a whole lot new to say:   [insert character names] got attacked by zombies and [survived/didn't survive].   [insert character names] went looking for supplies and [found some/didn't find any] and got attacked by zombies along the way.   I did really like the music/montage at the beginning of the episode of the guy...
 Let me blow your mind, @Fueco: you can.
I like them. If you bought them with casual wear in mind though, yeah, returning is a good move. Wouldn't wear outside of running.
Went on a trip to attend an academic conference recently. School was reimbursing everything but required detailed receipts. Dinners out, we had to split the checks several (6 or 7) ways for expense reports and I hated it. A couple of times I tried to just pay the whole bill to avoid it but people refused.
New Posts  All Forums: