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Good call. I haven't used subscriptions much because I didn't want to miss new threads but, now that I think about it, there's rarely a new thread worth reading that doesn't get linked to from elsewhere.
I'm curious to know how people browse the site. I've always just browsed the feed on the Styleforum homepage but accidentally clicked on CM's "Should or shouldn't I buy" thread twice today and couldn't figure out why everyone was talking about Cole Haan and Suit Supply. There has to be a better way.
Thrift fit brag     
 Clicked on this thread from the homepage by accident, thinking it was the SW&D thread with the exact same title.  Maybe change the title slightly to avoid confusion?
 If you're looking for sentence variety and non-terrible advice, look no further than anywhere but this blog.  
Levi’s Factory Implicated In Cruel Treatment Of Denim Cows  
 I meant a thread just for critiquing your fits, since I know how much you love it :) Just kidding. Seriously, though, I appreciate your reminders around here to use a light-hand when commenting on fits. I like analyzing and discussing the merits of fits, but sometimes we do need a reminder not to be dicks about it.
I think it's pretty standard practice in the industry not to publicize the names of your manufacturers.
Navy does look good actually.
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