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Looks like it to me.
 Thanks. I'm pretty sure I did try these once; medium was just too short, large too big in the waist. I'll hold tight and hope for a Nike.com restock. 
That 30" inseam...wish they were at least a couple inches longer. NDC has tall sizes but of course they are all sold out.  
Was just going to ask the same question about the pants. Looks like these:   http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/track-running-pants/pid-726540/pgid-773861
 My Uniqlo tees from this year fit a little smaller than my Uniqlo tees from last year.
Wow, Spoo. Amazing stuff.
^ Agreed. Had a pair and they were nice.   I just switched back to Flyknit Lunars from Flyknit Trainers recently, hoping they'd be easier on my knees, but to be honest I haven't felt a huge difference. Haven't been on any longer runs yet though.
If you're in the Capitol Hill area, check out Totokaelo Man. Amazing store if you're interested in designer clothes (Margiela, Dries, Ervell, Folk to name a few brands they carry) and a decent sale selection too (LVC denim for like $70 last time I was there.)
Awesome find.
Not as nice as @nicelynice's recommendation, but if you're looking for cheap, Gap has floral prints.          
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