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discount fit  [[SPOILER]]  MargielaUniqloMargielaMargiela
Gyakusou photos from Mr. Porter and End. I like a lot of the stuff but will probably pass. The cut of the regular Nike Running gear works best for me, and if I got some Gyakusou I'd probably want to go all in and replace everything I have, which would be stupid expensive.                       The "Dark/Light" text does seem heavy handed and kind of corny. They also put "Logical/Intuitive" on the 3/4 sleeve and "Positive/Negative" on the...
I'm imagining this or did Gyakusou prices drop a lot? Most expensive piece on Mr. Porter is a $170 jacket. Tees are $75 and shoes are $135, which puts most of the prices in line with regular Nike products. I seem to remember a lot of items in the 200–300+ range previously.
I'm also a 40 L, though I'm 6'2" and 170 lbs. I take an XL in Stark and an L in most other stuff. Based on your height and weight, I'd say you probably want to look at an XXL Stark and XL other stuff, but your suit size throws me off.
Back in stock on NDC. Ordered two pairs—one to replace my current pair, one for later.    
Yes. It's thick wool.
  Also: the episode where he tips the waiter 30% but doesn't tip the restaurant's captain the episode where he sees the restaurant host at the newsstand and the host takes Larry's 20 bucks because he thinks it's a tip
 The sleeves aren't that short. I take a 35" sleeve and the large fits me well, even though the chart gives a 33.25" calculated sleeve measurement.
 That's fucked up.  That's fucked up. (Probably just a misunderstanding? Guess you'll find out soon enough if they're sanforized...no harm in soaking either way.)
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