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 Hey if you like it, then it's worth something   Finally got around to cleaning the trashed Jasper Morrison Air Chair I found. Magic Eraser + WD 40 + car wax worked wonders.   Also finally got a bunch of new plants to fill all the cool ceramics I've been finding (this one: 6" 1960s Finnish).   You know you're broke when even your Ikea stuff is thrifted :/ But for $5 this table will do until its handsomer Knoll cousin comes along.  
Looks great
    Ys     Uniqlo
$50 for the Drakes. $20–30 for Ferragamo and Borrelli ties. $150–200 for Isaia, Corneliani, Jil Sander, Issey Miyake suits.    I was only there 10 minutes since my coworker with me wasn't really into it, so I didn't go through everything (which was fine, since it was all too pricey anyway).
In Manhattan for a meeting and had time to hit one shop. First tie I grab: Drakes. Second: Drakes. First suit: Jil Sander. And on and on and on. Never seen such a concentration of awesome stuff in one stop.   But the prices. Holy smokes. Stupid expensive :(
Yeah, 32.5" just seemed way short to be accurate. It helped that the auction ended so early on a Saturday morning in the US. Bad move on the seller's part, but great for bidders Enjoy it!
I was bidding on that 52 but lowered my max bid last minute. Got cold feet about the restocking fee and the weird sleeve measurement. How high was your bid out of curiosity? Wondering how close I got. If it doesn't work out please let me know Edit: Looks like my eBay sniper didn't work anyway. Argh.
I vote keep on the Rick Owens jacket. Nice finds.
I'd stick to iPhone for involved messages. But for a quick reply to let someone know I saw their joke or to let someone know I've arrived somewhere, Watch's emojis and voice dictation and taps could work nicely.   Helps I guess that I have superficial conversations that can be handled with emojis. 
New Posts  All Forums: