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 Thanks for posting a photo of that. A little too sheer for my tastes. Fit looks good.
Will do, tonight or sometime this weekend.
Linen shirts arrived and are great. Fit is slightly looser than my regular-fit oxfords in the same size. Only problem is the colors are weak. Darker blues look terrible, like 1990s French blue dress shirts. Light gray is okay. Looks like they are fully stocked (and still $19) so I'll probably order some light blue and—I don't what else. Orange and pink too Vineyard Vines but darker browns, blacks, olives don't make sense for linen button-ups IMO. I remember someone saying...
Margiela merino wool    
 Edit: Removed lame attempt to explain possible fixes because I don't really know what I'm talking about, but yeah, I've had that problem and my alternations guy was able to fix it.
    They honored most of the orders, including mine. 
I don't think I've ever needed a cart at a thrift store       Edit: Ah, except for one mega haul a couple of years ago. My one taste of glory.
 +1 Also:  A nice sentiment, but it's a pretty safe bet that these limited-release shoes will sell out instantly and hit eBay at crazy, unobtainable-to-most-people prices. He makes it sound like he's single-handedly democratized high fashion or something.
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