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More multi Free Flyknit photos        
Margiela 70s wash on Yoox. Or indigo jeans + a lot of bleach.
If you search the thread there are a billion posts on OCBD sizing...plus accurate measurements on the Uniqlo website.
Huh. No talk of a Nike.com restock on the Nike Talk thread in the past couple of days—just a FinishLine restock. Must have missed that.
 Really? And No Twitter notification at all from @nikestore? 
^ Seems in keeping with your penchant for minimalism/simplicity, Regis. 
Why was I born? Will I ever amount to anything? How do they make baby carrots? If they just cut them from big carrots, doesn't that waste a bunch of carrot scraps? They must use those for salads. Do square watermelons taste different or just look different? Probably the latter. Is that a mole or something I should be worried about? I'm young; probably the former. Wait, did I use "former" and "latter" correctly? Yeah, yeah I did. I like chicken more than I like turkey, but...
As usual the women's looks better. Not sure I have any use for a windbreaker though.
jet I just measured the waist on my size L (not sure how useful measurements are with elastic waist though): If you like a more snug fit and don't need the extra inseam, I think medium would work well. I'm a 34 and can wear the large loosely without tying the drawstring but always cinch and tie to make them more secure. Can't put much stuff in the pockets or else they will ride down a little.  I'm looking at the shorts and will probably get a medium in those. Actually, I'm...
Ask here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/55144/i-have-a-jean-the-ultimate-jean-thread-for-beginners-ask-questions-here/0_100   (or just search that thread)
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