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Slapping myself for not thinking to pay for next-day shipping.
Discount brag       Christophe Lemaire (Hermes creative director) blouson/shawl-collar pea coat...about 90% below retail
    Lemaire blouson arrived. Basically a shawl collar pea coat with some cool details. Needs a better photo though.
I'm thinking the same thing, but we'll see. Ended up getting a sweatshirt, 6 tees, and some jeans for just under 300.
I'm guessing it's a code for employees to give to friends and family. That or a mistake, in which case they may cancel orders. 
Yeah, that's a crazy discount.      
If you follow the sales alert thread you already saw this, but   65% off Ralph Lauren employee discount: p0l08t0re1337   Got some RRL jeans for $85, down from $250  
^ Thanks for the heads up. Got an RRL sweatshirt, jeans, and 6 tees for under 300. Probably will be cancelled.
Much better than any of the current ID options. Still holding out for the 3.0s though.
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