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Member @eazye is studying fashion.
painted SB Jordan 1s...paint wears away to reveal mismatched colors  
Congrats, Fueco. 
My chronic laziness keeps my Nike purchasing in check. Just thinking about all the crap you have to deal with to get a coveted release makes me give up immediately.
^ "5–4, bottom of the fifth, one out, no one on" 
Haha, that's probably for the best. It's a pain to redress a mannequin.
 Awesome coat. Small suggestion: photo would look better sans dress shirt and tie.
If anybody who missed out wants a hat: mine arrived and looks awesome but doesn't fit me well unfortunately (I need a shallower crown). PM me if you want it at cost (30 shipped).   Thanks once again, Nate, for undertaking the ordering/shipping.
17544.8 + 240 = 17784.8
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