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Good thing I never tried the original +j pants I guess. I thought the new ones were pretty great.
ULDs dropped to $39.   Looks like +j returns are slowly trickling back into the online store: managed to get a couple more pairs of the tapered flannel pants and the white poplin shirt today.
Thanks. This is my first attempt at a more tailored/clean-minimalist thing so I don't really know what I'm doing. Advice appreciated. Just sick of wearing jeans all the time 
    Lemaire blouson Margiela contrast-sleeve knit Jil shirt +j pants vintage bluchers (Frye)
Wow +j pants are great. Wish I'd bought more.   Someone post a fit with the +j vest please.
 As the resident MMM fanatic and a size 44,   (Will trade you copious luxury goods / $)   Speaking of Margiela—recent thrift-ish fits (posted in WAYWT but never here)  MMMUniqloMMM   MMM & H&MMM
 That actually looks good, man. Just wear it unzipped only, though, with a tee that's longer than the jacket and with some non-indigo pants, maybe some tan (non-work-wear) boots. Long sleeves and shorter body work well here. Or trade to me please 
Finally ordered the +j pants and another pair of the loose tapered Pure Blue Japans, plus another ULD jacket. Perfect for layering. @OccultaVexillum: I've been wearing mine a few times a week for a couple months and washes now and no complaints. Leg opening is 6.5" on size 31 with a decent rise.
woah! awesome @in stitches 
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