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So good. If any small-medium dude wants the indigo version lmk...too small for me :/
You look great @capnwes.
Looks like a bunch of stuff got restocked online: shirts, knits, tees, pants, and a few coats.
 Yep, I have the spray too. I've also been applying lots of conditioner beforehand (started about a month ago). We'll see how it goes.
I just bought this one. Planning to use it this weekend...can report back.http://www.footfitter.com/p/101-001/footfitter-premium-professional-shoe-stretcher.html?gclid=CNu47aWmpcgCFUpsfgodtbMLFA
Wow Spoo. Trad heaven.
 I got the knit jacket online, so I'm not much help. I'm a size 40 and got the L. Sort of regretting sizing down on the coat. But if the quality is really that bad, I guess it's a non-issue.
Too bad. Guess I'll probably be returning. Hoping at least the knit blazer is passable.
Rick Owens is taking questions for a Tumblr Q&A today:   https://www.tumblr.com/explore/answertime
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