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Damn. The company I work for had an employees-only warehouse sale today, to get rid of a bunch of their surplus office furniture. Just found out about it tonight, after the fact. Spotted an Eames table base in the invite pic. Everything was 5–20 bucks. Wonder what else I missed :/    
It can be selvedge but not have the selvedge ID just FYI. Unusual but not unheard of. Also does anyone still care about selvedge anyway?
That is seriously awesome.
Damn they also took three vintage shop coats from Sasaki-Yohinten, including one from the 1930s :/ Ok done whining about my stuff, sorry.
Haha maybe, though he probably would have grabbed the painted GATs, side zips, and knits too.
Accidentally left my parking stall door open last night, where I keep a bunch of out-of-season clothes in boxes. Someone rifled through them all and took three pairs of MMM jeans :/   There was a ton of other stuff, but looks like everything else is still there. Moving it all to a storage unit today.   Feels bad. But also a little funny. Who does that? And is there a homeless guy in my city wearing really nice jeans today?
Thanks @LA Guy. I really like the Frank Leder belt. Wish they had a large. A non-brown non-black color, like gray, seems like a good idea. I'll look at Dries and Margiela as well. Somehow I've just never given belts much thought. Thanks for the recommendations.
All my belts are either very CM leaning (Brooks Brothers type stuff, worn to work with suits) or sick fadez denim bro heritage (wide Tanner Goods natural leather etc.) I feel like I need something in between to wear with more dressed-up SW&D type fits (Lemaire, Schneider, Margiela etc.) I have no clue where I should be looking/what I should be looking for. Any suggestions?
Loit has a Dries leather portfolio on sale for $300, from $950 (w/ code FINALSALE20). On the dressier end of the spectrum, though.
I did get it there. Not sure about other stockists.
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