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You can get those deck shoes for $20 on eBay if you're a size 43 or 44.   Do the Vans usually sell out first day? Going to try my luck with a phone order the following Monday.
Pretty sure you're looking for Fabric Reweavers USA. There's a thread about them here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/364372/fabric-reweavers-usa-awesome
I got the light wash 501 CTs and the denim feels fine. Also got a black pair and that denim was noticeably shittier.
^ Really? 11/11.5 D on Brannock here (one foot slightly bigger) and 10.5 in Chucks, 12 in Nikes, 11.5 in Vans. Just goes to show how unreliable sizing comparisons are I guess.
Pretty hammered condition though.
 I would try Magic Eraser.
Gotta be a Utah first. Major props man. I wonder if it came from hathenbruck.
Ordered the blouson       and some pleated pants
No XLs in the tees
Love my Alden tassles. Perfect trad shoe.
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