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I didn't know Brian well. But like everyone here I caught glimpses of his life through his posts as @hbkshin. A hobby like ours feels so trivial in light of a tragedy like this. But as trivial as it is, it meant a lot to him, and he once wrote that he considered everyone here friends. So with that in mind, I put together a roundup of some of his posts as a way to remember our friend.  BRIAN AS WE KNEW HIM  In the beginning there was dated Bill Blass and licensed YSL.  And...
Co-worker noticing my Epaulet MTO Taylor fit pants today:  I'll take it.  About to order a third pair.
Is anyone here lylelem on eBay by chance?
I used to find awesome stuff at TJ Maxx pretty often. A couple years ago Kiton and Brioni and Purple Label were popping up, and even hitting clearance. Things have completely changed...now an irregular Brooks Brothers tie is about the best you can hope for, and even that rarely. Anyone else experience the same? Probably they realized there were better ways to move that stuff. Or I'm just unlucky.
I went to one in Minnesota once and it was such a weird experience. Felt like something out of The Walking Dead, people like zombies just grabbing junk indiscriminately from conveyor belts and taking it back to their hoards around the room.
I'd wear that. Nice find.
^ Never realized until recently that he was the gangly kid on Freaks and Geeks. Crazy.
Hmm maybe? Was talking about Hermes though ... always a quick easy tell.
Machine-stitched edges are always a dead giveaway.
From the field. Just spotted this. Moth damaged but for a cashmere Isaia suit in my size, $12, I can deal with that.
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