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Japan Blue may have something for you @nicelynice
Are the cotton knit ties supposed to be 64" long or did mine get stretched somehow? Even at 6' 2" and with a double four in hand I can't wear them.
Jet black looks awesome. I kind of regret preordering the matte black. Just didn't know if I could handle all the scratches/fingerprints.
Random observation: It's really amazing the level of emotion Apple announcements and releases inspire.
Just saying, maybe AT&T is the point of failure, not Apple. But I don't know. But yeah, that sounds frustrating.
Hmm what carrier? Sounds like the problem is the carrier's systems based on the error message you posted? Wondering if I should have got the jet black. It looks amazing but I think the fingerprints/scratches would make me nuts.
Matte black 128 gb iPhone 7 on the way. I've been living in 16 gb iPhone hell for the past year. Can't wait.
+1, really enjoyed the look at Blue Blue Japan @Synthese. That knit blazer looks perfect for colder months. Looking forward to reading more in the Journal, cool idea.
 Just give Jony a couple more years :)
BRB buying plane ticket. That is awesome.
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