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 I liked the AV Club reading of this. 
It is.
I'm liking the colors @Snoogz 
Last episode is 71 minutes, same as this week's.
#FULLCHORT   Way to be brave @YoungAmerican. Well done. Feel better soon.
Minor thing @Koala-T but I think something as simple as a higher camera angle could elevate your fits (including your mirror selfies). That low camera angle is never the most flattering in my experience. I like the buttons as is FWIW
Morris Louis exhibition poster, limited edition   Danish mixing bowls, designed by Acton Bjørn and Sigvard Bernadotte
Ralph #1             Ralph #2         large ceramic cylinder planter       1960s stereo relief globe       sketchy Robertson's Jam figurines from England    
I size up for slightly loose fit. L in oxfords/button ups, XL for supimas. Even tried an XXL, a little too big but might work after inevitable shrinkage over time.
Construction was fine, but they got a bunch of awkward streaks/fades the first wash. Tried to rit dye them black again but ended up throwing them out.   My apartment building has pretty crappy washing machines, so maybe that was the problem. And I should have turned them inside out before washing. But disappointing.
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