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Real. Nice finds!
The house looks awesome, Hans. Enjoy.
? Price didn't change.
The ones that have "low rise" in the product name. Looks like that's some of the airism and seamless models.
IME they fit true to size (I'm a 34 and buy Ls), and the rise is ok if you avoid low rise models.
Segment jacket for $125 at Carson Street.    http://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/sale/product/536/segmentjacket    
^ And you know the racks must have been stuffed with Savile Row suits and runway pieces never to kiss the palms of your sad sweaty hands. I salved my wounds with a gourmet burger and a big frosty Coke and hit the road again. Onward—Christian Dior and Sag Harbor await my arrival elsewhere.
When you drive 30 miles to your favorite spot only to arrive as they lock the door for the night. This game breaks hearts.
Kinda wish I'd ordered the multi-color Kobe 9 IDs before Nike removed the option.                            
Got the lounge pants and the black selvedge jeans in the mail today. Lounge pants are great. If you're between sizes, size up—mediums were surprisingly slim but larges have a nice relaxed fit. I hate the short rise on the slim jeans. Not sure if I can put up with it and will probably stick to the relaxed fit jeans + taper in the future
New Posts  All Forums: