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Thanks @LA Guy and @pediwear.   I'm getting married in a few weeks and needed some shoes so this is just in time.
$250 for the Loakes
Amazing @ejay1. My head would explode if I walked into a garage sale and saw that stuff. So much purple.
 Don't take it to a dry cleaner. Either send it to a specialist like Rave Fabricare or Tie Crafters or you could turn it into a bowtie for $30 at the Cordial Churchman.
The parent company has a factory for private label and diffusion lines, and another factory for Isaia.    But I'm no expert—that's just what the creative director of Eidos posted once after he kept seeing people say "made by Isaia"—so I'll bow out here.
 Made by the factory that doesn't make Isaia, but is owned by the parent company. And not to the same standards. Also a factory and a brand are such different things anyway, right? But I promise to shut up about it from here on out :)
Can polos ever be cool? I feel like Lemaire maybe could do something cool with them. (Or has he? Wouldn't be surprised after his tenure at Lacoste.)
 www.hipsterbusiness.name Portland is the worst offender. Salt and Straw, Bridge and Burn, and of course...  
Ha that's awesome @noob in 89. Thanks for posting. I love that tie. 90s (or 80s?) in the best way.
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