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Don't be creepy dudes    Love seeing some of your work, eazy. Please post more.
Definitely 44. Achilles run narrow, so 43 may fit length wise but will be too narrow. I wear the same size GATs as you.
Extra 20% off NDC clearance: BEFAST Bunch of Gyakusou jackets on clearance at my outlet
Lunar Flyknit 1+ (different from Flyknit Lunar 1+)    
The worst is shops that don't even give you that. No fit information period. 
Is there any hope of Don and Megan working out?
Woah Ginsberg. Had a feeling that was coming with Megan and friend. I'd rather never see Betty again. That side story is tired. Good to see Don make a bold move. The comeback begins.
I kind of regret all my Tech Pack purchases. Overrated IMO.
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