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  vintage custom rayon shirtUniqlo teeUniqlo linen pantsMargiela espadrilles  [[SPOILER]]
Could 92 be the percent of silver content, indicating sterling silver?
Ouch. Might be a good candidate for this:   http://www.thecordialchurchman.com/collections/necktie-to-bow-tie-1/products/convert-your-necktie
"Sport Blue" fall releases      
 Score! I found a Bang and Olufsen turntable a couple years back but unfortunately it needed a $400 replacement stylus so I gave it away  Love their designs.
You're right. I've bought some pretty bland stuff lately that in hindsight probably wasn't really worth posting.
boring basics - MMM & RRL                 (x6)
That's a lot of Browne green.
Ah, my mistake. Guess I was measuring show time against real-life time.
Seems unbelievable that independent Daryl would stay with that terrible group. They are the worst.   Terminus feels like some kind of trap. It does seem, though, that after multiple years of this someone should have been able to successfully build a safe place where some semblance of a normal society could take root.
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