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I usually wear a 12 in Nike for performance shoes and an 11.5 for casual shoes. I'm an 11–11.5 on a Brannock device (different sized feet). My Arktos boots are 11.5. Haven't worn them a ton, but on days with heavy snow they're pretty awesome to have.
 Even more than reading this thread: I'd say to get "good" at thrifting, it's actually more important to read the rest of the forum, outside of this thread. If you're not reading closely and broadly, you're probably not developing your tastes as much as you could be, and that's more valuable than any brand list or completed eBay listings or whatever. You can skip the awkward "is this a thing?" stage by figuring out for yourself what's cool. We're so insular here sometimes...
Catch and release. Third pair I've come across. Someday it will be a receiver instead :/
Had the same experience when I binge watched seasons 1–3 a few years back, until I caught up to real time.
 Fine sandpaper will do the job.
Also I think the all black side zips are probably the ones worth your time. The painted ones or the loafer-y things less so.
 fwiw I bought a used pair of the h&mmm boots for $90 on eBay. if there are more dummies like me out there, probably.
Small sampling of some recent stuff.   Charvet, Charvet, Sulka, Holland & Holland, Burberry ancient madder   J. Press x 4, Chipp (anyone recognize that logo?)   funky Massimo Bizzocchi   1940s Woolrich   1970s REI...don't usually see 60/40s in bright red   hand knit   vintage blankets: 1970s Faribault Woolen Mill x 2, Foxford Woolen Mills   Hartmann...notable only because I was just planning to buy one   some more 1950s Fire King milk...
Low-power mode in iOS 9 is really nice.   I've started using Siri to control music and barely have to launch the Music app anymore.   Siri + reminders is crazy robust now. You can say stuff like "remind me to look at this website later" or "remind me to finish listening to this podcast when I get home."
Is there even a native blocker? I thought there was only support for third party blockers.
New Posts  All Forums: