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Maison  Martin Margiela
+1. I'm wearing those "premium" leather ones now and they're great. Checked out the perforated ones in person after liking them online and they just didn't look/feel very good imo.
    Clyfford Still–esque oil painting, $5. Signed "LODATO," whoever that is.   Thought it looked cool.
Those seem identical to the Pure Blues. Also not available in the U.S.
I'd say if it looks good as is (except the usual needs like waist/sleeve adjustments) keep it.If you won't be happy with the shoulders / hard 3 button as is, I wouldn't delve into altering that stuff personally.
@Fueco http://massappeal.com/a-brief-history-of-a-p-c-s-nike-collabs/section/apc-x-nike-all-court   2008 collab. Cool find.
 Wouldn't be an automatic deal breaker for me. Depending on fit/styling, could still be cool!
Dude is super optimistic about how much Zanellas sell for.   edit: holy cow that's boring. Are we all that guy?
Love the idea of dressing as storytelling. That realization has made clothes a lot more fun and interesting for me. Also helped me realize why a lot of my stuff, while the individual pieces "look fine," add up to little interest: they tell no story.
People aren't likely to give up their best spots and create new competition for themselves. If you ask this in the thrifting thread, people will post a Google search link and say "good luck." But really you can find good stuff thrifting anywhere if you're patient and lucky. Especially in LA (though there's also probably a higher volume of professional flippers there you're competing with). It helps to follow the money...lots of times the wealthier areas have the "better"...
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