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 Cool—I'll give them a try. Thanks.
Thanks. They are my only pair of non black/white Nikes and it's good to have some color for once.   That's tough to say because  [[SPOILER]]
Free 4.0s came. They look great in person. Gotta send them back for a half size smaller though; they run larger than the OG Free Flyknits.      
Wish I could wear those. The slim fit denim is just a little too snug for me so guessing these would be worse.
Really enjoying it so far. I liked Hello Ladies okay, and I love Stephan Merchant, but the overwhelming cringe-worthiness was hard to take sometimes.
I have the Stark in army green mix and navy. At first I thought it was overkill and planned to sell the navy but haven't been able to part with it. Overall I much prefer the mixed color Starks though.
Yep. Thinking of sizing up to XL, even though I'm a medium in the button front shirts. Or switching to H&M or something if that doesn't work out.
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