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Looks legit. Nice pattern too.
I use Overcast and like it a lot. Yeah, no streaming, but it fetches episodes in the background anyway so it hasn't been a problem, they're just always there and ready to listen to. And if disk space is a concern, episodes are deleted after you listen by default.    I used to use Instacast and liked it a lot too, though it's been a couple of years. I know it has streaming.
Great stuff. Love the Pendleton.
I liked Rdio quite a bit. Maybe I'll go back to it.    But I own some stuff that's not in any of the streaming catalogs so can't fully escape iTunes. As bad as it is, there aren't a bunch of robust alternatives for music library apps. 
Simple but I like it. I like sans sunglasses too. 
Or the "New" tab right? Yeah it's wonky.My main complaint is that I keep finding my music grayed out and repeatedly have to add my computer to iTunes Match over and over to fix it. Yesterday nothing would play at all, even though I appeared to be signed in and connected. Also I'm not sure why I still have iTunes Match really.The division between the store and the streaming selection can be confusing too.I'm sticking with it for now and hoping it gets better and simpler. I...
 Hope lives man. Ties especially have been super dry for me. I rarely find even mediocre ones these days.
From yesterday. But I think we live in different states?
A band of horses.    
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