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 Not sure how, since there was no extra fabric, but my tailor managed to make these Margiela jeans wearable again. Not perfect, but much better.   
I'm surprised @size 38R hasn't entered yet
Plaid/check jackets don't seem like the way to go. I know they are an attempt to lessen formality but mostly appear too stodgy/trad to my eye. Would like to see more simple, soft, minimalist jackets, preferably cut slightly shorter than traditionally. I'm surprised at the number of crisp-looking spread collars too, which seem out of place. Washed/worn-in denim seems to work much better than minty dark indigo. Chelseas/side zips could be a good footwear option.
NDC published the links but you couldn't buy anything.    
Supposedly. Rumors of the Royal 1s too. Debating whether to go for the 1s or try for something more realistic that won't sell out in 2 seconds.
Agreed. I actually think the FitBit looks like a better product but stuck with the Fuel Band out of brand loyalty...and because it was free I'm all for Nike leaving the hardware to the bigger tech players and continuing to release apps for different platforms. I swear by the Nike Running app and use it daily. And if you have the most recent iPhone, Nike's Move app basically turns it into a Fuel Band. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO and a Nike board member, wears a Fuel Band....
Nike to stop developing Fuel Band http://www.cnet.com/news/nike-fires-fuelband-engineers-will-stop-making-wearable-hardware/ I haven't worn my consistently. The idea was cool but the execution never great.
I like this. Would probably go with a solid navy jacket, but OCBD + washed denim + suede looks good.
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