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I want to be 1970s Neil Young                                             and a little 1970s Bob Dylan for good measure      
I stumbled across this Chinese seller on eBay today. Pretty interesting S/S shirts for around 20 bucks. Might try a few.  I thought I'd post it here because I vaguely remember someone hunting for a shirt sort of like this first one.   [[SPOILER]]
  Eidos, BB, Sozzi, Epaulet, Sanders, groceries
Woah, that Il Micio belt is pretty cool. I'm usually a 35" waist, but sometimes fluctuate down to 34" or up to 36", putting me in between sizes. Best to go with an L, @gdl203? Or would that be ridiculously long if I'm down to 34"?
Get AirPods if you have an iPhone @jet. My favorite technology purchase in years.
Bad pic, but I have maybe 10 vintage Reyn Spooners I've found in thrift shops. Pretty cool shirts. (I now wear them a little looser than this, with the sleeves unrolled and with looser pants.)    
Commes des Garçons x Nike - available from @LOIT        
Not sure. I bought it from @APK though—he may know.
  Margiela brick cardigan (charcoal) Uniqlo U oxford + pleated pants (white/black) Margiela plain-toe loafers (black)
Don't think I've ever seen someone post Blue Blue Japan either, and rarely if ever A Kind of Guise. Crazy to see those in a thrift shop.
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