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Ordered a pair of brown cords and some of the pleated pants last night based on your review @gettoasty. Thanks for that. Also got a pair of the elasticized twill pants, seemed interesting. Hoping the tees get restocked. @jet How is the Stark-ish knit?
I often size up because I need more room in the thigh, and then I get the waist and seat taken in. I think I pay around $20, and as others have said, it's a simple operation. Going down 1 size is no problem.Having the thigh taken in is totally doable also but may run more expensive. My tailor charges $40 to slim the leg. You can probably find cheaper, but that does start to add up with so many pairs.
Pull tab on my Chelsea boots ripped the second time I put them on Wasn't even yanking that hard. Will have to see if a shoe repair place can construct new tabs or something.
I love Chipp ties. I've found a few vintage ones in thrift stores over the years—sharks, nautical flags (permission to lay alongside), IITYWTMWYBMAD (if I tell you what this means will you buy me a drink), and "piss and vinegar."   Two others I found but could never decode: santa sitting on the toilet and some sort of tree emblem, inside a circle (perhaps a company logo?). Any hints what these might be, @chippneckwear?   Planning an order now, knits and grenadines....
Should I "weatherproof" my suede 5 zip with some kind of spray protectant? Does that even do anything?    Don't want to have to baby it, but don't want to have to pull a Seinfeld either.    
Man this thing is awesome. Brookline Jacket - Multi Color Indian Embroidery    
In for three raffle tickets. Pretty great fundraising idea.   Odd sizes only is a weird choice (9, 11, 13). Not that I'd wear them around anyway I guess. 
Really glad to see new Taylors in stock. Ordered two, bringing my Taylor collection to 6:   Tobacco Calvary Twill Oxford Grey Flannel Light Gray Hopsack MTO Navy Hopsack Wool Stormcloud Wool-Silk-Linen Olive Military Twill (fell victim to a crappy washing machine, RIP)     The perfect ready-to-wear CM trouser. Thanks @Epaulet!
New Posts  All Forums: