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Random observation: It's really amazing the level of emotion Apple announcements and releases inspire.
Just saying, maybe AT&T is the point of failure, not Apple. But I don't know. But yeah, that sounds frustrating.
Hmm what carrier? Sounds like the problem is the carrier's systems based on the error message you posted? Wondering if I should have got the jet black. It looks amazing but I think the fingerprints/scratches would make me nuts.
Matte black 128 gb iPhone 7 on the way. I've been living in 16 gb iPhone hell for the past year. Can't wait.
+1, really enjoyed the look at Blue Blue Japan @Synthese. That knit blazer looks perfect for colder months. Looking forward to reading more in the Journal, cool idea.
 Just give Jony a couple more years :)
BRB buying plane ticket. That is awesome.
Is that the by-the-pound place? Went to that once and never again it was so depressing, despite also living 10 miles from there.   Never really understood how those online auctions work—does each individual Goodwill do their own auctions or (I'm guessing) one central location in the area, like a regional office? Some serious effort went into creating that listing.
Really enjoyed this:   "The Myth of Fashion as Self-Expression" by @Rosenrot
 The ceramic watches are the new Edition models.
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