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Should I or shouldn't I buy... $10, teak floating desk made in Denmark  except...  [[SPOILER]] Edit: bought it and they're holding it for me to pickup Monday, but not sure if it's worth the trouble to go back and get it.
Two different Nepenthes employees said half size down in slip ons, regular Vans size in His so that's what I went with, but we'll see. The problem with sizing advice is everyone has a slightly different idea of what a good fit is. Figured I'd rather they be a little big than a little small.
Just a heads up: Nepenthes said for Vans size down .5 with slip ons but take your regular size for sk8 hi. Had a friend pick up a pair of each for me and he said there were plenty in stock.
Awesome news.
That looks great @Rais. Is that the "khaki" color? It looks more like olive on the website and I was hoping that was the case in real life.   I'm really happy with the seersucker pants. Wish the sizing on the matching jackets worked for me. 
Glad the Taylor is sticking around. My first ever Epaulet purchase and they're perfect. Will definitely order hopsack when it goes on sale.
PM received. Response PM sent. Drafting some more PMs as we speak just a heads up to everybody.
Why do people need to announce to everyone that they sent a private message? The person receiving the message knows they got a message, why do we all need to know? And if it's supposed to mean you've called dibs...how do you know three people haven't PM'd before you anyway? And anyway the person can trade/sell to whomever they want regardless of chronological order of PMs, right? What's the reasoning? Genuinely curious.
Try sending a message to @SpooPoker ... he might be interested. Good luck!
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