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Some nice stuff. I had no idea that was happening. Thanks.
Your asking prices are perfectly reasonable, VersaceGuy. And since you're new to the whole trading/selling thing, it's understandable that you'd have questions. You might take it over to the eBay Buying/Selling thread or the Thrift Trading thread.   (I do try to pass on some very good deals to members, even sending NWT items free to people. But obviously you can't do that all the time for everybody.)
Thrift fit         Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece (discount store) Hilditch and Key Turnbull and Asser Turnbull and Asser Martin Dingman Sanders
I toss them in the washing machine. 
For the best. Insta-pass, even though real.
^ Probably the only one I'll go for too. Maybe.    
Hmm. I like the bomber and the stand-up collar jackets. And the long hoodie.
^ Cool. Curious to find out more. I cut the collar off a few of my Uniqlo oxfords today and they turned out better than expected. Instant band collar.
New Posts  All Forums: