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^ Those look cool @gettoasty    Heschungs from No Man Walks Alone, inspired by @conceptual 4est and @Cotton Dockers:    
 +1. Not looking for audiophile-level sound. I mostly listen to podcasts anyway. The simpler pairing is worth a lot to me—that has been my biggest gripe about traditional Bluetooth headphones. I know the EarPods haven't worked well for lots of people, but they happen to fit and suit me perfectly so lucky for me I guess. For exercise and casual listening these are going to be huge. I think they'll sell really well. Don't underestimate the "signifier" cachet of having the...
Does Kamakura not get much love around here anymore? Still wish I could wear Kamakura shirts. Perfect in every way except the arm holes are too high for comfort IME.
"Perfectly fine" is not what Apple aims for.
Gruber has a good take on the courage thing: http://daringfireball.net/2016/09/courage
I sent mine to Railcar. No complaints. In the past I used a local seamstress for another pair of SLs and the stitching was pretty crooked/sloppy (and no chain stitch on the hem if you care about that), though maybe you'd have better luck.
I think the 512 is the replacement for the 522 @gettoasty.To add one more contender: 3Sixteen also has a higher rise tapered cut now.http://www.3sixteen.com/collections/denim/products/ct-220x-classic-tapered-double-black
I think I'm going no case with the 7. Now that screens are just $29 to replace and water resistance is improved, and since I went with the less scratch prone matte black, I'm willing to take the gamble.
Japan Blue may have something for you @nicelynice
Are the cotton knit ties supposed to be 64" long or did mine get stretched somehow? Even at 6' 2" and with a double four in hand I can't wear them.
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