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 I'd be all over that if I could pull off the deep v neck. 
Wow. I have a couple pairs of the black/white trainers but think I donated one of them to Goodwill recently. Didn't think there'd be a market for used Flyknits :/
  North Sea Clothing Submariner knit     thrifted: North Sea Clothing knit, vintage 1970 m-65 jacket, wallabees / not thrifted: MMM jeans       vintage BB knit blazer, made in Italy       Ledbury shirt       Brioni belt       Hermes, Zegna, Boggi, NWT Ben Silver ties       teak catch-all tray       vintage 50s/60s(?) aluminum sculptural tray       vintage 1960s cylinder planter from Finland (x2)       vintage Ingrid picnic ball set...
Yep, happens to me too. Seems like a new thing UPS is doing now?   Couldn't find a way around it the other day so I finally gave in and signed up, annoyed.
5" forever     (running)
The +j vest (sorry @jet ) is solid. Perfect to toss on over a light knit and works well with a wide spectrum of fits.    @Ken P pointed out that the chest measurements on the site include the width of the down, so keep that in mind. Thought I might be a medium based on measurements but am definitely a large.
^ Sounds cool @mike868y, but are they on the site? Looked everywhere but didn't see them.
McNairy in general is terrible. But those seem pretty inoffensive. At least they're not camo brogues.
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