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Just noticed the long hoodie has two hoods, one shallower than the other. Kinda cool.
Yeah, my long hoodie came today and is pretty great. The only thing in the collection worth the time IMO.
 So jealous of this. Awesome find.
 Cool. Reminds me of this documentary from a few years back:  
Grabbed the long hoodie on a whim just now. Not totally sold on it but will give it a shot.   I like the silhouettes of the jackets, but it just seems like they're trying to be more than what they really are. 
My new favorite sport coat. Love finding Polo stuff with this union label. Must be from one of the first collections. Perfect fit minus the sleeves—will post fit pics when it gets back from the tailor. This thing is in shabby condition but I love the shape and color. Will embrace the shabbiness. Funny enough, I went running a few hours after finding it and saw two identical chairs in the window of a mid-century consignment shop. Mine was only 10 bucks though
These deserve to be re-posted.  
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