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I can smell the Polo Sport cologne from here. 
Since everyone is on the hunt for 90s sportswear lately, thought this might be of interest to the thread: 
Maybe a little of both. But I was a lot happier in the same job last year before the dress code changed.
I've had to wear a conservative suit to work every day this year and it's slowly killing my soul. Even after acquiring some "nice" CM stuff, I hate it so much.
post #50000 is coming up soon. someone get an awesome haul ready to post.
Less politics, more finds please!   There are a million places for the former already. Make the thrift thread great again.
western Isaia     first Helmut Lang sighting + least offensive Etros I've seen         been wanting an M-43 since I found these pics of my grandparents from the 40s:     Levi's + favorite Dale of Norway I've spotted             first Thom Browne        
That EG label is from FW 2012 or earlier @SpooPoker. First FW season with newer label was 2013. Great find!
^ Just got some MTO flannel Taylors in the mail today. Pleats and flannel are great together. Go for it.
Yeah it's a pretty moderate fit. Not especially relaxed or slim, with a little extra room up top.
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