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Not certain but I think it's a generic office model and not really a "designer" chair. Some of the Knoll/Herman Miller stuff you come across really isn't too much more exciting than the ubiquitous Steelcase counterparts. Still a cool office chair though! Could look good reupholstered in burnt orange or something. Those curio cabinets are awesome.
Funny @330CK, just found this Lane table an hour ago, $15
Love your finds @PLaydice
Watches are backordered until June/July already. Made an appointment to try one on tomorrow.
Search for +J
OCBDs on sale for $15. New +J is online too.
^ Love that linen Zegna.
A man with a plant.   Sometimes the little finds not worth $ are the coolest. Love this cheapie yellow planter from 1975:      
Speaking of Mies van der Rohe...heart skipped a beat as the lady in front of me eyed this, then moved on to some Pottery Barn wicker number. $10 http://www.knoll.com/product/brno-chair-flat-bar
Never got all the drooling over Kiton in this thread.   I mean, the price tag is impressive and finding rare stuff is always cool. But beyond those things, there's just not much that's terribly interesting about the clothing itself. 
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