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Found my 40th Hermes tie:     Thought this was semi-cool for $5, took a while to decipher "CHICAGO." Looks pretty old but not sure.     Any help on the name? Can't make it out    
I also got the "free MacBook" alert today @LA Guy, using Safari for iOS 9.2.1 on iPhone 6. Didn't think to save the URL I got redirected to though unfortunately.
It's coming to Nepenthes NY Tuesday. Pretty cool.
 Nope, 100% authentic.
EG   Needles Rebuild   EG x Vans       Knoll     (from a library surplus sale)  
So dope.
Thanks! Just called and got the last size 11 gray slip ons.
Before there was Thom Browne there was Tom Brown
That looks great!
I think I'm with you. Feels like it'll be a big headache and not worth it.
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