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Pendleton has one that's surprisingly decent. Found one at Nordstrom Rack for $50.
 Hi @winny94 -  For food in SLC, my top three downtown are Copper Onion, Cafe Molise, and Em's Restaurant. Copper Onion is on the same block as a cool theater that shows indie movies (The Broadway), two secondhand modern furniture stores (The Green Ant and Urban Vintage), and a great used bookstore (Ken Sanders), among other things. For Mexican, Red Iguana is the place to go (not the mall food court one, the actual restaurant). For quicker food options, J Dawgs (hotdogs)...
Also the reason I don't have any Kapital. Well played.
I need some Kapital in my life. I like so much of their stuff but have never owned any.
Tough to pick a favorite, but for me it was @Nataku's Tom Ford haul. Sure there were higher value finds (though the retail on 6 TF suits is obviously nothing to sneeze at). But finding not just 6 Tom Ford suits (plus a few other pieces) but 6 suits in his size is amazing.   I would have also voted for @Mr. Moo's Eames chair if it had been nominated, simply because that's the find I was personally most jealous of. 
Good luck! I'm also a 15.5 34/35 and started with the NY Slim before settling on the NY Classic. It's just about perfect.
First outing of 2017: Kartell side table, designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri, $2     (not my pic, but same one)   Also a Borrelli spread collar blue oxford shirt, my size  
I think you need to try the NY Classic Fit.
Bummed to see that the Tech Pack sweats are significantly more tapered than the originals from 2013. Can't wear them anymore.
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