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They can be had for 15 bucks if you catch the right sale.   I like the cheap cushioned Dri-Fit socks that come in multi-packs too.
 http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/elite-anti-blister-lightweight-otc-running-socks/pid-830466/pgid-1495685 Also have some without the design. No problems with quality for me.
I really like the OTC Elite running socks but only buy them on sale.
Google is your friend.   http://www.oki-ni.com/footwear/nike-lunar-incognito-mid-nik21036sil.html http://www.oki-ni.com/footwear/nike-men-s-acg-lunarincognito-mid-sneaker-boots-nik21037clk.html
@330CK That cardigan is great.
  Didn't meant to touch a nerve, just jealous of your find and wish it were mine. Dog is cute.
Was going to thumb this post until I scrolled further and saw how you wasted a great shirt :/
I love those guys.   Dude on the left has 90,000 Instagram followers :/   http://instagram.com/blakescott_
That sale was posted in the Visvim thread a week ago. There are more details over there. They were accepting phone orders.
I doubt they'd sell unsanforized jeans without a clear disclaimer about shrinking.
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