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Good call re: rich link previews in Messages. That is nice. In theory I like the idea of messaging apps that let you poll your friends (what should we get for dinner? a. Indian b. Mexican c...). Won't be super useful until wider adoption happens though since they can't respond without having the app themselves.
Not loving the new Messages app tbh, though maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it.    Really liked how dead simple it was before. The additions just feel like cruft to me, though maybe I'm not the intended audience. Also preferred the old "pulldown on banner notification to read/reply to message"...new one feels slower/cumbersome by comparison.
Just placed an order for the #56 card case   except in green French Chevre with Au Chinois linen thread and clear foil logo  
Speaking of round-toe suede chelseas...Folk chelsea boot?      Also have been eyeing the Common Projects Workboot (doubt they'll fit me well though) and the Epaulet chelseas
^ I've been eyeing that corduroy Bedford and the matching pants, plus the olive Bedford (though I should probably be looking for wool since I have a couple in cotton already). Is there a black wool Bedford this season? Only noticed gray and dark navy.   Also am I missing something or are there not many options for warmer winter coats?
^ Long shot, but if that vintage North Face happens to be a large and you want to trade it for a medium kelly green in the same model/vintage let me know!
I would love this too. I miss the 4" form factor.
^ Those look cool @gettoasty    Heschungs from No Man Walks Alone, inspired by @conceptual 4est and @Cotton Dockers:    
 +1. Not looking for audiophile-level sound. I mostly listen to podcasts anyway. The simpler pairing is worth a lot to me—that has been my biggest gripe about traditional Bluetooth headphones. I know the EarPods haven't worked well for lots of people, but they happen to fit and suit me perfectly so lucky for me I guess. For exercise and casual listening these are going to be huge. I think they'll sell really well. Don't underestimate the "signifier" cachet of having the...
New Posts  All Forums: