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I use the leather case. Feels like plastic almost when you first start using it but breaks in a little over time. Used to have slits for the buttons to stick through, but they added plastic button covers on the 7 case. They also added the apple logo to the back, used to be plain. Don't expect to be blown away, but it fits well and has a low profile.
Got the blue and tan. Probably will return the tan at least.
A first for me. This thing is a beauty. No weird Oxxford lapels either. Also happen to be wearing a thrifted Oxxford shirt!
Anyone else grab the Nike SB x Supreme Blazer Lows this morning?
 Yep, that's the Levi's Vintage Clothing/LVC "made in" tag
Band-collar flannel shirts look promising. Ordered a few, will report back.   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-flannel-stand-collar-long-sleeve-shirt-187273.html#57~/men/casual-shirts/flannel/stand-collar/~      
Looks really great. Congratulations. Can't wait to visit.
Finally bit on the sand suede chelseas. Thanks Epaulet!
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