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A Kind of Guise.
Does anyone know how the Heschung Arum fits in relation to the Heschung Thuya? I sized down a whole size (from my US size) for the Thuya. Wondering if I should do the same for the Arum.
Even the "good version" of rag & bone isn't the good version. IMO it's a brand like Billy Reid or Band of Outsiders that had a moment with a certain crowd a while back but has no cachet today.
Thanks! They're OrSlow 107s (3 year wash).
Live from the thrift shop. 28oz wool coat from March 1951.
Why I love thrifting. 28oz wool coat from March 1951. Just yesterday I was eyeing similar coats from Frank Leder. This isn't quite the same, but mine was only $20
I wear Luxottica-made Oliver Peoples O'Malleys daily. I have no complaints nor praise really—they seem...fine. I like the design and they fit my face well. Maybe I don't know what I'm missing since I never tried a pre-Luxottica pair, but I can't imagine they were that much better.
Order just placed. Looking forward to it.
Didn't mean to suggest only posting grails. Post whatever is cool to you. My comment was just a thumbs up to @Wrong Crowd.   I mean, if I could wave a wand and not have to scroll through some of the more pedestrian dime-a-dozen stuff now and then, I would. But this thread is more about the company and community than the finds anyway. So if part of the deal is to scroll past a few crusty ties or meh whatevers every day, no big deal.
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