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Those seem identical to the Pure Blues. Also not available in the U.S.
I'd say if it looks good as is (except the usual needs like waist/sleeve adjustments) keep it.If you won't be happy with the shoulders / hard 3 button as is, I wouldn't delve into altering that stuff personally.
@Fueco http://massappeal.com/a-brief-history-of-a-p-c-s-nike-collabs/section/apc-x-nike-all-court   2008 collab. Cool find.
 Wouldn't be an automatic deal breaker for me. Depending on fit/styling, could still be cool!
Dude is super optimistic about how much Zanellas sell for.   edit: holy cow that's boring. Are we all that guy?
Love the idea of dressing as storytelling. That realization has made clothes a lot more fun and interesting for me. Also helped me realize why a lot of my stuff, while the individual pieces "look fine," add up to little interest: they tell no story.
People aren't likely to give up their best spots and create new competition for themselves. If you ask this in the thrifting thread, people will post a Google search link and say "good luck." But really you can find good stuff thrifting anywhere if you're patient and lucky. Especially in LA (though there's also probably a higher volume of professional flippers there you're competing with). It helps to follow the money...lots of times the wealthier areas have the "better"...
Definitely going to see what if anything I can salvage next time I visit los padres.
Awesome @noob in 89. Pretty sure all our 70s/80s action figures got raided by my nephews a few months ago too. Happy for them to enjoy that stuff, but woulda been cool to have some as keepsakes.
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