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I bought 5 pairs which was probably overkill but I really like them.
 Those are fun. I love finding cool unusual stuff like that. 
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suspension_of_disbelief Not sure why so many seem to be hung up on the plausibility of every plot point and character attribute. "Realistic" doesn't a good movie make.
Those corduroy Polo jackets are at TJ Maxx for those interested. $150 at my local store last I checked.
I have a Snoopy milk glass mug with a 1950s copyright that's actually 1980s FYI. Cool find.
I'll pay the $100 shipping + fee if you'll proxy @ATLjon. Moving into a new place next week and would love something like that.   More of a hassle than I'd want to deal with if I were in your shoes though :)
 You're going to have a hard time ever making those look good I'm afraid. Would sell them unless you're super confident in your ability to style them, which will be tough. Agreed with others on the laces.    I know nothing about the artist but that looks awesome. I would be stoked to find that and hang it in my place.
Awesome.Furniture related: the local university auctioned off 20 or so Knoll womb chairs a while back after a bedbug scare. Found out they went for about $200 each Oh well. Best not to mess around with bedbugs, but at that price would have been worth the heat treatment.
It was a pre–New Year's promotion that's over.
Can't stand when retailers disable "Open in New Tab" (or Command + click) on their websites. When I browse I want to scroll through overview pages and open new tabs for stuff that looks interesting—not click one thing, then have to navigate back to the overview and click on another.   So annoying, what's the point?
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