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Is that the guy from Self Edge Portland? Nice dude.
 Didn't realize these fit so huge and had to return. Hopefully they work better for you if you got them :)
 That jacket   [[SPOILER]]
Closest brush with Hermes anything in ages. Did not kop
Might wanna ask here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/309281/buying-and-selling-on-ebay-tips-tricks-problems-questions
One port seems fine. Haven't really used ports anyway for the past few years. Reminds me of when the floppy and the optical drives got the axe and everyone complained but then it was no big deal. 
 I was actually pleasantly surprised by the bands, as were some of the reviewers. Gruber's take:  See also Om Malik: 
Space gray aluminum + black sports band. The wait begins.
New +J pants seem to fit slimmer than last season's. 32 fit perfectly last season but looked painted on in the new model (thinner wool didn't help). Sent them back.
New Posts  All Forums: