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Yup. I normally wear 32 in Uniqlo (which usually measures 34"). 31 in PBJ (which fits even slightly loose at the waist still).
Thanks, thewho. Yeah, I've had trouble figuring out how to style it. My inclination too was to wear it with a loose tee, but it drapes really awkwardly when worn open. I'll keep experimenting.
 6.5" for size 31.  
  MMM Uniqlo Uniqlo MMM
[wrong thread]
I haven't noticed any calf-area stretch in mine, and if they did stretch, they'd probably return to original form after wash. Embrace the diaper butt and wear a long top.
^ Nice.   Loose fit tapered Pure Blue Japans came. Never been so happy with a cut of jeans...need to get another pair. I'm a 34 and size 31 fits perfectly.
 I have the same model at work but 30". The matte screen is nice. Also pictured: Eames chair, cleaned up nicely with Magic Eraser. (Lamp and desk and Mont Blanc pen also thrifted/gifted  )
Apple Cinema Display, ten bucks Saw a dude looking it and a recent-looking iMac over, thought there was no way he'd pass. Lucky day. PS apologies to people I owe PMs and packages. I am the worst
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