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 I would try Magic Eraser.
Gotta be a Utah first. Major props man. I wonder if it came from hathenbruck.
Ordered the blouson       and some pleated pants
No XLs in the tees
Love my Alden tassles. Perfect trad shoe.
Yep and it's sold out too
First interesting Nike running shoe in a while. Would love to try those out. Not loving any of the initial GR colorways though.
I would still buy it. Give it a wabi sabi second life. Put some patches on it/get creative.
Will probably order a few tees and the elasticized pants. Not too excited about anything.
This shouldn't bother me as much as it does but I just got a bunch of stuff back from the dry cleaner and they affixed those heat sealed barcodes on the inside collar of every jacket and I feel
New Posts  All Forums: