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Thanks @ridethecliche. Good call. @SpooPoker I had my doubts. They were next to a couple of obvious fakes, so I should have guessed. I know nothing about Versace but the tipping looks super sketchy.  [[SPOILER]]
Recent Brioni...like a half size too big for me :/   APC   Barbour   Canali   Versace Fakesace   Versace   Loake   Ahhh I've accumulated so much stuff in the past two years. I just want to get rid of it all but am too lazy for eBay. Might just drop it all at a local consignment...or get a storage unit.
 That's incredible. (Off chance it happens to be in the 39–40 range, I'll give you an amazing trade for it. Just saying.)
I would have been all over that poly tie.
Not the Brioni you're looking for. But if you like it :)
Knit blazer is solid, really happy with it.   I like the coat. Material is mediocre as everyone says, but it looks pretty sweet. (Got the green, sized down and it's still nice and relaxed.)   The pleated wool pants are terrible IMO. Definitely returning.   Shirts are just ok. Will probably keep one collarless but return the rest. I like the greens. The navy reads as black basically. White is translucent as expected.
 Unfortunately no, though I have found one of those before. This one's made in the USA by Individualized Shirts.
Too big and t rex arms unfortunately. Also @cpmac7: just bought a vintage BB blazer from you on eBay, looking forward to it Love those old triple patch pocket 3-roll-2s.
Report from the field: T&A pajamas super recent Canali suit 5" wide might send to tie crafters crazy Oxxford...left behind but merited a pic Not shown: awesome vintage Engineered Garments-esque LL Bean jacket and some cool vintage tees.
Would shed a tear but not wear @jdrizzy. Just too small even for a cropped fit.
New Posts  All Forums: