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  Engineered Garments  [[SPOILER]]
 vintage Polo Ralph Lauren (tweed jacket is late 60s/70s, so one of the first collections)vintage shell PTBs (everything thrifted from Goodwill/Savers—including the teak and Eames chairs) [[SPOILER]]
Thrift fit with recent finds.   vintage PRLvintage shell PTBs  [[SPOILER]]  
I haven't been a huge fan of my Flyknit Free 3.0s, but I think the black toe on multi-color works better than the gray. 
That would be nice, but nope.
Would never pay the 500 retail—it's a sample my parents grabbed at the outlet for 40 bucks. Wish they'd grabbed a couple more. There were some unreleased colors too.
Got the new all-over flash jacket. Love it. Seems like durability shouldn't be a problem anymore with the new design.  
Richard Diebenkorn print from SF MOMA, $10.   Happy to find this as I'm a fan and used to own another Diebenkorn print (plus my apartment's walls are bare):  [[SPOILER]]
 these days: furniture --> housewares --> electronics (though I never find anything) --> art --> knick knacks --> blankets --> half-hearted glance through ties and shoes
Bought a Coke with Apple Pay at Walgreens, just to try it out. Surprisingly satisfying. Can't wait to use it more often.
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