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I wouldn't feel too bad about missing the Barneys Warehouse sale. The merchandise was not great.
Wait until you return something else and combine returns. Even if that's past the 30 day limit they'll still give you a credit.
Segment jacket half off at Carson Street http://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/clothing/product/536/segmentjacket
 Nice grab. Pinroll them and wear them cropped with sneakers. Problem solved. No break with jeans is gonna look off. Or try stretching them. Usually I'm able to stretch lightweight denim and inch or two when wet.
They can be had for 15 bucks if you catch the right sale.   I like the cheap cushioned Dri-Fit socks that come in multi-packs too.
 http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/elite-anti-blister-lightweight-otc-running-socks/pid-830466/pgid-1495685 Also have some without the design. No problems with quality for me.
I really like the OTC Elite running socks but only buy them on sale.
Google is your friend.   http://www.oki-ni.com/footwear/nike-lunar-incognito-mid-nik21036sil.html http://www.oki-ni.com/footwear/nike-men-s-acg-lunarincognito-mid-sneaker-boots-nik21037clk.html
@330CK That cardigan is great.
  Didn't meant to touch a nerve, just jealous of your find and wish it were mine. Dog is cute.
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