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Well said.
 Jacket looks awesome. Wish I came across more recent Hickey Freeman stuff. All I see are dusty old Boardroom suits with monster shoulders. Did grab a recent HF safari jacket a few weeks ago though.     Not sure I can pull it off without looking like this dude.  
Looks good to me @ricebomb
Are the Slovakia-made suits still by Corneliani? Didn't think they did any production outside of Italy, so I'm guessing it's an entirely different maker.
 I know your pain. Just got one of the tuxedo-front flannel rebuilds and the sleeves and body are so short.  Might just roll the sleeves are wear it over a short sleeve oxford/popover in spring.
Converse x Missoni ... to be worn with EG/Nepenthes stuff   (If yes, laces or slip ons?)         
Apparently Mark Zuckerberg has all his gray t-shirts and hoodies custom made by Cucinelli. And his jeans by Kiton.   
@noob in 89  I thought they rebranded RLX as "RL Sport" but yeah looks like it is "Polo Sport" again after all. Huh.   Also, Black Label is no more for those who missed it.
My size but arm holes made for basketballs. Might get it altered.
I don't know, I would have played it exactly like that guy did. Either way ouch.
New Posts  All Forums: