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Blue Blue Japan
Totally different, but have to pick one.   I'm working for the next 9 months in an office that requires jacket and tie and don't have much nice CM stuff. But then again it's only 9 months, so maybe I just get by with the couple of boring Brooks Brothers suits I already have and keep buying cool non-CM stuff I'll actually wear long term?   Blue Blue Japan     Eidos  
That 1940s leather jacket restoration is the coolest thing ever. I know I contributed to the weight loss derail but can't we talk about something less controversial like guns instead? http://thoughtsandprayersthegame.com
It helped to eat mostly at the same few restaurants over and over, ones that had detailed nutrition data so I could count accurately. Luckily I like repetition. Just kept it to 1600 calories a day, which equaled about two pounds lost per week.
6' 2" and went from 203 to 167 in a few months just counting calories with Lose It. Didn't exercise or stop eating any types of foods...just ate less. (Did get into running after I lost the weight though.) It did help to find a few go-to low cal snacks to fill in gaps between meals. Also kept a supply of 250-300 calorie Lean Cuisine meals in case I got to dinner time and didn't have much calorie budget left.
   Can anyone comment on whether the vanilla bean is very see-through? I've had trouble finding pants in such a light color that aren't embarrassingly revealing.
Those shorts are great, been wearing them everyday at home.
My house is a 5-hour drive or $50 flight away from Vegas and I've never been. One of these days.
Like this? Thanks. Yeah wasn't think they're valuable or anything. Just it's always cool to stumble across something a little unusual. There were also some random figurines, nativity statuettes, etc. I did buy a half dozen tiny baby heads. Not sure what for but seemed like the thing to do.
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