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Hay and Tom Dixon are doing collabs with IKEA: http://www.dezeen.com/2016/06/08/hay-redesign-ikea-iconic-blue-yellow-frakta-bag-collaboration-chair-bench/
Eames for Herman Miller Molded Fiberglass Armchair, Contract Base with Upholstered Shell(Great find!)
Hard to tell much from those pics. From what I can see they look nice but probably not a super valuable piece. (Hope I'm wrong, but either way they seem nice.)   Edit: Rosewood would obviously make a difference—hard to tell with the bad lighting though.
 One of these words doesn't belong in this sentence.
I've been wanting a 5 zip for so long. Photo from @dieworkwear's blog post.    
Does a $3k jacket marked down to 3 figures count as a thrift? Nope. Bragging anyway.   I've wanted a Margiela 5 zip for years. A great deal at Ssense plus my enabling wife finally made me do it.               pic from Die Workwear:    
I used to thrift in high school in the 90s for weird t-shirts. When I started thrifting in earnest a decade later, first thing I bought was a crappy Pierre Cardin carry-on garment bag. I don't know why, I think I recognized the name and thought "this is a thing."   The first decent thing I found, soon after, was a pair of minty walnut Allen Edmonds Cliftons in my size, just when I was trying to find clothes for my first office job but didn't have much money. That's what...
I didn't know Brian well. But like everyone here I caught glimpses of his life through his posts as @hbkshin. A hobby like ours feels so trivial in light of a tragedy like this. But as trivial as it is, it meant a lot to him, and he once wrote that he considered everyone here friends. So with that in mind, I put together a roundup of some of his posts as a way to remember our friend.  BRIAN AS WE KNEW HIM  In the beginning there was dated Bill Blass and licensed YSL.  And...
Co-worker noticing my Epaulet MTO Taylor fit pants today:  I'll take it.  About to order a third pair.
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