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Thanks, thewho. Yeah, I've had trouble figuring out how to style it. My inclination too was to wear it with a loose tee, but it drapes really awkwardly when worn open. I'll keep experimenting.
 6.5" for size 31.  
  MMM Uniqlo Uniqlo MMM
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I haven't noticed any calf-area stretch in mine, and if they did stretch, they'd probably return to original form after wash. Embrace the diaper butt and wear a long top.
^ Nice.   Loose fit tapered Pure Blue Japans came. Never been so happy with a cut of jeans...need to get another pair. I'm a 34 and size 31 fits perfectly.
 I have the same model at work but 30". The matte screen is nice. Also pictured: Eames chair, cleaned up nicely with Magic Eraser. (Lamp and desk and Mont Blanc pen also thrifted/gifted  )
Apple Cinema Display, ten bucks Saw a dude looking it and a recent-looking iMac over, thought there was no way he'd pass. Lucky day. PS apologies to people I owe PMs and packages. I am the worst
Love Uniqlo tees so much. Finally figured out that sizing up to XL was the way to go (I wear M in a lot of Uniqlo stuff). Loose and perfect.
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