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        Couple of discount finds...Barbour for 450 175, rag & bone sweater for 395 50.
Coat is awesome. Dog is adorable.
  or       or neither
Debating whether or not to keep this Barbour jacket.        
Nah his usage was technically correct, though perhaps unusual. Anyway, correcting people's language on the internet = uncool; Vans = cool.
 Wow. I see people rag on GQ often but didn't believe they could really be that terrible. Yikes.
Ahh, terribly unsatisfying season finale. We get to Terminus in the final minutes and then: wait until next season to see what happens. Would rather have seen Terminus play out this season, then have the writers stars from zero next season.   Rick fight was pretty good though.
I tried the Supima tees but didn't like the lighter, silkier feel. Premium tees are probably a little better but pocket tees are perfect for me.
Pocket tees need to come back ASAP.
The outfit is like a sentence constructed with words from four different languages. Varsity jacket = sportswear, flannel shirt = workwear, belt = HarrisonK-style prep, balmoral shoes = classic tailoring. Whatever you think about the individual pieces, they don't cohere. Replace the balmorals with sneakers and it will make a little more sense. Definitely untuck the flannel, or better yet, swap it for a tee. Biggest and easiest improvement would be to burn the belt...
New Posts  All Forums: