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  Anyone else keep an extensive spreadsheet of all their stuff? I get pretty obsessive about it. Nothing gets put away until its recorded, whether its for selling or for keeps. Each category has a tab—outerwear, knitwear, shirts, pants, shoes, suits, sportcoats, ties, accessories, objects. Each tab has columns for maker, measurements, design details, notes, status (keep/sell/archive/etc.), age, place acquired, and a few others. I also have a system for flagging favorites...
Funny I was just listening to him on Howard Stern today. Great finds.
I liked the flashbacks ok. And the episode. The plan was going so well until it didn't :/ Who blew the horn? Maybe that kid who hates Rick?
Cute kid. Congratulations!
Weird thing that happened in a thrift yesterday: Found a sweet Paul Stuart tweed overcoat. Pulled it off the rack for a closer look, and a live yellow jacket crawled out from inside onto the lapel.   Got so startled I tossed it back on the rack and booked it out of there, didn't look back.
Oh man those are incredible.
I think it was $2 so no big deal :)
Thanks for sharing the knowledge man. Lesson learned. I appreciate it.
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