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Man, most of the best stuff is only available in a couple of stores. Hopefully the online stock will be plentiful enough.
That's a great collection @Nataku 
 Wow, I had that exact tee as a kid, @Sleeves345. On the off chance that it's in the L-XL range and available, please PM me and I'll make it worth your while.
Loved it. Can't wait for the rest of the season. 
Summer doldrums are officially over.
 That size tag seriously confused me for a second when I read it as "small-medium-large."
Yeah. They were a little banged up and I just bought some Wharfedale Diamonds so I won't sweat it too hard.
Passed on a pair of Mission 700s for 20 bucks. Changed my mind a couple hours later and went back but of course they were gone :/
I hope those are from that same donor who's your size and who's baller stuff you've been finding.
New Posts  All Forums: