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I use it. Tried every to do app over the years, from the most robust to the most simple. Finally settled on Reminders for the SIRI integration and so I could easily share lists with family since everyone has it. Have never experienced that problem...sounds infuriating. I'd go nuts. Did you try messing with iCloud settings?
Yuketen ripple sole derbies. Would dye the welt black with edge dressing.   Hoping they could do double duty with both EG-ish and tailored minimalist fits    
I think I'm retiring from thrifting for a couple years so I can focus more on my day job.   That said, here are some recent finds, plus a few backlog items from the 16 boxes I sent to @Snoogz recently (I still have a full storage unit when you're ready for more). All true thrift.     Patagonia (my size), French leather blouson (kids size)      APC       shearling bomber made in Argentina       Polo Country (posted previously, but new better...
^ Thanks for the heads up. Ordered the long chambray shirt.    
Thanks. We're the same height so that's helpful to know. Will give it a try.
How is the fit @OccultaVexillum? I usually size up to XL for knits because I like them roomier, but if it's already decently loose-fitting maybe I can get by with a large.
Bonus points for being your size too. Insta-shell wardrobe.
The rocker thing worked for YSL. Targeting rich old dudes with rock star fantasies seems like a savvy marketing move.
Gonna try for a pair of the multicolor LunarEpics.
Heads up: new (old) Brioni logo to be on the lookout for? Also: Metallica??      
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