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Wow +j pants are great. Wish I'd bought more.   Someone post a fit with the +j vest please.
 As the resident MMM fanatic and a size 44,   (Will trade you copious luxury goods / $)   Speaking of Margiela—recent thrift-ish fits (posted in WAYWT but never here)  MMMUniqloMMM   MMM & H&MMM
 That actually looks good, man. Just wear it unzipped only, though, with a tee that's longer than the jacket and with some non-indigo pants, maybe some tan (non-work-wear) boots. Long sleeves and shorter body work well here. Or trade to me please 
Finally ordered the +j pants and another pair of the loose tapered Pure Blue Japans, plus another ULD jacket. Perfect for layering. @OccultaVexillum: I've been wearing mine a few times a week for a couple months and washes now and no complaints. Leg opening is 6.5" on size 31 with a decent rise.
woah! awesome @in stitches 
  Practicality isn't always the main determinant of value, right? The cult of practicality seems to be strongest on the CM side of the forum, where lots of talk centers around "essentials" and "filling holes in your wardrobe." Navy grenadines, gray flannel suits, black balmorals—The List. I probably would have expressed a viewpoint similar to yours before spending more time on the SWD side of the forum where...
 They fit looser than the extra slim fit—more inline with BB's slim fit (which is actually not that slim). 
    MMM & H&MMM
HATTRICK for extra 25% off clearance items
 I've had this done about a dozen times (length). It worked I think 9 out of 12 times, giving me an extra half size in length. Once the leather cracked, another time it showed stretch marks. These were mostly cheap thrift store pickups, so the risk was low. I'd think twice about stretching something I had just purchased new. Stretching the width, though, seems pretty straightforward and less risky.
New Posts  All Forums: