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Having second thoughts. 1950s/60s Belgian military.    
 Yeah, I walked right into that one :)
I have vivid memories of playing with that suction-mouthed guy in the bathtub when I was a little kid. And the telescoping neck guy. And staging epic battles with all those dudes in Castle Grayskull.
Oh man. I had all of those. Loved He-Man so much.   Garbage Pail Kids too.
That's awesome @Takai. Hope it works out for you man.
I'm still waiting.
Vicuña Gold Diamonds
Thing is the newer posters are the ones who'd benefit from the box. Regular posters will probably already be familiar with everything in it.We should try a tie swap or something again someday.
I have a couple of stained Sam Hober grenadines I can contribute (garza fina). Maybe different suiting and shirting swatches would be useful? Birdseye, hopsack, end on end, poplin, pinpoint oxford, royal oxford, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: