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The Hill Side x CB2 rug is pretty cool: Lots of nice vintage Turkish rugs on eBay too (not sure if that suits your style but maybe worth a look).
Haha. I need to get rid of a few Margiela knits that just don't work, like the cowichan which is awesome but cut funky. Just replacing a few of those.
I remember that "the style guy" dude (Dan T something?) saying he used to to do that on eBay, relist other people's auctions at a markup before he'd won them. Sounds like way too much hassle but if they can make it work....
+J reversible down vest from the last collection is awesome. Wish I'd gotten the navy also.
Yeah I do wear them with tan 5 zip + blue jeans but that's about it. Might have to get some navy / gray wool pants ... and / or look for something more like those Kapital boots (I'm guessing they have a rounder toe shape?).
I have a pair of brown Lemaire side zips I don't really know what to do with. All my more "tailored" pants that feel side zip appropriate are black. Black pants + dark brown boots = bad move? All my non-black stuff is more heritage-y and side zips feel too sleek. What to do?
Margiela FW 2014 alpaca knit    
It's not by them.
Shawl looks really cool
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