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PM received. Response PM sent. Drafting some more PMs as we speak just a heads up to everybody.
Why do people need to announce to everyone that they sent a private message? The person receiving the message knows they got a message, why do we all need to know? And if it's supposed to mean you've called dibs...how do you know three people haven't PM'd before you anyway? And anyway the person can trade/sell to whomever they want regardless of chronological order of PMs, right? What's the reasoning? Genuinely curious.
Try sending a message to @SpooPoker ... he might be interested. Good luck!
1950s? Woolrich shirt     1970s? Sierra Designs parka   pop x 2: Anderson & Sheppard, Zegna Quindici   Polo x Corneliani wool/cashmere blend suit   Polo x Corneliani glen plaid suit (46 L)   Polo x Corneliani glen plaid suit (46 L)   Polo x Corneliani cashmere peak lapels jacket (42 R)   Ralph Lauren Black Label cashmere jacket (38 S)   Oxxford cashmere jacket (42 S)   NOT thrifted, but discounted and a personal grail   Eero...
Buy it...a black jacket is totally workable in a SW&D context.
You can get those deck shoes for $20 on eBay if you're a size 43 or 44.   Do the Vans usually sell out first day? Going to try my luck with a phone order the following Monday.
Pretty sure you're looking for Fabric Reweavers USA. There's a thread about them here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/364372/fabric-reweavers-usa-awesome
I got the light wash 501 CTs and the denim feels fine. Also got a black pair and that denim was noticeably shittier.
^ Really? 11/11.5 D on Brannock here (one foot slightly bigger) and 10.5 in Chucks, 12 in Nikes, 11.5 in Vans. Just goes to show how unreliable sizing comparisons are I guess.
Pretty hammered condition though.
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