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 Google says http://www.endclothing.com/brands/our-legacy/our-legacy-classic-trouser-189044.html
6   You literally just count each fold/crease in the silk.
Send him a private message.
 These look nice, and I have a set, but I'd pass at that price personally unless you've fallen in love and must have them right away. The weekender and the hard-sided pullman are the nicest of the lot but could be had cheaper easily.
Love those Kobe's. Latest White Label collection is bad: http://m.nike.com/us/en_us/pw/white-label-collection/mvk
@conceptual 4est That makes a lot of sense.A lot of the time instead of getting rid of stuff I'll just store it out of sight in my "archives." That way I can have the minimal, focused rotation and satisfy weird OCD desires but can still access that stuff if the urge arises.I may have done part 1 before
I've tried to do the minimalist wardrobe thing but get antsy, see stuff I like that doesn't "fit the plan" and, craving some variety and novelty again, give up. After a while I'll get tired of excess and try to pair down again—it's a reactionary cycle.   The idea appeals to me, though I'm not sure if all the reasons behind the appeal are rational or represent some mild form of OCD. I too like the idea of fitting everything into a couple of duffle bags, but I'm not...
I started doing just that with Uniqlo tees—buy XL and shrink them.   I do like the fit of the H&M tees but Uniqlos feels nicer.
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