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Finally. Never thought I'd see this label.
Engineered Garments x 2     Anonymous Ism   first issue of the "magazine for city boys," summer 1976 (reprint)   
This guy sewed Kiton labels onto Gap sweaters     http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kiton-Mens-Cardigan-Coat-Sweater-Size-L-100-Cashmere-NWT-Gray-/162142670871?hash=item25c074d017:g:J8QAAOSwGXtXht0Q   http://www.gap.cn/category/368/product/950704.html?color=8533   Might want to add to your block list
Yeah that sweater is from Gap. Same photo here: http://dappertrend.com/2015/12/21/banana-republic-gap-40-off-no-exclusions/   Edit: looks like it's even still for sale: http://www.gap.cn/category/368/product/950704.html?color=8533
Love it.
 Preview of Lemaire's Uniqlo U line: http://www.vogue.com/13454862/uniqlo-u-fall-2016/   (anyone find any better pics/articles?)
Love hearing your stories about Brooks and Lands End and your experience in the industry. Thanks for sharing. I hope you'll stick around and share some more.
I use it. Tried every to do app over the years, from the most robust to the most simple. Finally settled on Reminders for the SIRI integration and so I could easily share lists with family since everyone has it. Have never experienced that problem...sounds infuriating. I'd go nuts. Did you try messing with iCloud settings?
Yuketen ripple sole derbies. Would dye the welt black with edge dressing.   Hoping they could do double duty with both EG-ish and tailored minimalist fits    
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