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Do you guys Instagram? Let's be friends?     (Recent finds, most from the past week. Lots of firsts for me. All true thrift, mostly from different stores and mostly my size.)   Corbusier repro, found next to a pair of chrome and glass tulip tables     Polo Country   1950s shooting jacket     Inverallan knit     Levi's Vintage Clothing, Gitman Bros Vintage, Levi's Made and Crafted       NWT RRL chinos   What am I looking at...
@Orgetorix I would have left it too. Not very cool, and not much meat on the bone at $40. 
My designer friends are flipping out over the iPad Pro. They love it.
By chance is one of you theotherwind on eBay?
green shawl coat back in stock if you're a size M or L   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-lemaire-wool-cashmere-coat-165146.html
^ I like the bluetooth headphone option though.
Anyone else get the TV yet?   I'm liking it. Nothing life changing, but better in lots of little ways—and hopefully it will keep improving with updates.   good scrubbing is really good universal search is a huge improvement "rewind 20 seconds" types of voice commands are handy everything feels much snappier (upgraded from a gen 2) power + volume controls on the apple tv remote are nice ease of setup was neat (minus password typing) voice control is obviously...
 Glad to see some cool finds springing up around here. Haven't been out much but If I happen to stumble across some Kiton pants I'll send them your way :)
Big restock on Jordans today, including the Chicago 1s. Anyone get anything?   I was too slow :/
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