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Dude. How could you? Those are amazing.
Dagger cane is dope @Nobleprofessor.
I picked up a navy Canali orphan the other day. Pattern (subtle small scale check) and pockets clearly read suit. But it fits so good and no one IRL will be the wiser.
Would not deal personally. I was in a similar situation and the dude claimed I never shipped and PayPal sided with him no questions.
Tried this once. Brand new Corneliani tie, once worn. Came back literally torn open and twisted. Never risked it again; anything I care about goes in the mail to Rave Fabricare.
 Just to be clear: it was @Randy, not @Klobber , who coined it. Not sure either of them is going to fight over that legacy though :)
Seems shady that they hid the voting tallies the last day.
Some +J cashmere for $19 if you happen to be an XS.   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-j-stretch-cashmere-v-neck-sweater-135598.html#39~/men/featured/sale/sweaters/~
The Apple Music presentation was really terrible. And awkward (Drake).
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