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Apparently Bloomingdales is offering an extra 60% off clearance tems in store today? Someone in the thrift/discount thread mentioned scooping up some Eidos for a steal. Might be worth looking into.
I actually prefer Eidos over Isaia. Love the few pieces I have. If anyone goes and is willing to proxy anything 40 L I'll make it worth your while.
I'm new to Eidos but have been following the thread for the past few weeks and think I'm here to stay. My small collection so far includes two sport coats and three ties, with more to come. Really happy with what I've tried so far.
Not tied, but for the Ajrak I doubled back and looped it through a second time, which worked pretty well for wearing it open.That said, Ajrak isn't gonna work for me. Coming soon to B&S :/
I'll play. Still new to EG.   S/S   '16 Banded Collar Long Shirt - Black Cotton Linen Handkerchief '16 Banded Collar Long Shirt - Blue Cotton Chambray '16 Short Collar Shirt - Navy/White Small Floral Lawn '16 White Short Sleeve Popover Heavy Oxford '16 Light Blue Batik Diagonal Stripe Charles Pant '15 Seersucker Tie '15 (?) Bedford Jacket - Dungaree Cloth '13 19c BD Shirt - Natural Hula Girl Print '12 (?) Bedford Jacket - Khaki Twill   F/W (need to work on...
J Crew–owned Madewell has been doing this for a while. J Crew is sold through Mr Porter too right? I wonder if it it's a productive strategy. Seems like most malls with a Nordstrom already have a J Crew anyway.
Jony Ivy Is Making People Uneasy http://www.loopinsight.com/2016/08/29/above-avalon-jony-ive-is-making-people-uneasy/ Insightful article about the long game Apple is playing. Addresses a lot of recent criticisms against the company.
Best solution I've found: magic eraser. Works like ... magic.Oils never worked for me. Restored some shine temporarily, but the clouding was still there. Magic eraser restores them to like new condition IME.
@cyc wid it It was only available from MartinPatrick3 via phone order. I think it's sold out (there were only ten made). Mine arrives today and might end up on B&S if it's too small. Only comes in one size.
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