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@ReubenR I had a vintage knit with a dozen or so holes. Took it to a re-weaver but ended up just having him mend the holes for much cheaper. Turned out great and you can't even notice the repairs (but it was dark navy so YMMV).    
Man I forgot how frustrating it is to watch drama that springs from poor communication.   Also, echoes of Carl with the kid/teenage angstiness. Hope that doesn't become too pronounced.
My name is his.                      
It's pretty widely available online though right?
 Holy smokes. Might be a good in to send it to the dude and say "Hey, by the way if you have any more stuff to donate, send it my way!"
Ultra Light Down MA-1 is sort of cool     Also looks like lambswool sweaters are now 100% wool, didn't they used to be a blend?
I think I pay like 120 a month for 6 or 7 gigs of data on Verizon.   77 for unlimited sounds amazing.
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