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Someone like Edward Green maybe?
Maybe RL changed makers.
I like the sound of the relaxed drawstring pants too. This style is what comes to mind for me; wonder if this is what others were also thinking of. High rise is key:  
I'm 1 for 3 with the Meermin Hiro last. Normally a US 11 D, I first ordered chukkas in a UK 10. A little too short. Ordered some more in a UK 10.5. A little roomy but OK with insole inserts. Thinking I'd found my Hiro size, I ordered some PTBs, again in a UK 10.5. They look as if they're almost half an inch longer than the chukkas strangely. (Maybe like a third of an inch.) Just enough to look a little awkward to my eye. Not confident sizing down would work though. I...
Engineered Garments x Dr. Martens  
^ I have that Eidos coat from a previous season and wear it all the time. Can wear it to work with a coat and tie and also incorporate it into dressier sw&d fits easily. Recommended.
Worked like a charm. Found it. Thanks @GreenFrog! I've had the AirPods since December and love them. I'm usually good about putting them in the case when they're not in my ears. Need to be a little more careful to always do that I guess.
I love my Chester Mox slim wallet in kelly green chèvre. I bought a Chester Mox wallet five or so years ago that was just ok tbh, but when I ordered another last year the quality and design had gotten much much better.
Thanks for the tip. Might give that a try before the battery wears down.
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