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  Didn't meant to touch a nerve, just jealous of your find and wish it were mine. Dog is cute.
Was going to thumb this post until I scrolled further and saw how you wasted a great shirt :/
I love those guys.   Dude on the left has 90,000 Instagram followers :/   http://instagram.com/blakescott_
That sale was posted in the Visvim thread a week ago. There are more details over there. They were accepting phone orders.
I doubt they'd sell unsanforized jeans without a clear disclaimer about shrinking.
 Straight leg sweats are kind of awkward IMO. Also, the little drawstrings on the hems are a little annoying. I have a couple pairs of Reigning Champ sweats that I never wear for those reasons but YMMV. (Now that I've talked them up: if you happen to wear a medium I have a new-in-the-bag light gray pair )
Ran 5k today and beat my previous PR (22:19) by almost 2 minutes (20:23). Considering I was running 5k in 28 minutes a year ago, it felt great.   I usually run 3–4 miles on flat ground and don't push myself too much, but the last month I've been doing a lot of 6–9 mile hilly runs in warm weather. Today was 15 degrees cooler and with the shorter distance I felt fantastic.
^ Was just now looking at that. I like it.
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