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Wait really? There's a Margiela x Nike Flyknit? Can't find anything about it....
Yeah pretty fun. Quick though...beat all the levels in less than an hour.
+1Still hurting a little after I found a vintage horsehide grizzly jacket in a thrift store and then accidentally re-donated it a month later
Gruber said Air Pods are his favorite new Apple product in years, despite rough edges. That's enough for me to give them a try.
Ordered also.
Pretty much every one of Rick's people is unbearably annoying lately, showing defiance in all the dumbest ways. Carl hopping in the back of that truck, Michonne ambushing that lady, the stupid one bullet plot. Ugh.
5 Tom Ford suits in your size is such a crazy find. Don't think that can be topped.
Hmm didn't realize Luxxotica owned Oliver Peoples. I still like the design and already ordered lenses so oh well. Will keep looking for a second pair. Would love to try Mikita.
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