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 I saw a pre-1990s* Brooks Brothers tie there last year. Bizarre.  *Black label with white block letters—possibly as late as early 90s? They used that label style for so long, I'm bad at dating these.
Been getting into short trail hikes lately. Anyone tried the Hyperfeel Trails? I wish I had bought a pair a few months ago when they were in outlets.  
 Google says http://www.endclothing.com/brands/our-legacy/our-legacy-classic-trouser-189044.html
6   You literally just count each fold/crease in the silk.
Send him a private message.
 These look nice, and I have a set, but I'd pass at that price personally unless you've fallen in love and must have them right away. The weekender and the hard-sided pullman are the nicest of the lot but could be had cheaper easily.
Love those Kobe's. Latest White Label collection is bad: http://m.nike.com/us/en_us/pw/white-label-collection/mvk
@conceptual 4est That makes a lot of sense.A lot of the time instead of getting rid of stuff I'll just store it out of sight in my "archives." That way I can have the minimal, focused rotation and satisfy weird OCD desires but can still access that stuff if the urge arises.I may have done part 1 before
I've tried to do the minimalist wardrobe thing but get antsy, see stuff I like that doesn't "fit the plan" and, craving some variety and novelty again, give up. After a while I'll get tired of excess and try to pair down again—it's a reactionary cycle.   The idea appeals to me, though I'm not sure if all the reasons behind the appeal are rational or represent some mild form of OCD. I too like the idea of fitting everything into a couple of duffle bags, but I'm not...
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