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I'm going to send everyone in the thread a grenadine tie so we can all stop asking about it.
 I ordered all of them so I could see them in person. Really liked this one: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-liberty-london-premium-linen-printed-long-sleeve-shirt-177021.html#61~/men/featured/uniqlo-and-liberty/shirts/~ Sort of liked this one:http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-liberty-london-premium-linen-printed-long-sleeve-shirt-177022.html#63~/men/featured/uniqlo-and-liberty/shirts/~ Not a fan of the others.
Looks great. Thigh seems a little tight, maybe let that out and solve the flair at the same time (assuming you want to get rid of it).
Accidental thrift. Ordered a $3 pair of silk knot Black Fleece cuff links. They sent this sterling silver and enamel tie clip instead:         Gonna take it into the store, but half hoping they'll just say keep it. (Only half hoping because I don't wear tie clips.)
 Lol sorry I opened that can of worms guys. The internet brings out the annoying pedant in all of us sometimes 
There's a Portland thread (not this one) with tons of recs for all those things: http://www.styleforum.net/t/252076/the-ultimate-portland-or-shopping-thread
Jimmy's brother is the worst.
I'm still pretty wowed by all my Apple stuff. It's easy to get jaded over time, but my iPhone is still amazing.   For me it's about the small improvements. Really liking Night Mode. Was pleasantly surprised with the latest tvOS update to see that the remote now controls volume for external Bluetooth devices. Pretty cool that it instantly was able to control my TV power too right out of the box. I have no need for any other remotes, which is great.
Anyone else think Engineered Garments when they saw this post?
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