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It's the equivalent of Zara or somebody copying a fashion designer to the minutest details. A shameless ripoff.
But most of the posters are MCers. It just happens to be in SWD because jet started it here but is an MC thread in spirit.
I think people are just commenting on the industrial design of that particular machine, which blatantly rips off Apple.
I'm in the same camp, spent my first couple years in MC before moving to SW&D (where I still mostly lurk).   I like that posters don't call each other "gents" here, and the relentless attempts at snark and cleverness in many MC threads are obnoxious, but there are still good posters. Overall, though, I find the community more enjoyable and welcoming on this side.  FWIW I think that thread was a joke.
Fair enough  I do like the SLPs more.
Barneys photos aren't great, but I think they're nice. Better photo:    
Black/white CP BBall Highs might fit the bill. On sale for $319 at Barneys. 
 You are at the store, right? See for yourself man.
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