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^ Send me your flannels and twenty bucks and I'll make them tagless for you.
As Find Finn said, that was two years ago. For general Nike release info, there are countless sources...from Nike's official blog and Twitter account to sneaker blogs, NikeTalk, etc.
Saw a full size run of multi-color Flyknit Racers for $70/ea a long time ago. Still regret not buying a pair.
Thought so Thanks man.
Good pass?
That sounds so great. Wish I could do that.
For running gear I'd avoid 100% cotton sweatshirts and stick to lightweight synthetic blends. 
Multicolor option for Kobe 9 ID was re-added and sold out instantly today   They added a bunch of fade options      
My thrifting grail is a Valextra briefcase filled with diamonds and cocaine. Will trade mint Allen Edmonds.
Thrifted a new apartment today...early 1900s vintage
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