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Mohawk General Store and Wasteland are always at the top of my list. Rodeo Drive is fun for gawking at super luxe goods. Magasin in Culver City looks cool but I haven't made it there yet.   Also, check out the Reigning Men exhibit at the LACMA. Amazing historical review of menswear. 
Jackets are usually cut closer than shirts in general. In tailored clothes for example I wear a size 40 jacket, which has a 21" pit to put measurement, but most of my shirts measure 22"-23".
 Except, as LA Guy pointed out, that's not Brioni's true heritage. And though it may have evolved into a "business tool," with the way dress codes are changing, that's becoming decreasingly true once again. Say what you will about O'Shea's execution, but I think the strategy to make Brioni "sexy" again, as LA Guy put it, makes sense. It may alienate some existing customers, but if they pull it off, it probably puts them in a better market position long term.
Self Edge has a similar one.http://www.selfedge.com/jewelry?product_id=574
Ok sure.
True to size, based on advice in the NMWA thread.
La Portegna  (thanks, No Man Walks Alone)    
Ahhh, dropped my iPhone today and it's kaput. Won't even power on. I have a Genius Bar appointment Saturday but am not holding my breath.    Probably just going to buy an SE, which I've been intrigued by anyway. Such an awkward time to buy a new phone though, with the 7 on the way.
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