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Thrifted a new apartment today...early 1900s vintage
Turns out they did issue store credit after all for the amount of the promo codes. Just took them an extra day. This was an online purchase and return BTW.   Anyway, enough griping about returns. Sorry for the derail.
That's the worst. Basically I threw away three pairs of jeans :/ Edit: nevermind. I did get store credit after all.
I returned $150 in merchandise, mostly paid for with promo codes from past returns, and was only refunded about ten bucks to my credit card. I'm hoping this doesn't mean I lose the $140 in store credit.
Couple of keepers. In the field still. vtg Gucci 100% cashmere Everlane knit blazer.
Wish I knew something about furniture. This is probably nothing but looked nice and vaguely mid-century at $5. I found the exact same chair in a different state a year ago so have a pair now.
I know they don't get love here, but the Flyknit Lunar 2s are awesome to run in. Got the white pair this week and they feel so good.
 Ouch. Can't imagine seeing an Hermes tie and then letting it leave my sight before reaching the car. :(
 I think Parker had a long shirt made-to-measure. I'd check out options at a place like Modern Tailor or Luxire. A lot cheaper and completely customizable.
 Burn this thread to the ground.
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