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Yet-to-finds I haven't given up on:   —worthwhile artwork of any kind —70s Marantz receiver —desirable midcentury furniture (besides a chair or two) —wearable leather jacket   But I'm amazed at all the cool, improbable stuff I have found find in this town that's no thrifting mecca. Can't complain too much.
Need to start consigning with Spoo :/
6' 1" 167lbs and XL Stark is perfect, to add another data point Haven't tried Fisherman but am guessing I'd be an L.
Medium looks borderline too tight—I might have sized up to large, actually. No way small would work for you.   Would uncuff the sleeves, too.
 Why have you never mentioned that you live in Japan until this post? People need to know these things.
 I'll see your womb chair and raise you.... Two-am boring library fit, ten minutes after submitting the final version of my master's thesis. Exhausted but happy.   SNSUniqlovintage mocsKnoll everything else :)
 How does this post only have 5 thumbs? These are awesome.
A few modest but cool finds recently—all my size :)   RL Rugby       RL Purple Label and Black Label     Corneliani tech jacket     Nike Flash Pack sample (outlet find by my padres)       danish midcentury teak bowl (Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen)     vintage Gainey Ceramics (designer of cool midcentury planters) cylinder pot        1940s Fire King mugs (found by my girlfriend )     Breville kettle    
  Engineered Garments  [[SPOILER]]
 vintage Polo Ralph Lauren (tweed jacket is late 60s/70s, so one of the first collections)vintage shell PTBs (everything thrifted from Goodwill/Savers—including the teak and Eames chairs) [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: