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@Snoogz sighting at Goodwill
I gave up on selling everything myself and started sending clothes to a consignor. The convenience is awesome.
New office requires coat and tie. Trying to remember how to do this. Stealth elevator thrift fit:       Brioni - thrifted Zegna - thrifted Holland and Holland w/ wonky knot - thrifted Polo x Corneliani green flannels - @mainy  AE perf captoes - thrifted
Well said.
 Jacket looks awesome. Wish I came across more recent Hickey Freeman stuff. All I see are dusty old Boardroom suits with monster shoulders. Did grab a recent HF safari jacket a few weeks ago though.     Not sure I can pull it off without looking like this dude.  
Looks good to me @ricebomb
Are the Slovakia-made suits still by Corneliani? Didn't think they did any production outside of Italy, so I'm guessing it's an entirely different maker.
 I know your pain. Just got one of the tuxedo-front flannel rebuilds and the sleeves and body are so short.  Might just roll the sleeves are wear it over a short sleeve oxford/popover in spring.
Converse x Missoni ... to be worn with EG/Nepenthes stuff   (If yes, laces or slip ons?)         
Apparently Mark Zuckerberg has all his gray t-shirts and hoodies custom made by Cucinelli. And his jeans by Kiton.   
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