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It's nice to share the thrill of the hunt with someone. But yeah, in the future, probably smartest just to do that here with you guys :)
@RStreit27 Hermes looks real.   On a related note: A buddy I introduced to thrifting sent me an "Is this real?" text tonight. I got it just as I was walking into a store. Before I could respond, I saw him at the tie rack with an amazing Hermes tie. Beat me by two minutes. Couldn't help but think, "If only I had kept my mouth shut."
Grenson. Try PMing
Google can. Try "vintage Woolrich labels."
You're on a serious roll, man. Beautiful.
 Dude you're killing me.  So jealous.  
Yep! Though it's few and far between. Thanks man.
mid-century Europe by way of Japan   1950s French moleskin work jacket with Boro patches and sashiko stitching   1950s Belgian military bag with boro and sashiko detailing 1950s Swedish military long shirt  
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