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Thanks! They're OrSlow 107s (3 year wash).
Live from the thrift shop. 28oz wool coat from March 1951.
Why I love thrifting. 28oz wool coat from March 1951. Just yesterday I was eyeing similar coats from Frank Leder. This isn't quite the same, but mine was only $20
I wear Luxottica-made Oliver Peoples O'Malleys daily. I have no complaints nor praise really—they seem...fine. I like the design and they fit my face well. Maybe I don't know what I'm missing since I never tried a pre-Luxottica pair, but I can't imagine they were that much better.
Order just placed. Looking forward to it.
Didn't mean to suggest only posting grails. Post whatever is cool to you. My comment was just a thumbs up to @Wrong Crowd.   I mean, if I could wave a wand and not have to scroll through some of the more pedestrian dime-a-dozen stuff now and then, I would. But this thread is more about the company and community than the finds anyway. So if part of the deal is to scroll past a few crusty ties or meh whatevers every day, no big deal.
This is an A+ idea I can get behind. Thread is already hard enough to keep up with these days for those of us who are completionists. Less filler, more thrillers.
True story, this same jacket was my first ever eBay clothing purchase, years ago. Fit pretty terribly, though I had no clue at the time.
Polo Bear sweaters were reintroduced a while ago, right? Saw them on clearance at Macy's. Would love to see more old RL designs get a wide roll out.
That fits perfect IMO. Would not size down.
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