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Seems shady that they hid the voting tallies the last day.
Some +J cashmere for $19 if you happen to be an XS.   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-j-stretch-cashmere-v-neck-sweater-135598.html#39~/men/featured/sale/sweaters/~
The Apple Music presentation was really terrible. And awkward (Drake).
@capnwes That is awesome.   One of my favorite things about thrifting is how it connects you to the past. Fun to see you find such a literal connection to your past while making the rounds.
Ouch. Would have acted disinterested and walked away for a second personally.
This was awesome.
Vintage challenge could be cool.
Yeah that was frustrating to watch.
 Cordial Churchman might be worth looking at too @capnwes.   (Also their turn-a-tie-into-a-bowtie service is pretty cool.)
@Jr Mouse I've really been liking Spark too. The concept of  a "like" button for emails is great. Perfect for when you just want to say thanks or acknowledge you saw the message. Love the third-party integrations also.   Agreed about the UI. First thing I did was see if I could change that blue background in settings. Nope.
New Posts  All Forums: