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Bought 4 of the the new unlined oxfords for $70 a piece with the $200 off deal. Not bad.   Plus a few Black Fleece things. 
Seems like two different definitions of "academic writing" here: Stuff professional academics write and publish in journals. (What comes to mind for me, and most of you.) Stuff college students write in freshman composition classes. (What I think accordion means.)
Seems like it. That's a scythe for harvesting. [edit: sickle] The dudes wearing the full body condoms are throwing me off though.
@TheNeedMachine Thanks! It's Steve Frykholm. Not signed or anything but it's an original Herman Miller advertising poster from the 70s.
RLPL, consignment but cheap ($30)       shirt with a cool hippie vibe and interesting fabric ($10)       Eames for Herman Miller dining table base, $10 (1958 "Contract" style)...going to put a round, white formica top on tonight     8" Gainey-esque pot  
Gray suit, black tie, can't lose. Sounds perfect, and way better than a tux rental or a perfectly matched outfit, which is goofy anyway.    Have a great time!
 Thread first! Very cool.
Looks right to me
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