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Could be "the company" means his employer, not Herman Miller?
Also ordered a couple of band collar linens last week. Will report back when they arrive. @gettoasty They did linen lounge pants three years ago I think. Wish they'd bring them back. SK Manor Hill has some linen lounge pants from last year in their clearance section if you're a size small. (Seems like they must be going out of business as there's no SS 2017 line and no one seems to carry them anymore.)
Class-5 in Back to the Future colorway ... would definitely grab, even with condition issues.
Is the VaporMax part of the running line? Or is part of the sportswear line? Just wondering if it's meant to be a performance shoe or more of a lifestyle shoe.
There was some Eidos stuff on recently as well. I think it's an Amazon-like third-party seller type thing going on?
Hmm I mostly wear the same size in dress shoes and sneakers, with a few exceptions. An easier comparison might be to your Brannock size? I measure a size 11 US and went with 10 in the Thuya, which was perfect.
@HansderHund Personally, given the limited amount of time you'll have, I'd skip the thrifts and go some place with great consignment shops and other cool shops you can't find elsewhere. For me that'd be New York. (As much as I love LA, sounds like you're closer to the East Coast.) You still get the thrill of the hunt, you're guaranteed to find something cool for a relatively good price, and you can check out some awesome retail shops, even if only for window shopping....
I'm sure @SpooPoker could help with this.
My black suede Margiela side-zips are my favorite boots. I'd never really considered black suede before but bought them on impulse and am glad I did. A little less severe than shiny black calf.
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