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Man this thing is awesome. Brookline Jacket - Multi Color Indian Embroidery    
In for three raffle tickets. Pretty great fundraising idea.   Odd sizes only is a weird choice (9, 11, 13). Not that I'd wear them around anyway I guess. 
Really glad to see new Taylors in stock. Ordered two, bringing my Taylor collection to 6:   Tobacco Calvary Twill Oxford Grey Flannel Light Gray Hopsack MTO Navy Hopsack Wool Stormcloud Wool-Silk-Linen Olive Military Twill (fell victim to a crappy washing machine, RIP)     The perfect ready-to-wear CM trouser. Thanks @Epaulet!
Howard Stern interviewed Metallica earlier this week and they talked about this exact t-shirt design, funny enough! Great find.
I can't understand the #menswear dress-down-a-CM-coat-and-tie-with-jeans thing. Same thing with pairing slick dress shoes and denim. I know people say, "Andy Warhol did it," but it's such a jarring incongruity.    (Not to pick on one poster, but this is the latest example I've noticed)    
^ That is awesome @suited 
Eidos as styled by Gentry almost looks like a more luxe Nepenthes brand, which I love. 
I like Gentry's Eidos styling a lot. Makes me appreciate the versatility of the brand all the more.
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