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That looks perfect Stanley.
A local furniture dealer posted this find on Instagram today. Pretty sure I know the shop they were in, and I was less than a mile away from there when they found it. Ouch.     For the uninitiated. And yes, it was real.
finally ordered some lunarepics    
Didn't realize you were in Utah. We should meet up sometime.That's been sitting there for quite a while. There was another of his jackets in a super crazy pattern (not Zegna) my buddy grabbed.
Yes to GATs, but no to that particular makeup. 
jumping on the ts(s) bandwagon ... jacket + ghurka shorts      
I vote #2. Love long shirts.
So TTS in Maxi coat is definitely a bad move?   6'2", 185lbs, usually a US 40–41 long in tailored jackets. Would a size 50 be a mistake (that a tailor couldn't fix)?
Mohawk General Store and Wasteland are always at the top of my list. Rodeo Drive is fun for gawking at super luxe goods. Magasin in Culver City looks cool but I haven't made it there yet.   Also, check out the Reigning Men exhibit at the LACMA. Amazing historical review of menswear. 
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