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Pretty sure someone here (can't remember who) showed an out-of-towner the ropes once, only to have that person move there permanently soon after and pick the place dry (their words).   But people have been nice enough to give me tips a few times when I've traveled places and I always appreciate it. And anyway, it's not like most everywhere we go isn't a Google search and a little intuition away. 
That Polo duffle coat is sweet
Try the eBay thread.
No way! Patch that thing up and you're good to go. #wabisabiOr send it to me and I'll take care of it for you
Wow that's really messed up. I never let on to anyone that something I found is special. If they comment on a thing, I just say stuff like, "Yeah, I thought it was a cool color!"
But we don't know anything about it, whatever it's called, except it's probably smaller right? Not sure how you can judge based on just that info. Leaked reports seem really dubious.
Nike x Undercover    
New Posts  All Forums: