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Yeah. They were a little banged up and I just bought some Wharfedale Diamonds so I won't sweat it too hard.
Passed on a pair of Mission 700s for 20 bucks. Changed my mind a couple hours later and went back but of course they were gone :/
I hope those are from that same donor who's your size and who's baller stuff you've been finding.
I quit.
 I bought the same one from Nordstrom Rack ten years ago and wore it like everyday in college. Stupidly donated it a few years back and spent a while looking for a replacement. Fortunately my dad owned the same one and gave it to me recently.
Woah, love that
Ha, awesome. Thanks for the help.
This Chipp tie is throwing me for a loop. Can anyone decipher?  
That's awesome.
 Woah, blast from the past. I had this exact hat as a teenager.
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