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@cyc wid it If you're willing to go vintage, might want to checkout Lee Storm Riders.   There are Japanese repros but the originals are easily attainable. Blanket lined.
Tag-teaming definitely has its advantages. And there is enough goodness to go around.   But I'd be lying if I said it didn't sting a little now and then when they find something especially awesome. Only a little though.
It's nice to share the thrill of the hunt with someone. But yeah, in the future, probably smartest just to do that here with you guys :)
@RStreit27 Hermes looks real.   On a related note: A buddy I introduced to thrifting sent me an "Is this real?" text tonight. I got it just as I was walking into a store. Before I could respond, I saw him at the tie rack with an amazing Hermes tie. Beat me by two minutes. Couldn't help but think, "If only I had kept my mouth shut."
Grenson. Try PMing
Google can. Try "vintage Woolrich labels."
You're on a serious roll, man. Beautiful.
 Dude you're killing me.  So jealous.  
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