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I can't understand the #menswear dress-down-a-CM-coat-and-tie-with-jeans thing. Same thing with pairing slick dress shoes and denim. I know people say, "Andy Warhol did it," but it's such a jarring incongruity.    (Not to pick on one poster, but this is the latest example I've noticed)    
^ That is awesome @suited 
Eidos as styled by Gentry almost looks like a more luxe Nepenthes brand, which I love. 
I like Gentry's Eidos styling a lot. Makes me appreciate the versatility of the brand all the more.
Thank you!
Did these sell out instantly or have they not hit the site yet? Checked about an hour after this was posted and several times since and haven't seen them. Not sure if I was too slow or if I'm too eager.
^ Maybe sw&d and cm are more about mindset than about the clothes themselves? IME people in sw&d tend to be fashion descriptivists, while cm guys are prescriptivists. In sw&d posters take fits on their own terms and respond to them not through the lens of their own ideal but based on what the poster seems to be trying to accomplish. You see a lot of posters saying, that's not my thing but I appreciate the execution ... while in cm I see that much less often, with way...
I use the leather case. Feels like plastic almost when you first start using it but breaks in a little over time. Used to have slits for the buttons to stick through, but they added plastic button covers on the 7 case. They also added the apple logo to the back, used to be plain. Don't expect to be blown away, but it fits well and has a low profile.
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