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Yeah if you are going for Take Ivy then tapered and cropped jeans would help. Straight up Ask Andy-style trad looks always feel a little nerdy to me. I'd look beyond that to heavy duty ivy looks of the 70s and to more contemporary interpretations from EG and others for cues.
I haven't done a side-by-side comparison but they look and feel the same to me (besides the stem and no wires obviously)
+1. Felt the same way when I had to use my EarPods once at the gym a few weeks back.Also, relevant to this forum, from an aesthetic standpoint, it looks better not having that cord hanging across your torso. Especially if you're wearing a coat and tie, that always has look kind of bad to me.I have yet to see someone in my city wearing them but expect to start seeing many soon.
Thanks @mythage! I'll go ahead and cross-post it here:     I actually took the hood off just now and it's pretty cool buttoned up all the way.
I think a short-sleeve madras shirts calls for something breezier and lighter in color and than dark denim. Maybe some drawstring linen pants or even some olive fatigue pants. Or, if denim, a lighter wash or white. And definitely something less heavy than boots for footwear.
I love my Conservation coat but it looks pretty terrible buttoned up—which sucks because it's perfect otherwise.   Maybe I should have sized it bigger, though it already fits pretty generously. I might try moving the buttons over a couple inches to see if that helps.   Or just resign myself to always wearing it open with a sweater underneath—and probably never wear it in freezing temps.
I don't know where that chair design originated, but it reminds me of this contemporary take by Hay, one of my favorite furniture brands (also from Denmark):
^ I think it might end up being a wear-around-the-house thing.  X-post from the EG thread: 
If you figure out a better way to lace them, please share @tobiasfunke!   Mine are still laced the way they arrived—I couldn't think of a better way to do it. But I think being able to secure them better would make them more comfortable.
Yeah, I totally agree. Was asking for suggestions because I feel like it has potential to be cool, but I haven't figured out how to do it justice.
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