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I'm an 11 US Brannock and wear a a 10 UK/11 US in the 1460. Hopefully EG sizing is the same, though Vans were different so we'll see:
full story: http://nepenthesny.tumblr.com/post/155997773928/special-release-dr-martens-x-engineered
Definitely want a pair, probably navy or green. I have black mono Doc Martens that I like a lot, but black doesn't go great with much of my EG stuff (more blues and earth tones).
EG x Dr Martens https://instagram.com/p/BPX6cEODRSx/
Man what a score. Looks awesome. I'd be happy finding that and nothing else all year. Glad you can make use of it in the new place.
Thanks! I did order the 10.5s. Appreciate all the info from everyone.
Alright order placed. Thanks dudes. Excited for my first pair of Vibergs.
Thanks for the input. Very much appreciated. I'm leaning 10.5 based on the majority of opinions here on the forum, but Viberg customer service recommended 10 so that has me second guessing. Mr Porter has a suede boondocker I'm tempted to try instead, though I really prefer NMWA's makeup and would prefer to support their business anyway. Thanks again.
I already posted this in the No Man Walks Alone thread, so apologies if you're seeing this a second time. I'm about to order the service boot in aged bark roughout suede, 1035 last. They are final sale, though, and I'm unsure on sizing.    I'm an 11 D Brannock. (One foot is between an 11 D and and 11.5, but I pretty much always wear 11 D.) For the 1035, should I size down to 10.5 or 10? I usually wear Chup socks.    (Note to self: Really shouldn't have waited until...
For casual options in that price range, Uniqlo is hard to beat.
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