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 I think Parker had a long shirt made-to-measure. I'd check out options at a place like Modern Tailor or Luxire. A lot cheaper and completely customizable.
 Burn this thread to the ground.
 Sneakerboy still has the white KVAs in my size for $200 but black is the way to go.
The black selvedge "slim" jeans have an 8" leg opening in a size 32
Real. Nice finds!
The house looks awesome, Hans. Enjoy.
? Price didn't change.
The ones that have "low rise" in the product name. Looks like that's some of the airism and seamless models.
IME they fit true to size (I'm a 34 and buy Ls), and the rise is ok if you avoid low rise models.
Segment jacket for $125 at Carson Street.    http://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/sale/product/536/segmentjacket    
New Posts  All Forums: