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Google can. Try "vintage Woolrich labels."
You're on a serious roll, man. Beautiful.
 Dude you're killing me.  So jealous.  
Yep! Though it's few and far between. Thanks man.
mid-century Europe by way of Japan   1950s French moleskin work jacket with Boro patches and sashiko stitching   1950s Belgian military bag with boro and sashiko detailing 1950s Swedish military long shirt  
Do you guys Instagram? Let's be friends?     (Recent finds, most from the past week. Lots of firsts for me. All true thrift, mostly from different stores and mostly my size.)   Corbusier repro, found next to a pair of chrome and glass tulip tables     Polo Country   1950s shooting jacket     Inverallan knit     Levi's Vintage Clothing, Gitman Bros Vintage, Levi's Made and Crafted       NWT RRL chinos   What am I looking at...
@Orgetorix I would have left it too. Not very cool, and not much meat on the bone at $40. 
My designer friends are flipping out over the iPad Pro. They love it.
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