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All blue is the new all black.
Carven makes some cool things. Mr. Porter carries (edit: carried) them. Doubt that's going to be worth your time for resell though.
Not sure about age, but if the styling isn't dated on the 40 L and it fits true to size, I will give you a nice easy profit on it. Been in the market for a solid navy suit.
Yeah, I'd say true to size. My Eidos jackets are 40/50 L and fit tight as I'm more of a size 41 or 42 these days. My Chiaia is a 52 and it's perfect. Roomy but not oversized.   Not sure if the pattern has changed at all since whenever mine was made, though.
Is the "donegal herringbone raglan sleeve overcoat" that No Man Walks Alone offers the "Chiaia"? Has the name changed?   I have this Chiaia (from eBay) and have been living in it all winter—does anyone know what season this is?     
I would have passed on those lounge chairs too @carreragt7, unless you love the look. Maybe @impuntura knows something I don't though. I know danish modern–style lounge chairs are popular, but given that they're not signed and those aren't the nicest execution of that style.... Edit: if the goal is to flip them, I'm sure you could slap "MCM" on there and find a taker. Just not the best looking examples IMO.
 Just placed my first order a few weeks back. Really like your selection. Great to see you guys on here.
Petition to move all Linda discussion to "The Official Linda Discussion and Analysis Thread." Por favor.
I'm an 11 US Brannock and wear a a 10 UK/11 US in the 1460. Hopefully EG sizing is the same, though Vans were different so we'll see
full story: http://nepenthesny.tumblr.com/post/155997773928/special-release-dr-martens-x-engineered
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