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 vintage Polo Ralph Lauren (tweed jacket is late 60s/70s, so one of the first collections)vintage shell PTBs (everything thrifted from Goodwill/Savers—including the teak and Eames chairs) [[SPOILER]]
Thrift fit with recent finds.   vintage PRLvintage shell PTBs  [[SPOILER]]  
I haven't been a huge fan of my Flyknit Free 3.0s, but I think the black toe on multi-color works better than the gray. 
That would be nice, but nope.
Would never pay the 500 retail—it's a sample my parents grabbed at the outlet for 40 bucks. Wish they'd grabbed a couple more. There were some unreleased colors too.
Got the new all-over flash jacket. Love it. Seems like durability shouldn't be a problem anymore with the new design.  
Richard Diebenkorn print from SF MOMA, $10.   Happy to find this as I'm a fan and used to own another Diebenkorn print (plus my apartment's walls are bare):  [[SPOILER]]
 these days: furniture --> housewares --> electronics (though I never find anything) --> art --> knick knacks --> blankets --> half-hearted glance through ties and shoes
Bought a Coke with Apple Pay at Walgreens, just to try it out. Surprisingly satisfying. Can't wait to use it more often.
Yep, that's the one. Thanks—it's incredibly warm, perfect for snowy mountain winters here, which is one reason I'm okay with it needing to be worn zipped.
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