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   Oh man. I went to that store 14 times, got a chance to look through the stock room, and also kept an eye on local eBay listings—never found anything. Then soon after I left my garage door open and someone stole 3 pairs of Margiela jeans I had stored there, including one NWT.  Rough month.
Vintage Brooks Brothers ties are my favorites. The width, length (slightly shorter than contemporary, perfect for higher rise pants), and thickness (never too bulky) are just right. Plus the designs are usually nice, and they aren't too hard to come by. Even though I have many "nicer" ties, I have a soft spot for vintage BB. I think I'm up to like 15 vintage #1 stripes at this point. Those look nice Spoo. I'd be thrilled to find all those at once.
Not sure if serious. Couldn't it just be that most of the world uses the metric system?
Ah, I've been waiting for the all-white Racers for months and didn't realize they had dropped on Undefeated. Looks sold out now.   Still can't find a firm release date for the wider launch. Does anyone know?
Sheesh. That's incredible. That print is awesome too @330CK. Love that.
Chiaia coat from 2015 (I think?). I love this thing.
Only the shirt is thrifted, but it's pretty cool. You can use the second row of buttons if you want a closer fit.
[[SPOILER]]  Eidos coatHelmut Lang shirt (thrift store find)Lemaire pantsLemaire boots
Nice @dieworkwear. I love my herringbone Eidos Balmaacan and wear it with Lemaire-esque fits as well as more CM-leaning stuff. Probably my most-worn piece of outerwear. I'm excited to see how yours turns out.
Just make sure you get it back before you give the refund.
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