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 I was actually pleasantly surprised by the bands, as were some of the reviewers. Gruber's take:  See also Om Malik: 
Space gray aluminum + black sports band. The wait begins.
New +J pants seem to fit slimmer than last season's. 32 fit perfectly last season but looked painted on in the new model (thinner wool didn't help). Sent them back.
Not certain but I think it's a generic office model and not really a "designer" chair. Some of the Knoll/Herman Miller stuff you come across really isn't too much more exciting than the ubiquitous Steelcase counterparts. Still a cool office chair though! Could look good reupholstered in burnt orange or something. Those curio cabinets are awesome.
Funny @330CK, just found this Lane table an hour ago, $15
Love your finds @PLaydice
Watches are backordered until June/July already. Made an appointment to try one on tomorrow.
Search for +J
OCBDs on sale for $15. New +J is online too.
^ Love that linen Zegna.
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