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 Looks fairly slim. Based on the measurements, the size 40 is more like a 39.
X-post from the sales alert thread. Thought someone here might go for this:   staple Southwick suits for $225 (code PRIVATE25)
That's a solid deal if you need a basic suit.
Nothing on Haberdash calling out to me. This season was weak.
Free Flyknit 1s dropped another 20 bucks at my local outlet. Dirt cheap.
Or go all in and get some over-the-calf Elite socks. Not sure if the supposed benefits are for real, but I like them.
^ I bought some slightly higher (still ankle height but high enough to clear the shoe) socks and that solved the rubbing for me. You could also tape your ankle (assuming you're wearing them for exercise). The rubbing problem usually goes away for me after I wear a pair a few times.
Hard to tell for sure from just those shots, but it looks good to me. Nice find.
Just noticed yesterday they added linen tees to US site. Length seems to be an inch shorter than last year's pocket tees. Pass for me.
Good move.
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