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That Arnys tie is a beauty.
Wayward knows his stuff. I defer to him In any case, wherever and whenever it's from, it's definitely the real thing, so no worries there.
Keep it! Even if you never end up wearing it, it's a cool piece of history.
33" ish. Shoot! Great find.
 Awesome. If it happens to be a 40, and you're interested in trading for another Brooks tux from the 1940s (size 42, peak lapels, beautiful shape), let me know :)
I wear mine often and really like it. I sized down and it still fits pretty loose. 
Yeah it's crazy to expect free expedited shipping across the globe. 
@dreamspace's dates sound right to me. It could potentially have been from last year, assuming he bought it just before the label change (or after at a discount retailer like Neiman Marcus Last Call). I usually take eBay sellers' "only worn once!" claims with a grain of salt, but with a tux, could be!   I can't add anything else except to say it's the Milano fit, which is the slimmer, more modern fit. Some guys more familiar with Zegna might be able to say...
That's definitely a more recent tag so the age checks out. You'll have to show the factory label (inside pocket with fabric codes etc) to get anymore info though....maybe someone will be able to tell more from that. Also any other inside labels or tags besides the Ermenegildo Zegna label you've shown.
1970s signed serigraph, $1     Mart Stam 1970s made in Italy repro, $15. Bought this in LA and the leather got torn on the flight home. Might reupholster with Pendleton fabric...or just pitch it.       Can anyone recognize this maker? Italian brand that manufactures in Tunisia, looks like? Really nice moleskins in my size. Just curious.    
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