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I went to the store here in Soho nyc, they didn't have them as "Bowery, essex, etc" Instead they just had classic fit, and slim fit. So which ones on their site are the slim fits from the store? Actually my question is which is their SLIMMEST fit? bowery or essex? Tia.
Found it: Mark McNairy - Oxford Olive Nubuck Dainite Sole Sorry for the thread, but does this color oxford shoe look with all khaki chinos?
Please let me know the maker of this : TIA
Hi friends, I'm looking for a suede brownish shoe (that I'm able to buy in USA) similar to this one: Any ideas? TIA
Hi, I PM'd you, my friend!
I love this! Will there be a section for clothing too?
No way!
What are your fav boat shoes currently in 2011? I searched and found good threads but they were from 2005. Looking for some suggestions for right now? TIA
Fuuma you're the man. You're really helping the noobs like myself.
Almost everything NICE on Gilt men being sold out within MINUTES. That really pisses the eff out of me. How do people shop that fast? seriously .. 5 minutes after noon when the events start, all the good shoes and clothes are COPPED!
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