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so do I get an SF-approval for the brown color?
what do you think? think the brown color will look good with jeans or khaki chinos?
aren't w+h chinos a bit too baggy?
I really want to get either APC new standards or 3ixteens, but I don't know what size to get. My size in Levi's 511 (the selvedge ones) is 34. size 33 is quite tight! so if I'm a size 34 in levis 511 should I get the same in the APC / 3ixteen?
Please take a look at this pic of me wearing a Lands end canvas washed oxford. Left pic if with sleeves rolled up, and right pic is with sleeves unbuttoned. I don't know if it is too big for me. It is a size medium and I'm 5'8. I usually keep my shirts untucked. Is this too big? and if so will the shirt shrink when I wash it? Please let me know!
Hi, sorry for the noob questions lately but I'm trying to learn! I also used the search but could not find specific info regarding my question: I went to the Blue in Green soho store and tried on a few of their brand chinos. The staff there told me that they are raw chinos that are supposed to shrink. I only thought that was the case with denim. In that case, should I buy one size up in the chinos?
Would you guys prefer the new Player's shoe in chocolate suede over the Quinton for wearing with jeans, and light khaki chinos? I can't decide friends! Help me choose the perfect suede shoe for casual khaki pants etc. Btw I'm 26 if that helps.
What are your opinions on the Allen Edmonds Quinton in brown suede? Is that a good shoe for wearing casually with khaki chinos? TIA
Oh I completely understand now! sorry about that. /thread
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