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i'll start first bros. doesn't have to be expensive shit. OCBD - BoO, Gitman Bros, J.Press, BBBF, J.Crew, Uniqlo, w+g Chinos - unis, Epaulet, Billy Reid, Saturdays, Denim - APC, Strike Gold, samurai, Dior, 3sixteen Boots - Red Wing, Wolverine, Ksubi Simmonds Wingtip - EG, Alden, G&G, AE Polo Shirt - RL, Rugby, BB Dress Shirt - BB, Charles Tyrwhitt Suit - Tom Ford, COMME des GARCON, Raf Simons, Burberry Sneaker - Y3, Supra, Adidas better Sneaker - Lanvin, MMM Casual...
thanks. if i'm a 34 in the selvedge levis 511 what size should i get for the n&f??
Where can I find and try on Naked & famous jeans in nyc? Any stores like Barneys or Bloomingdales?
what is the dude wearing on his feet in all those lil animated fit pics on the landing page? has a white sole. kind of interesting. pics here:
they are ic! berlin. what do you think of the lines, frames, etc? you know i need your sf-approval.
i should be cool with jet. he's a persian bro and i'm a syrian jew from israel. i see what you're saying and i've decided to return them once they arrive. that is why i'm here to learn!
i'll effing return them then.
oh man, i can tell you alot about these things. they completely saved me off cigs.. was a pack a day smoker (marlbro lights). i started with the crappy mall onces but then after finding out ECF (a ecig forum - google that shit) i got into the mods and all that good stuff. i can highly recommend you get the "Joye Ego" or the newer version of that. Janty or Joye. Janty is the same thing, just slightly more expensive. You get the PV (which is your ecig) and you use either a...
mo info pls? how could brown look bad with chinos or jeans? these: btw i purposely posted this in street wear bros so don't get at me about the cheap sneakers business.. :/
wtf??? explain. i want to learn! i like to wear NBs with jeans, at my age it looks OK .. I'm just asking about the color.
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