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As a noob i would really like to educate myself on the topic of suits, and tailored blazers, etc. i'm looking for how-to or sites that teach me the basics of matching ties / dress shirts / socks / pocket squares with a suit, what proper fit on a suit SHOULD look like, what to look for in terms of quality , different cuts, etc. and all the basic stuff I need to know. The artofmanliness site is not bad, I'm quite sure there are many more out there so if you wouldn't mind...
are there any other sites like tailorstore and moderntailor?
do you guys know of a site similar to tailorstore or shirtsmyway that specializes in making OCBD (oxford collar button down) sport shirts with a slim fit? most of the sites look they mostly do dress shirts. i'm hoping to find a service that can make a shirt similar in gabric, style and feel to gitman bros vintage.
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Rather generic survey. so what would you...
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches ill help you out. sf is not a brand centric place. yes most peoples wardrobes here are prob filled with brand name stuff (and some bespoke) but its not the main focus. the concern is more with what fits you better and compliments your style more. so for most even if a person here was all about zegna per se, if an isaia item fit better, they would most likely get it. not to mention a lot of people here get stuff that...
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy meh, don't care about limiting myself to brands, but I could probably get an entire wardrobe from RL. i wish their shirts were a bit slimmer. come on, my friends .. have a go at this. i'm a noob here and learning what brands you all appreciate would really help me with my choices when i shop!
damn, when Man of Lint says /thread that makes it official i see!
you're right.
i think mostly the olds of SF are paying attention to this. us under 30 don't givafuk. edit: much love to the olds btw
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