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Site works like a breeze here. No slowness for me. I much prefer this layout.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Let's not forget one thing, this is a web forum and like everything on the web it is virtual. I have never met anybody who posts on this forum and I probably will never meet anybody. For all I know and for all I care, they might not be real people, just virtual characters. Just as when you enter a chat room, the players (depending on one's preference) "buxom young blonde" or "hot stud" might not be who or what...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy me and my friends are watching this thread crosery! haha, i truly wonder if asians find that pic offensive or funny.
Quote: Originally Posted by chiggah Hi mauro if you can do something like this At a lower price point say $100, ill jump on it I'm after something slim tapered +1 Mauro, please have something that fits like unis' chinos / pants, with a better price though you will have my loyalty for life!
^ smell troll? hilarious post though. mr. bigg is trolling because he's bitter and angry he can't afford clothes and shoes. lol. so he takes it out on us.
How are Howard Yount pants fitting? Are they slim or a bit more relaxed / loose?
send the man some watermelon to make up for your tasteless remarks.
I'm looking for a nyc tailor that is good with getting that slimmer (slightly shorter) more modern suit look similar to our own Get Smart's (thickasthieves) fits. any recommendations? I'm mostly looking for any good tailor recommendation that is located very close to or in the west village. Thanks in advance!
wow! Still nothing from Reevolving!
if I'm 34 in levi's 511 what size should i get in new standards?
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