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I emailed them and got this response: [[SPOILER]] I couldn't find the shoe they are talking about on the doc martens site. Can anyone help a brother find this shoe?
Man, do you really LIVE like that? wow.
To those who are complaining about the pages and forum loading slow and taking forever try this: Just a few tweaks to your about:config settings and things work much much faster. Really worked for me.
kiton is in the mafia, no?
JEROME your list is silly. but if i had to answer i'd say the overly branded LV / GUCCI items.
kiton has been MIA for a whole month! did he ever reveal how he was able to afford all that crap shit?
If I plan to wear the APC NS like 2 times a week and not all the time, since I won't be wearing them that much would I still need to size down or get what fits best on first wear?
Does anyone here have experience with Slate in west village? (
rebirthing an old thread here. I tried to search for the answers but could not find a thread that has this specific question. Do sport / casual /oxford shirts require hand pressing?
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