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will these be in the nyc Uniqlo store too?
Don't you guys think the gingham pattern - the squares - are too big making the shirt too bold? I hate bold.
I need your help SF friends. I'll use this thread to ask for a quick Yes or No regarding my purchases. I just need a quick answer if you approve or don't. - what do you think? is what whodini recommends in the Denim 101 thread.
Meh. Reading through the thread now.
Thanks, but that is quite a long thread, do you remember any of the brands / styles he suggested?
I'm looking for jeans that stay the same color as APC New Standards even after a few washes. So I am guessing that is a non-raw denim.. budget is $100-250. What are some brands you recommend?
Point collar.
Does this edmorel chap still sell pants on ebay? link pls. what do you guys think?
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