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I'm looking for jeans that for the most part stays the same color as APC New Standards or Momotaro even after a few months. So jeans that don't fade or fade veryyy slow.. budget is $80-250. What are some brands you recommend?
I want SOME NON-RAW - RAW LOOKING JEANS DAMNIT. Jeans that stay RAW and DARK looking. Is Levis 511 Rigid my best bet?
If I am a size 34 in levis and 32 in brand new apc new standards what is my size for Naked & Famous?
Quick question about inseam and jeans. I like my jeans to have this the bundled up look like this: so if my measured inseam from bottom of crotch to the floor is 30, do I get jeans with inseam of 30 or 32 for this kind of look?
HEY. which one? 1) 2) show love to the noob and answer me, damnit.
green or brown lens?
I need to decide between these 2 colors for a pair of sunglasses. Which would you get? If you don't like the sunglasses that's cool .. just let me know which color frames you like better.. 1) gunmetal frame / green-grey lens 2) gunmetal frame / brown gradient lens I'm in mid 20s, black hair, light olive skin if that helps your decision..
Stu, I just have to revive this thread to tell you the above post is excellent, and thank you so much for sharing this helpful wealth of information. If you're still around may I ask if you can please recommend to me a drycleaner in the NYC (Manhattan) area? According to my forum research, the top 3 here are supposedly Jeeves, Hallak, and Madam Paulette. Do they offer the healthy garment care and proper cleaning methods (ie, using siloxane) that you talk about? Since...
Well I tried slate nyc for myself. The whole experience was sucky.
When will the panta site ( actually list their products for sale? I see the site has remained unfinished for a long time. ie; Can't order any shirts of trousers because they are simply not listed. Anyone know when we should be able to order from the site?
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