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And you still receive shoddy customer service? I've found them rather difficult to deal with through email, but I assumed it would get better with more time/orders (being treated as a "regular"). I wasn't all that thrilled with my first commission, but have really, really liked my subsequent orders in terms of product but its been like pulling teeth when dealing with them between tour stops.
Just curious, how many chans did you end up commissioning?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington What an embarrassing game for the Canucks. Strong +1 I didn't see anything positive come out of this game.
Nucks pretty much lost every battle and were man handled. I think they gave up after the first three goals (the first two which were lucky bounces). They given boston hope again. 8 goals against.....2 short handed goals.....a completely ineffective powerplay.... It was embarrassing to be a nucks fan yesterday.
Quote: Originally Posted by linds_15 I'm not saying I believe Queen's is the absolute best. Just that I want to know what justification he has for saying it was laughable in the first place. Obviously it was in the top ten for a reason. I'm not trying to argue, just want him to backup a point I don't undetand. I apologize for using the term laughable as it may have ruffled a few feathers. Queens is a great program, that has produced great...
Thank you. I did notice the difference. UBC grad here Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri Yes. I've also talked to admission staff. While schools obviously differ and I can't say for certain all schools do adjust, some schools show similar sentiment. Example: Canada: To be considered for a place on a postgraduate programme we require a bachelor's degree with average marks of 77% overall...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri If you went to a Canadian Uni, some admission committees will add some amount (0.2 to 0.5 iirc) to your GPA due to relative grade deflation in Canadian schools. Edit: Might be more accurate to say they lower the GPA requirements rather than add to your GPA. Was this your experience?
Okay, so I went back to my university student center and have calculated my official GPA (my last post was based on memory). Overall: 3.3 Last two: 3.7 My overall is still on the low side. Will these numbers haunt me?
Thanks for the info guys! Sounds like I will likely have an uphill battle which just means I need to really hit the GMAT out of the park and really think about my application. Cheers,
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 What is your final cumulative GPA? 3.0 overall, 3.85 in final two.
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