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I want to DOUBLE SOLE my 1000 Mile Boots - has anyone done it before?
^ Gus....no pictures of what was for sale or on display at any of these events??
I have similar measurement and I ordered a Large yesterday so haven't received it yet to tell if this is slim fitting or not
anybody buy the indigo striped chambray shirt? it says it's faded in the description but the picture doesn't seem like it is it as nice as it looks?
I bought one of the navy cotton deck vests and am going to dress it up a bit by adding two copper rivets (like this) to the top of both bottom pockets and then change out the buttons to the Bucksaw Logger antique brass/copper buttons which look really vintage in person supposedly the metal naval clips at the sides of the vest (can't see them in the pic but they are there) are painted black over brass or copper, so I'm going to see if the paint can be buffed off to show...
yes, you will have to reapply depending on use, just like with the petroelum based wxes from Barbour and the like, but Otter wax is far easier and cleaner to apply and maintain than the others and it's natural and won't smell like you washed them in a chemical bath
^ I think Obenauf's is too oily, Zissou try Otter Wax, it's great
here's what Dunderoon did to distress a suede jacket using Otter Wax: http://www.coolhunting.com/style/hhi-dunderdon-welders-jacket.php/ mentions Otter Wax here: http://shop.hammarhead.com/products/hhi-welders-jacket Jack Knife Outfitters blog mentions using Otter Wax to wax their duck canvas worker jacket and vests: http://jackknifeoutfitters.tumblr.com/
the best way to do this is Otter Wax, which has only been around a couple of years, and is fantastic (and all natural) tutorials here: http://www.otterwax.com/tutorials/ I even used Otter Wax to distress a suede cafe racer and it came out great...just don't use to much for distressing purposes on suede (but more if you want it to waterproof something like boots) Jack Knife Outfitters and Dunderoon and many others are now using it for distressing suede jackets and duck...
New Posts  All Forums: