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Thanks guys, but the Dugdale is brown and cream as opposed to brown and black Dugdale swatch: I'm hoping for something darker, like this: 1 Dugdale's is more like this:
can anyone recommend a fabric book where I can find a worsted version of a brown houndstooth (heavier weight) like the one in the picture?
^ dopey....what fabric supplier has the cream w/ brown graph for shirting, if you may recall? I'd love one like that made
p.s. nice example of barleycorn jacket on Caccioppoli's tumblr: http://caccioppoli1920.tumblr.com/post/42580895545/lnsee-orazio-luciano-x-caccioppoli-tweed-lots
^Trini, took it off Wellwornwell.tumblr which is one of you guy's (yours?) would love to see the entire jacket if it's yours
made the decision to go with the pea coat, it will get the most use...and will post pics when it's completed. This picture helped convince me
Quick question since we have so many pictures of the LL herringbone tweed put up hereI have 2.5 metres of it and was going to have a pea coat made, but when I saw this car coat picture (spolier pic #1), thought that the herringbone might best be used for it instead, with a brown Donegal replacing it for the pea coatI live in northern CA (SF) so longer coats are too warm. I'm leaning toward the car coat as seen in the first picture and then getting a Marling & Evans Donegal...
Gianni, You should offer more 'conservative' ties like these for those of us who dress down for work, and post them on your web site. Also, when are you going to offer pocket squares? These are beautiful...and extremely soporific. Bella! Bella!
on another note, has anybody run across a charcoal worsted wool with 1inch or wider brown or rust stripe like this one and if so, which maker and/or book?
a picture of the Bookster sourced Taransay herringbone Harris Tweed from 2 yrs ago (made into a vest, hence the buttons) sitting on top of the recently released London Lounge Lovate Shetland wide herringbone (brown) tweed for FW 2013 on the left to the naked eye, the Taransay is more brown/rust with olive undertones, giving it a 3D effect that can't be captured effectively by my camera. In the picture below, it appears more 'olive' than it is in real life. In real life...
New Posts  All Forums: