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he really disappeared - Tumblr is gone and so are the pictures
quick question on fabric lengths to order: I want to have a 3/4 length overcoat made, hitting between the kneecap and waist I'm a suit size 42 regular would 3.25 yards work if the fabric has no pattern to match and it's a simple single button coat (not double breasted)?
* Taper your jacket sleeves, too, when going bespoke - So many posters on SF show up with very expensive suits and jackets with perfectly fitted shoulders, torso's and pants but jackets where the tailor attached a 'standard' ill fitting sleeves.Especially the circumference of the cuff opening. The same applies to bespoke shirts. Ill fitting sleeves are the telltale sign of RTW, so don't make your bespoke suit look like it * Jacket length - err on side of a little short...
these group buys would be a lot easier for the cloth companies if there was only one or two options for length, rather than 20 or 30 random individual lengths 5 yards for suits, 3 yards for jackets and the cost of the extra cloth is the tarriff we incur for participating and making it easy for them to cut one standard size the other thing we could do as buyers is have the sections mailed in one shipment to the main organizer, who then parcels out the individual sections...
Thanks guys, but the Dugdale is brown and cream as opposed to brown and black Dugdale swatch: I'm hoping for something darker, like this: 1 Dugdale's is more like this:
can anyone recommend a fabric book where I can find a worsted version of a brown houndstooth (heavier weight) like the one in the picture?
^ dopey....what fabric supplier has the cream w/ brown graph for shirting, if you may recall? I'd love one like that made
p.s. nice example of barleycorn jacket on Caccioppoli's tumblr:
^Trini, took it off Wellwornwell.tumblr which is one of you guy's (yours?) would love to see the entire jacket if it's yours
made the decision to go with the pea coat, it will get the most use...and will post pics when it's completed. This picture helped convince me
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