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^ it has nothing to do with Al's.... it's the bespoke process applied to Streetwear & Denim what in God's name do you think the design department at RRL does all day???? if you've been buying RRL for years at some point your taste evolves and they run out of iterations for the same themes, so an intelligent person supplements what you get from them that's the point
I find 25% very appealing (and new) each season.... of the rest, 40% repeats of the same theme whether it's the ICON stuff or 100th iteration of workwear - it's all still nice, but if you've been buying RRL for years there is no need to add an additional piece that's as expensive as they are with only marginally different details. Wearing in the pieces you already have is a better strategy because they all look better worn-in anyway.Of the rest, 25% is very, very...
^LA Guy, have you ever tried to contact RRL for an interview?
for those of you who want close-up pictures of RRL pieces, there are several Japanese retailers that post their own pictures taken from several angles so you can see the details front and back nice to see the Limited Edition stuff, too worth bookmarking:
you are like a drug addict who resells drugs to other druggies to afford his habit then criticizes the other druggies for buying from himmake sure to go hit the RL outlets this weekend to resell on eBay, because that's what everybody who can 'afford' RRL does I'm sure, right? RIGHT???
I can't afford RRL? LOL!I won't even dignify that with an answerthe reason I bought the W&C shirt was because RRL hasn't offered anything in that color, in that weight for the past 10 yrsit's unique, it works with all my other RRL stuff just like Mister Freedom items I own do or Freewheelers or Risging Sun or the stuff I have Al's Attire make for meDUH!!!!!imagine, W&B sourced a better and different fabric than RRL! IMAGINE!!!?? OMG! my brain explodedQUESTION: who would...
and when Ralph decides next spring that his new theme is Haight Ashbury Bohemian, I'm sure you'll be first in lineor The Village Peoplewhatever Ralph sends from on high, you'll buyPAVLOV'S DOG of FASHION
RRL_Clothing, you are a complete nut jobOH! the I-R-O-N-Y in your going to outlets to resell RRL on eBay and then telling this board we can't afford RRLLOL
you imbecile, I own HUNDREDS of pieces of RRL but as the years have gone by, so many of them are becoming REPEATS or simple derivatives of one another (oh my, another wabash vest, with different pockets! RRL_Clothing must have it!) nobody has done Brown Wabash so I sourced it myself and it's awesome and one of a kind nobody had real authentic old fashioned wide herringbone tweed except for London Lounge who commissioned it as a small run in Scotland, so I got that and...
please buy yourself a clue...PLEASE
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