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he wears lots of RRL all the time
^ one way to differentiate themselves aside from their already amazing examples would be to change the game for traveling tailors and instead of coming and taking measurements-only like most do and then doing second fittings 6-12 mths later, how about this: * it would be great if they could come to the US with a cutter and make muslin mock up's to take home and cut paper and/or cloth patterns out of based on real second and third fittings accomplished during their stay...
the silhouette's they create and that you see on their blog are really nice - Neapolitan cut on the jackets with higher waisted (and slim/tapered) trousers -nice combination http://bntailor.tumblr.com/archive
bump so Bostonians will see the notice and possibly attend and take pics
the Louis Fall Preview event is this week...would be great if anybody attending would post photo's, esp of Kiton, Belvest and Sartoria Partenopea from their email today: Others may try, but none measure up. Come see for yourself. On Friday, May 16th and Saturday, May 17th, Louis Boston will host two great days for men…again. Since 1996, long before “Made to Measure” became a “thing,” we have been pulling out all the stops to create events that bring the makers of...
^ how many fittings did you do, Cantabrigian? was it buckling like this then at those fittings and nobody caught it? it appears like you may have lost girth/weight?
wanted to pass along a good experience with the Harris Tweed people at www.harristweedandknitwear.co.uk I picked up a coat length of what they list as cloth #227 that both InTweed and Huddersfield sell as cloth #8193 the price was almost half (£35.00) of what the other two were charging ( £68.00), and I obtained swatches from all three to verify that it's the same one it's being turned into a camel coat alternative, inspired by this Sartorialist post note: their...
those that attend, could you please post photo's in this thread Fri/Sat May 16th & 17th Hours 11-7 on Friday; 11-4 on Saturday RSVP by May 15th to events@LouisBoston.com
RL out-of-stock online inventory now being routed to stores for fullfillment interesting RRL experience today: ordered a pair of pants online during the pre-sale, and ended up receiving the dreaded out of stock email a day later (this morning) Got a call from an RL store to my home number today saying RL Online called the store asking them to call me and fullfill my order from their store inventory always wondered why they hadn't made that connection in the past but...
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