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please buy yourself a clue...PLEASEhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/290341/bespoke-with-als-attire-in-san-francisco/30#post_6443998
^ and back in 1993 with only Ralph around, you would have been right how's your PalmPilot holding up? I like my iPhone instead, just me
RRL_Clothing, you really need your head examined nobody else can copy vintage workwear, only RL??? it's really hard to sew cotton and wool in China or look up old photos Rising Sun, Freewheelers, Mister Freedom, John Lofgren, Ironheart, Buzz Rickson, Sugar Cane, Sunny Sports, Wallace & Barnes, Stevenson, Real McCoys, and all the Japanese repro companies etc, etc, etc Ralph's the only guy to give your money to because he decides what YOU wear - are you that...
Blaster - he's a sad individual (RRL_Clothing)the point was to watch the evolution of Wallace & Barnes because some of their stuff is as good or better than RRL, and they're positioning it now as a direct competitor
PSA, this Wallace & Barnes shirt at JCrew is really amazing (almost more RRL than RRL) and now going for a firesale price in size Medium and X-small it's super thick cotton (think 1920's thick and thicker than any RRL I've ever seen), the color is really unique and vintage brown looking in person 30% off $49 price now with code shown = $35 (!) the fit is a bit tricky....fits TTS everywhere but waist (will need to be darted). Not slim fitting like RRL, more of a standard...
I rarely shop at JCrew but this sweater from their Wallace & Barnes higher end line was simply awesome when I received it (esp at the sale price of $120) very heavy Donegal wool from Ireland in grey with brown flecks and nice detailing throughout it's sold out online but might still be around in stores very RRL-like
Ok, Dmagic, Thx so much
Dmagic,,,,,have all the RanchWear items been posted? seems like a lot of pgs missing there Thx so much for posting these I don't know why RRL doesn't have it's own dedicated blog to show the catalog as well as close-up's of the individual items or the history behind the research behind he pieces. History would help to sell them
^ any RL store that sells RRL will have a copy to view, just ask a sales associate they don't give them out and only have 1 copy per store
is the Fall catalog available for viewing yet or is what some of you said about themes all you know so far???
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