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something (pics) one would have seen on Louis displays back in the 80's and 90's when Murray Pearlstein first started importing Kiton and Luciano Barbera earth tones and tone on tone were everywhere
for those who don't know the significance of Louis and what the owner did to bring Italian menswear designers to America, here is some history.... Murray Pearlstein; transformed Louis Boston into high fashion retailer Murray Pearlstein was known for his fashion acumen and personality. Paul Benoit for the Boston Globe By Christopher Muther Globe Staff | 04.23.13 | 12:00 AM Murray Pearlstein, the Boston retailer who transformed Louis Boston from a haberdashery and suit...
so many great memories in the 80's and 90's of Louis..... Louis Boston to close after more than 85 years Louis Boston will close its location on the South Boston waterfront in July. By Taryn Luna JANUARY 09, 2015 Boston Globe In its prime, Louis Boston was the clothing store that politicians like Ted Kennedy and Kevin White trusted to dress them in three-piece tailored suits made of fine fabrics imported from Italy. Its buyers had a knack for finding young...
Abboud has some nice wool ones this Fall and normally I would never have considered them a good source
^ btw, when it comes to chambray shirts, if you replace the typical buttons that come on those shirts with higher end mottled brown horn buttons, it turns them into something a lot nicer and more vintage looking...try it
RRL Ranch in Colorado (pictures) http://magedesign.com/rrl-colorado-ranch-field-trip/
PSA - Looks like Amazon is selling used copies of the Free & Easy 2007 issue dedicated to RRL that I posted about here http://www.styleforum.net/t/120192/the-official-rrl-thread/20955#post_7290440 they aren't cheap, but if you love RRL, you should probably grab one or share a copy with somebody else, because it's got pictures of the line back a decade and the issue is now out of print at the publisher if you read Japanese, all the better given the copious...
well, only the XS and Smalls would sell in Japan, so the larger sizes would probably still be sold in the US (I hope!)
as a PSA, there are a couple of these blue label RL corduroy vests on ebay at the moment in a very nice color of brown given the sale price, it's a good 'project' vest to tinker with if you like improving on things I got one in my size and I intend to take the back off and replace it with a darker brown linen with black thread in the weave, to make it more of a fall/winter toned vest a seamstress can do this for not much money and it will look a lot nicer imho
this is the kind of vintage coat I wish RRL would do more of (in muted earth colors like this one). A vest in the same pattern would be great as well. recent versions of Indian print coats are in very gaudy, flashy colors which aren't wearable in normal life, unlike this one I would buy one of these all day if they offered it again (this is Blue Label RL but RRL details would make it even better, with a slimmer profile)
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