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I have several and that one looks authentic
has anyone ever seen the RRL 'Leadfield" vest (or own one in size Large that they might be willing to sell)? I really like the looks of this but haver never seen it online or in stores
I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you UC.....especially since you provided the fabric had you used their in-house fabric, I'm sure they would have re-made the jacket to get it right, no? each time they ever made a mistake for me, they bent over backwards to correct it or re-do it
you're right about that,,,,,Al's estimates for deadlines are just that - estimates, and most of my projects came in later than promsied. That said, they bent over backwards to get it right, so the quality when the projects were finished was always great, so it's par for the course
a couple of projects I had Al do for me that I wanted to share (and unlike UC's experience, I was extremely happy with the results ) in the past year, Al has hired a number of young assistants and used more order automation / photographs to make sure he gets your order right and it's made a BIG difference to the end result over prior years. They now take lots of pictures not only of you but of the details you want on the garment so they don't get forgotten or missed and I...
is the sale today or Thursday?
the RL store on Fillmore St has lots of RRL
enjoy guys these are great lookbooks, the only thing that is as good as the Japanese magazines like MensEx, so take the time to go through them older years issues included as well http://www.vogue.it/en/uomo-vogue/fashion-guide
I didn't think it was you, Dave
is one of you the eBay seller "The_Denim_Vault"? if so, who?
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