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a couple of projects I had Al do for me that I wanted to share (and unlike UC's experience, I was extremely happy with the results ) in the past year, Al has hired a number of young assistants and used more order automation / photographs to make sure he gets your order right and it's made a BIG difference to the end result over prior years. They now take lots of pictures not only of you but of the details you want on the garment so they don't get forgotten or missed and I...
is the sale today or Thursday?
the RL store on Fillmore St has lots of RRL
enjoy guys these are great lookbooks, the only thing that is as good as the Japanese magazines like MensEx, so take the time to go through them older years issues included as well http://www.vogue.it/en/uomo-vogue/fashion-guide
I didn't think it was you, Dave
is one of you the eBay seller "The_Denim_Vault"? if so, who?
they sent me the swatch for the Dusk and it's very different...more of a greyish ashy color in person, not the brown/olive/rust of the Taransaybelieve me when I tell you, the Taransay is specialI'll try to take a picture of the vest I had made with it in the light tomorrow and post itthe best comparison is to put it side-by-side with a normal brown herringbone that uses only 2 yarns in the weave (standard today) versus the 4-5 yarns in the Taransayhuge difference
Thanks for the suggestion, Eustice, but I'm afraid it still very differentlook close -> the Malloy uses just two yarns - one olive and one brown - both with red Donegal flecks in themthe Taransay one I have from Bookster uses 4 or 5 yarns: one brown, one black, one rust, one olive and possibly even a 5th - another darker olive (hard to tell)
^it isn't just the color, it's the 3D effect of the weaveI want to make a country suit out of it, Manton, not a business suit (ala NOBD's herringbone country suit)Specifically, I want to give it to Mina to make a patch pocket sport coat + matching pants to wear together on weekends or as separatesre: Scabal, do you have a number for it so I can search their catalog? it's rare to find herringbone tweeds with 4 or 5 yarns used in the weave (rather than the usual 2)there is...
QUESTION: do any of you know the guy who runs Bookster (tweed-jacket.com) by any chance (his name is Peter)? last year they used to sell a brown/olive tweed called Taransay that was stunning. I ordered enough for a vest just to guage what it looked like before commiting to a larger order, was floored by what I received. When I went to order 10 metres more for a suit and a coat, it was sold out. I emailed the owner who told me that he couldn't promise that doing another...
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