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^ jrd617, the picture of Taransay online is not a real life picture, their picture is like a cartoonish characterization of the cloth to give an approximation. But that said, it does have olive yarns and rust woven into weave as I described, so doesn't sound like it will work for you in any event...since you want brown and brown alone When the light comes up, I'll still post a quick picture for others who may be interested in it, because it really is something unique (>3...
jrd617, It appears to me that each of those herringbone tweeds you posted has either 2 or 3 colored yarns in the weave. A few years ago, Bookster before they went bankrupt sourced a Harris Tweed they called Taransay, that was at least 6 yarn and possibly 7 yarn that is a brown herringbone with rust and shades of olive twisted into it. I ordered a metre just to see what it looked like in person and when it arrived I literally had chills & goosebumps,,, it was stunning....
trigger pulled olive w/rust overcheck gameskeeper tweed - 700 gram made - in Scotland (Lovat) Neapolitan patch pocket odd jacket coming
SEEKING SOURCES for (Darker) Olive POW w/ Rust overcheck wool for odd jacket??? I'm close to pulling the trigger on a vintage NOS (darker shade) olive Prince of Wales w/ rust overcheck section of cloth (90%/10% wool cashmere) to make up into an odd jacket, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a good alternative in the most recent books (Ariston? Cacciopoli? H&S, LP? C Barbera?) for those of you who have seen this combination, can you recommend mills and / books I...
subscribed, Thx T-Lama
T-Lama, their website shows $130 for an annual subscription http://therakeonline.com/subscribe.php where did you see it for the $59 you cited?
can you take a picture of the subscription card inside the Rake so that we can print it off and order a subscription
brand new Rubinacci ($125 retail) Acimboldo pocket square sky blue PayPal only for payment and please PM me to purchase, I won't be checking back to the listing
if you decide not to keep them and you got a size 33 x 34, Pm me, I might take them off your hands
I have several and that one looks authentic
New Posts  All Forums: