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Gianni, You should offer more 'conservative' ties like these for those of us who dress down for work, and post them on your web site. Also, when are you going to offer pocket squares? These are beautiful...and extremely soporific. Bella! Bella!
on another note, has anybody run across a charcoal worsted wool with 1inch or wider brown or rust stripe like this one and if so, which maker and/or book?
a picture of the Bookster sourced Taransay herringbone Harris Tweed from 2 yrs ago (made into a vest, hence the buttons) sitting on top of the recently released London Lounge Lovate Shetland wide herringbone (brown) tweed for FW 2013 on the left to the naked eye, the Taransay is more brown/rust with olive undertones, giving it a 3D effect that can't be captured effectively by my camera. In the picture below, it appears more 'olive' than it is in real life. In real life...
^ jrd617, the picture of Taransay online is not a real life picture, their picture is like a cartoonish characterization of the cloth to give an approximation. But that said, it does have olive yarns and rust woven into weave as I described, so doesn't sound like it will work for you in any event...since you want brown and brown alone When the light comes up, I'll still post a quick picture for others who may be interested in it, because it really is something unique (>3...
jrd617, It appears to me that each of those herringbone tweeds you posted has either 2 or 3 colored yarns in the weave. A few years ago, Bookster before they went bankrupt sourced a Harris Tweed they called Taransay, that was at least 6 yarn and possibly 7 yarn that is a brown herringbone with rust and shades of olive twisted into it. I ordered a metre just to see what it looked like in person and when it arrived I literally had chills & goosebumps,,, it was stunning....
trigger pulled olive w/rust overcheck gameskeeper tweed - 700 gram made - in Scotland (Lovat) Neapolitan patch pocket odd jacket coming
SEEKING SOURCES for (Darker) Olive POW w/ Rust overcheck wool for odd jacket??? I'm close to pulling the trigger on a vintage NOS (darker shade) olive Prince of Wales w/ rust overcheck section of cloth (90%/10% wool cashmere) to make up into an odd jacket, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a good alternative in the most recent books (Ariston? Cacciopoli? H&S, LP? C Barbera?) for those of you who have seen this combination, can you recommend mills and / books I...
subscribed, Thx T-Lama
T-Lama, their website shows $130 for an annual subscription http://therakeonline.com/subscribe.php where did you see it for the $59 you cited?
can you take a picture of the subscription card inside the Rake so that we can print it off and order a subscription
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