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http://www.amazon.com/Sleeveheads-Guide-Sicilian-Tailors-Maing/dp/1105411370 http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/sleeveheads-guide-to-sicilian-tailors-review/
welcome back Chips there's a guy in Italy that's doing some amazing patina work even with suede - Alexander Nurulaeff - check out his website and his videos on YouTube I love the black and brown of the Venturi boot near the bottom...might be a good goal for your boots http://www.dandyshoecare.it/ http://dandyshoecare.tumblr.com/archive
^ that's funny but trust me, had you grown up in Boston like I did and lived to see the evolution of Louis, you would know what is now missing (the void it's leaving behind) seeing Zegna and Luciano Barbera and Belvest and Kiton and Vestimenta (now gone) in the early days was special
the problem all the brick and mortar stores face is kind of like the problem wine retailers face - they have to accept a lot of bad stuff in a collection just to get the few good pieces Murray realized that and worked with the Italian houses to cater to his high standard of taste and didn't accept their junk. He had the power to say no that most don't have today. He either cherry picked the merchandise, influenced it ahead of time or picked our the fabrics himself for the...
the opposite of thatthey strayed too far from their base...the color schemes became either black monotone or Technicolor under Debi and I'm saying Murray wouldn't have gone there with any of his brandseven if the brands themselves went there, Murray would have insisted on his own picks of fabrics (olives and browns and charcoals and blues and earth tones) woven in creative ways to keep evolvingDebi went in the direction of Barney's hipster department, because Debi is a...
had Murray still been running the place, I'll bet he would have seen the changes in menswear coming and adapted better a) eg. seen the move toward softer, Neapolitan silhouettes and the serendipitous shift toward more casual dress at work and signed Boglioli, LBM, Lardini, etc to exclusive deals to win over the younger buyers who couldn't afford Kiton and Belvest and Zegna. He would have insisted on exclusive fabrics for them he chose to keep the margins and competitors...
new Rubinacci documentary being shown at Pitti trailers here: http://www.marianorubinacci.net/club/
that's what I was getting at.....her examples at the end showed no classic style whatsoeverNONE!
I think a lot can be gleaned from Debi Greenberg's post on menswear look at the arc of her story.... http://www.louisboston.com/louis-boston-where-have-all-the-icons-gone-menswear-history/
Eulogy for Louis Boston The demise of Louis heralds a new era of Boston blandification and the triumph of the ho-hum. By Rachel Slade | Bostonista | January 10, 2015 1:05 p.m. On Friday, Debi Greenberg announced that this July, she will shutter her independent retail outfit, Louis. For many of us, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Though Louis has been a fixture in the city for more than 85 years—first on Newbury Street and then in the Seaport—it’s had the stink of doom...
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