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a few weeks ago there was a 15% off kicker code to apply to RRL sale items did that expire? is there another?
is it true that the RRL store in Hong Kong will not ship to the US, so I'd need to find a proxy?
new Brioni...love the pattern and colors [img]
^ all true, but it's a bummer that Instagram pics can't be Pinned
there was a headline announcement yesterday about signing up for weekly emails for the forum and something about a Guide to Naples ? is there a link to sign up? I saw nothing anyone?
^PSG, if you can make it all the way to the bottom, you will have a big smile on your face because you like the same sorts of things I do I look at it as preserving history and keeping the good stuff before it gets deleted from the Internet
I've saved over 7,000 of the best of Tumblr / Pinterest / sartorial blogs - both classic and street / workwear on my Pinterest it includes good stuff (vintage, too) that shows up on eBay from Rubinacci, Kiton, Borrelli, G'abo, Sartoria, Attolini, Isaia and the like all saved in one place https://www.pinterest.com/i6434/sartorial/ whenever I see something good, I pin it to that site
http://www.amazon.com/Sleeveheads-Guide-Sicilian-Tailors-Maing/dp/1105411370 http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/sleeveheads-guide-to-sicilian-tailors-review/
welcome back Chips there's a guy in Italy that's doing some amazing patina work even with suede - Alexander Nurulaeff - check out his website and his videos on YouTube I love the black and brown of the Venturi boot near the bottom...might be a good goal for your boots http://www.dandyshoecare.it/ http://dandyshoecare.tumblr.com/archive
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