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BNTailor in Korea has this exclusive tweed - what a stunner!
The Strange Journey of Cary Grant’s Suits ============================================================================================== Today the clothing of celebrities goes to auction; the actor’s daughter gave away his famously stylish wardrobe without anyone realizing After his death 30 years ago, where has Cary Grant’s clothing gone? WSJ’s On Style Reporter Christina Binkley joins Tanya Rivero on Lunch Break to discuss what happened to the clothes belonging to a man...
wow....key line from WSJ story: "Smaller labels such as RRL, named for the Colorado ranch that Mr. Lauren owns with his wife, which sells selvedge denim, vintage apparel and other gear, will have to prove they are viable."
Ralph Lauren stepping aside
if anybody happens to own these RRL suspenders and doesn't use or wear them much and would like to sell them, please PM me
a few weeks ago there was a 15% off kicker code to apply to RRL sale items did that expire? is there another?
is it true that the RRL store in Hong Kong will not ship to the US, so I'd need to find a proxy?
new the pattern and colors [img]
^ all true, but it's a bummer that Instagram pics can't be Pinned
there was a headline announcement yesterday about signing up for weekly emails for the forum and something about a Guide to Naples ? is there a link to sign up? I saw nothing anyone?
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