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Does anyone have any more fit pics they could upload or take? Im trying to decide if they are too bulky before the 10% deal passes. I'd just be wearing them as a casual boot for the fall/winter. This fit pic supposedly shows the boot but could it be the water proof version? They look quite bulky PIC. Thanks for any input
Ok thanks for letting me know, thats kind of disappointing. They would be my first starter boot but I probably will want to get something of better quality. Thanks again.
What are your guys thoughts on their moc toe boots? Link In the espresso color? Would they pair well with a pretty causal out fit with jeans? and work with some chinos too? (I could get them for $80). Also any input on the button up shirts they sell are they all going to be too ill fitting and not slim fit enough? Edit: another question about the espresso color is it unattractive? The black seem to look better but those seem like theyd be hard to pair casually.
Hello I'm looking for some input on boots here, I am looking for some input on a boot to buy for fall/winter also a bit year round probably too. Id like to keep it around $150 or under which i understand is relatively low for any of the really high quality boots people normally go for. I have been considering two options this chippewa 6" boot PIC or either the ll bean katahdin engineer boot PIC. I plan on wearing these with dark slim/straight fit jeans and some chinos....
I have a question about boots. Ive been considering the LL Bean Katahdin Engineer work boots PIC they are at the top of my price range at around 150. Also i have seen another possible option the Eastand High Fidelity boot PIC. Are either of these fashionable and attractive in your opinions ( i would just be wearing them with dark jeans and maybe chinos) or would there be anything else you would recommend? I also understand that both are work boots, i however don't want...
I just picked up a pair of the tapue suede clarks db's is there anything i should treat them with?
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