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3-Sixteen Shadow Selvage SL size 34 - $140 shipped Also I'm open for trades sz 33 or 34 depending on the denim. I'd happily trade for a 33 SL Shadow Selvage. Im selling a pair of 3-Sixteen SL Shadow Selvage Size 34. Bought these from another SF member after they lightly wore them over a 3 week period. Minor creasing only. These just were a little big I really wished they fit! http://imgur.com/a/RNoOV
Received my Gats from Zeemon, great seller. I recommend.
I dont know what color way you're looking for but I just searched the shoe to see them and these are on sale for 65http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=23375439
Quick Question for APC Owners: I just got a pair of new standards which I sized down 1. The fit is spot on every where. The waist right now I could button and is tight, not like super constricting tight though. If I wear a belt should I be fine and the waist wont stretch out too much? Just trying to get some input from someone with experience with this denim regarding my particular situation. Thanks
Dropped $90--->$80 The Price includes shipping in the CONUS. Buyer adds 4% for PayPal fees or sends payment as a gift. Contact me should you have any questions. I'm selling a pair of barely worn Ray-Ban tech series sun glasses. Gunmetal frames with brown gradient lenses. They were purchased new by me and have been barely worn maybe an hour or two total. They are in like new condition, no scratches or anything on the lenses and have always been kept in the case...
Dropped: $105-->$95 The Price includes shipping in the CONUS. Buyer adds 4% for PayPal fees or sends payment as a gift. Contact me should you have any questions. I've only worn these jeans seven or eight times. The tapered fit just Isn't for me. Jeans are in very good condition. No pocket/wallet fade. Whiskers and combs are present a bit but nothing major. (Pics included) Slight right leg twist. Product link:...
waist is 17.5in (aligned)
I have for sale a pair of size 33 Naked and Famous Tweed fill selvedge Weird Guys . They have only been worn twice and are still in very much new condition. I have taken the tags off but still have them if you would like them included. I decided that the fit was a little tight for me so I figured id let them go and size up on another pair. Stock picture provided. I can provide actual pictures later upon request as I don't have a chance to take pictures right now. Buyer...
Anyone know if they should stretch like the other models such as indigo and left hand twill? Trying to make sure sizing down 2 is the right call.
Anyone have the twill fill selvage weird guys? Do they stretch like the other weird guys? Does the tweed fill make the pants significantly warmer? Thanks edit: also is sizing for slim guys same as weird guys 2 down? Thanks i looked through a good number of pages and didnt see anything about that
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