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ssense has some further drops on some items. not a ton left, but i picked up the wildly egregious blue multi-panel raf sneakers for $222 shipped.
pretty much my mindset as well. i have a pretty damn slim neck (15" on most dress shirts), but i still think it works. i just wore a u neck underneath and it was all good. but yes, a traditional T will show up top and look weird imo. i don't have any experience with JE's tanks personally, but i think they would look fine and still provide the layered look.
i didn't size up. got a medium, which based on the measurements should fit (and it does fit well tbh). if i had sized up, the neck opening would have been way too are a couple fit pics just to show how big the neck opening is. it's not enormous, but it's definitely wider than a normal crew. (sorry the pics aren't too great, it was hard to just take pics of the neck based on the mirrors in my apartment and my phone camera). hope this helps.
Agreed. The site images make it look like a normal crew neck. I'll probably end up keeping the one i picked up as it doesn't bother me much, but just a fair shout for people out there considering it.
Anyone have any idea if/when thecorner will do another drop? Got a couple things at 50% off I'd love to drop further.
Run of The Mill scotch grain double monks with "Frankenstein" Vibram lug sole. Size 11. In great condition. You can still see the logo under the heel. Soles barely worn. The only noticeable wear is on the straps as they're slightly stretched from use. They're a beautiful, rich brownish-burgundy color. Leather uppers still in great shape as I gave them a coat of conditioner just about a month ago. They're just a bit too big for me, and I've been lying to myself about that...
A couple items posted today. Two Run of The Mill pieces (shoes and shirt) and a NWOT Graham Withers tie.
There's not much you can do about the shoulders being too big though, that's the one area of a suit that a tailor can't help you. I'd definitely agree that it's a fine work suit, no problem there. Your route on the stomach seems fine and the alterations shouldn't run you more than $100 USD. I got most of the same things done to my suit and it was roughly that.Good luck.
Just checking in to say that this thread is fire. I've loved every set of shoes posted so far. Those two-tone brogues on page 3 are money.
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