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Leather party?
The origin of boxing gloves and that they exist to protect hands is not mutually exclusive with anything I said. Maybe they'd have to be stopped for broken hands, or maybe because of cuts, but the point is that instead of faster fights guys get hit over and over and over again in the head, and that over the long term a few too many neurons die. All I was pointing out was that it's probably wasn't the occasional big shot that gets through, but the thousands of lower power...
Yep. I read an article on that years ago. The high frequency of hits, and not just direct to the head, really does a lot of damage over time. It's easy to translate that to boxing or mma. I wouldn't be at all surprised that if you averaged the hits to the head in mma vs boxing, they'd be far lower in mma.
It's pathetic that you can't get over your little e-grudge and feel a constant need to go out of your way to make these sorts of comments any time I post anything or even completely unprovoked. Since you're one of the first to whine about the lack of substantive posting and comment about how shitty a poster other people are, why don't you make an effort to grow up?
If they're captured, the men will have it easy compared to the women. Instead of just a beating/torture I wouldn't be surprised to see them brutally raped. I could just see captured female soldiers being used to service a battalion of enemy Taliban/whatever before the inevitable stoning on camera. If they're cool with that and can meet the physical demands of soldiering then more power to them.
This is amazing to me. There's a good article on arstechnica about how the FBI dropped the ball on the Fort Hood shooting, largely because their disconnected databases are a huge clusterfuck.http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2012/07/how-fbi-technology-woes-let-fort-hood-shooter-slip-by/
I think that the real reason is that the gloves allow the fight to go on much longer. Without gloves you'd break the skin far earlier, there'd be blood everywhere and they'd have to stop the fight. With gloves the fights can go on and on and and instead of dozens you take hundreds of punches (or whatever the numbers are).
I'm sorry.
If you're deliberately creating the waste to boost profit ay the expense of someone else, how is that not *something* beyond just waste? Waste is unintentional or a sometimes necessary part of production or other activity but when it is deliberate to enrich one party at the expense of an other? Ultimately they are robbing the gov't and tax payers...
I've never seen that before in my life. I have 3 copies of windows 8. Details on what you bought where?
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