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Would you take $165 shipped?
REDUCED TO $700 Up for sale is a never worn Oxxford Pure Escorial Suit marked 42R. I purchased this suit 10 yrs ago and never wore it. I bought it when the Filines store in my area was going out of business. It is new condition however it appears that the bottoms of the pants had been altered and then let back out again. There is an ink or die stain in on of the inside pockets (see pictures). It appears this may have been caused by a store sensor that exploded within...
What would a Oxxford Escorial suit sell for?
Is this jacket real suede leather?
I recently found a top coat at a thrift store that is in excellent condition .The label reads Diamond and Company Philadelphia It is 85% Cashmere 15% Vicuna I was wondering if anyone has heard of this store and if this coat was a good find?
I would also like to purchase tie number 7 the Battisti tie for $20
I would like to purchase tie number 9 the 7 fold kiton for $20
Are these shoes made in Italy?
I am interested in the Charvet pink/black crosses and the Charvet blue dots ties 4&5 .Would you take $60.00 for both total?
My address is Anthony Puglese, 18 Pickens Court, Baltimore,Maryland 21236
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