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Not bespoke in the sense that the last is my own last, although that last is be spoken by me, and also the outsole is not stitching by hands, therefore I don't classified it fully "bespoke"However, it is not standard MTO either, because I can choose whatever style and details and this is my own last. MTO also don't have that lovely shoe tree MTO come with 3pcs tree
Go to his showroom in Wanchai, Hongkong, or trunk show in Bangkok, Singapore, Taiwan, Mainland China and Japan, or send him a email
I think Masaru now doing the blind welt at the waist on his MTO, similar to the G&G deco
Haha, both Mr. So & Mr. Okuyama are good friends of mine ma
Haha, is your group 5 pals total?
I think so
Blind welt mean? I can't sure what you said is what I understand.Anyway, his MTO sole now more or less look like G&G deco sole
HKD 15k, little bit less than USD 2k
Yes! Go to check it out! But I think he just has two different lasts that you can choose though
I bought the end lots of Rangoon and Airborne too ( They were less than GBP20/m back then!! ), I think I still have fews metres left. I have two Rangoon and two Airborne suits made, I would said Rangoon drape much much much better than the Airborne.
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