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Oops, I mixed it up, I bought the 300g not 370g, sorry
I think I bought out all their stock of 370g mid grey and French navy, they won't be available till Nov.
I do the shrinkage by myself since I know many except two or three shirtmakers in HK do shrinkage. Even AC said they did, but I still experience quite a lot shrinkage from their shirts.It is also a easy job, just put in to washing machine then drying machine, then iron it flat.BTW, I normally just bought 1.7yds, and I got some left returned and save it for later collar and cuffs exchange. I think more then 2yds is just wasted and go all the way on the floor, if the...
May I ask a stupid question, their standard width is E, right? I'm getting old
I think BS estimate time may be true for normal bespoke maker in England. But I saw Japanese maker used much more time on last making, fitting, and remaking, and closing.They also used a much more time on bottom making and finishing.
Haha, yes, I agreed with you. Some of them are real craftmen, but not businessmen!
I visited them last year.The idea is good, however, I don't think their craftmanship is up to par. They are at the "low end" of the HK tailoring market, the technque they are using is cantonese factory model, you can find this kinds of workshops charging much less in TST.The tailors there also don't want to do what the customer asked, they are just comfortable to do what they are doing.Of course, it is only my point of view:fence:Go to take a snap of the under lapel of the...
Are u a fool?Go to edit your previous post ah!Delete those repeated content.
But you still didn't edit the post!
hey man, edit your post!you don't need to quote a post three times to comment just a few words!
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