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I think Masaru now doing the blind welt at the waist on his MTO, similar to the G&G deco
Haha, both Mr. So & Mr. Okuyama are good friends of mine ma
Haha, is your group 5 pals total?
I think so
Blind welt mean? I can't sure what you said is what I understand.Anyway, his MTO sole now more or less look like G&G deco sole
HKD 15k, little bit less than USD 2k
Yes! Go to check it out! But I think he just has two different lasts that you can choose though
I bought the end lots of Rangoon and Airborne too ( They were less than GBP20/m back then!! ), I think I still have fews metres left. I have two Rangoon and two Airborne suits made, I would said Rangoon drape much much much better than the Airborne.
It is Mr. Okuyama own cast, I think he was a jewelry designer before entering shoemaking business.
Finally, I got my shoes from the best shoemaker in Hong Kong, Mr. Masaru Okuyama! This is a very special project, which is neither "fully bespoke," nor MTO. A pair of whole cut single monk made on my own last with sterling silver buckle, handwelted, machine sewn out sole. Photo Credit: Marlow So & Masaru Okuyama From what I see, I think Mr. Okuyama MTO is one of the best value in the market. I have few pairs of G&G MTO, I will say Okuyama San shoes are much better...
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