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Thanks anyway, Brendon.FYI, QX is cheaper than QZ by 27%
Good! When will in ready?Coffee after Easter, OK?
What is your opinion on QX?
Hi Kolecho,The price for rerun is really good! Of course it is not as good as their closed out sale, but still a steal!The shipping is from UK, Italy or HK? If I can pick it up at HK without shipping, I will be in!
which one you are talkling about? Fox khakee is just 200gms, but I don't know why, it is thicker than my Mersolair which is 365gms IIRC.
Yea, may be too general.Yes, if you are looking for softer structure, hand padded is much perferred. But if you are looking for the harder side, then machine and hand padded made not much difference.I remeber Jeff has an article about that on his blog, and it also was my personal experience
I machine wash them.Btw, Mersolair has many color, that is really good, but if your just want simply khakis, try fox khakee, they are really good!
I think Grand may be a better choice than Lai if you like "hard" bristish style. Actually, the machine sewn canvas is harder than hand padded, so I don't think it is the cause of your suit problem. I think it look more like the canvas and the front cut has a little "mismatch" it make the front can't stay flat.
wow, I am luck that i stock up some buttons at a cheaper price, but the fx rate back then was
haha, I think it is just personal preference.in fact, 4 holes and 2 holes are at the same price!
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