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I don't even know that you bought my special run
13/14 oz woollen
oops, what happened? Do you need any help?You got 4m, so I am pretty sure you bought enough.
Are you calling me? Actually, I still have 11m of this special run on hand
I never saw Tony in shop
Those suits look better than the GY and YWY you posted, but I am thinking it is mostly due to the fabrics you used, the fresco and tweed has more drape, and more forgiving for tailoring.The pants look great though except the buckles, ask Car to get better looking buckles in SSP, please.The back is not clear in both jackets, but I don't know is it due to your standing posture or other reason.
You are return customer, then why 3 shirts minimum?
I think Caccioppoli has an agent in HK.
haha, you can use the search to find out yourself.I will say his comment is just "sour grape".
Never heard of.
New Posts  All Forums: