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My new unfunded liabilities
Yes, I do find a sub for my shirtmaking, but it has it shortcoming. The major one is time, now it take one to two months to get my shirt made, compare to AC it just take a week, or even three days.But the good thing is, it is more than 50% less compare to ordered the same shirting at AC. For the high end shirting like Alumo it is just about 1/3 price.Quality and craftmanship? I would said about 95% of AC. The only thing I miss of AC is the hand monogram.
I didn't judge them. It is free market.I can understand their thinking, but not that I will agree with them.Other shops in Hong Kong also facing the same labor and real estate cost, but their price don't rise up as much as AC or Chan.
As a twenty years customer of AC, I am very sad to said that I have to give it up. The quality of their shirt is still unquestionable. However, I can't afford their price any more.It is very sad, since I can afford their shirt when I was a high school student, but not now
I'll send them to Japan for resole, sometimes they do a better job than some factories. Most of the time faster than the factory and cheaper
YYou ordered bespoke or MTO?
Haha, I should ask for commission then Just kidding. I hope you will love his work.
This pair is not silver buckles, not even mine IIRC, the buckles are gold plated.A pair of MTO almost finished.
Here is the waist of Okuyama's new MTO I think it won't classified as real blind welt.
You mean thosr arch support?I don't think so.
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