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Rip off?
However, I think it should be fair that tailor shop mark up the cloth is the norm. They act as a service provider, so they charged a service provider price. Just like you buy a lipton tea bag in the wholesale house is cheaper than supermarket, and much much cheaper when you order a cup of tea in a nice restaurant.
We all learn from experience.
Yes, that is not very long time ago. I think back to 2007, they has special offer for basic VBC below 1,000.
Sometime I don't know the forum is good or bad for us.Back to 2011, when I ordered my Fresco 533 Jacket CMT from GY, and pants from another very good pants maker in Hong Kong. It cost me just about $800.I bought my cloth directly from HFW.I don't know how much a similar suit will cost if I ordered now in house.
Anywhere, you just have to take time to search around.
My new liabilities, Scabal Majestic Super 100s, 3m for USD 154. Is it a good deal?
The pants look great!
The shoulder and padding still look too much, the back still not good at all.
Are you using a wide angle camera? the second Chan photo is close to the pose you want.
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