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So, if I order 2pcs suit, what is the advantage then?
I just report back what my friends told me.Since he still has suit in Sifu hands and not complete for months.Yea, DB is very busy whenever I pop in
Hahaha, I think i know who PM you. I talk to Peter last week, but he said that Sifu didn't leave, he just start to take order by himself. But for what I heard from other forumer, the price is not cheap, almost same CMT price of Dream bespoke. Go to try if you want to have an experience. But mind you the turnover time is very slow from what I heard
Rip off?
However, I think it should be fair that tailor shop mark up the cloth is the norm. They act as a service provider, so they charged a service provider price. Just like you buy a lipton tea bag in the wholesale house is cheaper than supermarket, and much much cheaper when you order a cup of tea in a nice restaurant.
We all learn from experience.
Yes, that is not very long time ago. I think back to 2007, they has special offer for basic VBC below 1,000.
Sometime I don't know the forum is good or bad for us.Back to 2011, when I ordered my Fresco 533 Jacket CMT from GY, and pants from another very good pants maker in Hong Kong. It cost me just about $800.I bought my cloth directly from HFW.I don't know how much a similar suit will cost if I ordered now in house.
Anywhere, you just have to take time to search around.
My new liabilities, Scabal Majestic Super 100s, 3m for USD 154. Is it a good deal?
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