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Very good and detail report. I think most of the Hong Kong tailors can do better if you ask them to do so. Their mind set always are quick business, quick money. That is their default mode.Also they think if the client didn't ask for, why give them the best? It take more time and skill to do the work.However, if you tell them, or they know that you request the best, they will try to do their best. however, they will ask for little more $$, fair enough.I don't know is it...
Haha, Add, you may mislead pals to ask for swatch from the tailors.
Not really, more horsehair just mean more spring and more expensive
Don't remember
Car, when the trust lost, it is no use for you to repeat how many times.Put another way, they just don't believe what you said, just like no one believe what CY Leung said in Hong Kong
Car, as you said, Lai business is none of your business. So just let them talk.You should take more good care of your own business.
I think every one like a good deal. But it is up to the customer to decide which deal is the "best" for him. Some of the members are fans of WWChan or GY here. So be it. I would like to explore more options, and see their good and weak. Guys, take it easy.
I ordered it from RJW
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