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Just regular flannel in the book.The special order is being make now and hope will reach HKG before X'mas
I perfer Fox flannel over Minnis flannel. In fact I just organized a group buy of fox flannel last month in Hong Kong. 260m flannel sold out in 2 days!
Yes, it was 2008 IIRC. Time flies.
I was very lucky to stock up few metres of Minnis Rangoons before they sold out at 2008.
Yes, you actually can buy everything (almost everything) you need to make shoe on internet.Japanese grinderies stock most of the things you need for shoemaking. but normally they won't response emails that are not written in Japnese. However, they are very expensive for anything imported.I bought my Bakers sole direct from the tannery, and my friend also bought the JR sole direct from tannery. It isn't really any "minimum" order in the real sense. They sell you even just...
But I think you got a better fit than your old suits, even better than the one Chan made
His helper taking sick leave, so his is very busy this few days.Btw, Isolation, why don't you show us your suits from Ricky and Moda?
Finally, my MTO Wigmore arrived.
Be careful of your Clayton Cordovan, don't let them touch with water. They will have marking on the surface even after dry.
No, I am not talking about Lee Kee.Most of the shoemakers as well as tailors are near their late 70s, few of them who were trained at 1970s reach 60s already.I just know last month, one of my tailors (maker) retired.Can you believe that my shoemaker is still working everyday (just few hours) and he is 92 now? ( He is not the real maker though, I think he just make the forme)
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