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Charcoal grey I guess
Q1. 1.85m is more than enough for a blazer.Q2. Don't know yet.
Yes, they called me fishball in real life.
My new unfunded liabilities
Actually it is a dying tradition in Chinese culture, Chinese used to give out fabrics as gift in many occasions. So tailors accepting CMT was the tradition, but nowadays, many of them don't bother to do it. I made most if not all my suits on CMT basis, I didn't force any tailors to do so, most of them happily accept my commission. Talking about the restaurant analogy, it is also in HK a tradition to bring in your own seafood for the restaurant to cook. Try it when you...
Chobochobo and Penfold, i think we should get together to have a drink some time.
Although I didn't commission anything from Gordon this few years, I do believe he is much better than Y William Yu in both cut and craftmanship.IIRC, his chest piece is hand padded, but body canvas below chest is not. I may be wrong due to my bad memory. May be other may advice.After that so many years, I personally didn't think machine sewn chest piece make BIG difference, especially if you perfer having a hard and heavy chest piece (in this case, actually machine is...
IIRC, Gordan travel to Chicago twice a year, so may be you can consider ordered it from him, if you found fitting issue after he mailed it to you, just wait for him when he stop by Chicago to check it out. What do you think?
I can't image your boss will allow you to wear cotton suit to office if he did required you to wear suit at all in Hong Kong. Wear wool suit. Take off your jacket when you are outdoor in summer, that is what most people do in Central, or stay indoor!
Is Ho Sifu your coatmaker?
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