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I don't know how to say. I don't have any suit made by Chan.But I saw more than a dozen suit they made.For the craftmanship, I will said both are excellent. But I like Baromon more, the reason is strange, Baromon suit is more "man made", Chan suit is very nice, but "too good," it sometime look more like "factory made" suit.
Which one is Chan suit? My guess is the DB. Anyway, all of them looks "below average" standard IMHO. The shoulder are much too big. And you stand like a robot.
PT should be Pacific tailors?
I don't know Moda, and never seen their work.
Many "new shops" start up in this few years, and I don't know much about them, so please go to test them as much as you can. Thanks so much!
I think DB is cheaper
I think for the environment, DB can't be called nice restaurant, just a little bit better than PL.
So, the price for DB here is 1250/1.3=961.54=HKD7,500 for 2pcs fresco.Almost the same price la.
No need then, I have the leather/rubber combo. Thanks.My Philips was just rubber piece, come in a pair "together", and have to cut it to two when use.
Many tailors are friends of mine.It is not fair for me to comment, since I may be bias.And I think Peter have enough recommendations, hahaha.
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