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I think the pants drape ok, just the end catch the shoelace make it look bad.
Shoefan,where you got the philips heel piece?
I think WWChan shipped it to him before Patrick actually do the fitting in San Franscisco. It was their normal procedure if you want fitting in US.
Hey man, here is tailor thread!
Hmm.... I doubt you standing in the same way when you are doing fitting. Both of the back are terrible!
Yes, but I think you better have the fitting first.
I am not challenge people on words, I am just challenging you don't have real "knowledge" on the topic you said.I don't step on people.I've been here for a long time, I am very confident that people know that I am not.I don't know am I more knowledgeable than add911, but is that matter?Many pals in this forum are more knowledeable than me for sure, but I doubt are you the one!
Car,Please read what you said.Yesterday, it needs 10 hours of high skillToday, needs no high skill, at lease 6 out of the 10 hours, hahaha.Still saying it need 6 hrs to finish! I asked few tailors in Central, all laugh when I told them someone said in the forum that "handstitch base canvas" need 6 hrs to complete!
Old, yes, that is what I understood as what we are talking about.
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