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Of course not!
Hmm... I think the retail price of the 12oz Minnis flannel is GBP54.6/m or little bit less than USD80, today.
ok ok.I just want to share my own experience.I and a group of friends organized a group purchase at Jan 2014 of Minnis Fresco 520, the retail price now and then is GBP51.8/m or USD75/mI got 195m ordered within a week and everyone paid USD33.5/m included shipping to HKG.
wow, that is more than GBP75/m! Is it included shipping? They didn't give you any trade discount?
I think most if not all major Savile Row tailors used R753 for their buttonholes, and RJW catalog do called it buttonhole twist.R753 is also waxed, IIRC.Some one told me that Chan used S303 for their buttonholes, but I don't know is it true or not.
I think I really getting old. I checked the Gutermann catalog, it show four silk thread, R753, S303, S403, S1003. The silk skein is R402E. I can't found my spool of S303 However, I think the S403 and S1003 is designed for sewing machine, but I may be wrong. The Gimp is no silk at all.
I should say, for hand stitching, and you are right, they also have silk skein.Btw, the gimp in the pic is not silk, IIRC
I don't have my thread on hand, report back later.I think Gutermann just have one kind of gimp thread in few color, and two kind of silk thread.
That is good news
I forgot Skip or John told me that about one out of 100 sheets of cordovan will have a very small part (about few inches) connected together.
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