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Yes, I can agree that some good baotou may provide "good service" than some lousy tailor shops, but the baotou still can't give some "service" to their customers, that you also agreed with.BTW, I also saw those baotou sell cheap & fake fabric to customers(especially those do BtoC), so what is the point?
I don't know what your experence base on, just like Bamboo said Baotou is BtoB, I found that most of the time, tailor shop has much better communication with beginners.
You are simple wrong!Those are the cutter & fitter as owner! you just don't know where to shop.
But some tailor shops may just charge you 1-2k more for the said time, service and environment than Baotou.
hmmm... you can said so.but in real world, from what I saw, the "tailor shops" have better understanding in general, of what customers need, than a "baotou"So I think generally speaking, Baotou is not suitable for beginner, IMHO.
My experience to BaoTou is no service at all compare to tailor shops.I saw many, I mean really many poor suits made by Baotou due to misunderstanding between the customer and Baotou.It mostly happened to unexperience customers and who is new to bespoke tailoring.
My bad, should be 15oz then
hmm....I think the question mostly is not the adhesive itself, it is more about how you apply it.Some adhesive need to be applied at specific temp and/or surface (like being sanded just 1 hour ago), so if they do it wrong in time and/or temp. it may failed.
Thank you
My 13oz Fresco wear like iron!It look great, and no issue of any "floating bubbles" whatsoever.
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