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I think every one like a good deal. But it is up to the customer to decide which deal is the "best" for him. Some of the members are fans of WWChan or GY here. So be it. I would like to explore more options, and see their good and weak. Guys, take it easy.
I ordered it from RJW
Hahaha, I brought my own canvas to DB
I think DB default is RJW canvas, but you better ask Ricky
LBD from Harrison
Thanks, Car!I saw his name card said you are the "contact person," so I think you should know all that.I also heard all over the SF and other fora members said you are asking people to place order to Lai sifu, it make me think that you should know pretty well what he is doing.I think you may take few pics of the fitting suits, then we will know how it is look like. No need to go to workshop.You can buy english canvas easily from Merino Brothers.
Their makers are not in house.
Car, I am interested to see the canvassing and padding your sifu upstair made, could you show us some photos?Also I would like to know what kind of canvas he used, are they english canvas?
Are you meaning the fitter, cutter and maker all are in house?
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