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No, I am not saying they are beyond rescue.However, I doubt they have the ability to fix it.Since they shouldn't have cutted the basted fitting like that in the first place. It is one of the worst fitting I ever seen.Anyway, they have the customer satisfaction guarantees, so, no need to cut cost, just see what will happen
I wish you luck
Hmm.. If you used VBC flannel, then I think it is well below 1k for 1.3mYou can get as low as HKD350 for decent canton craftsmanship cmt for pants.
For me it is very diffcult to understand how a vest have "drape"
Car,I don't know what you mean by "drape" on a vest, can you explain?
Thanks Dragon!Call me when you are in HK, we can have lunch or tea together!
I look for few minutes and even used the photo edit software to check, and I don't think it has real drop shoulder problem.I think the jacket cutting and style is ok, yes, it can be fine tuned, but for the first suit made from a new tailor, I think it is acceptable.However, I agreed with Car that it is the trousers really need to be remake.
Sorry, no.I don't want to recommend anyone on the internet anymore, go out to find by yourself.
Is it really so?I think I have a couple of vest were canvassed, including a very cheap one, it just cost me HKD300 back then, around 2007.They don't want to do and don't know how to do is two different things.
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