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You pay the web price for Minnis! Why buy Acorn? You like their patterns?
Dou is Ok if you are just shorten the sleeves or hems.
No idea what you are saying.
Oh, that is why you need much more cloth than me
I used Lai once, and my result is not that good. But some pals do have good suits made by him. I wish you luck.Where you ordered the Minnis?
You better ask your tailor how much they needed.I normally order 1.8m for solid, and 2m for patterned for a blazer.Is that 45L US size or Euro size?I didn't buy a RTW suit for more than 20 yrs, I have no idea what size I am
Charcoal grey I guess
Q1. 1.85m is more than enough for a blazer.Q2. Don't know yet.
Yes, they called me fishball in real life.
My new unfunded liabilities
New Posts  All Forums: