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I think I have few metres of Rangoon in black
Haha, I think Geeboo totally understand what welting means.BTW, I am not "qualified," you should ask DW to comment
You can see the company name who sell this fabric on the book cover. I don't think it is a secret at all.Just like people know that you can buy a kilo of "pak choy" at SSP much cheaper than Citysuper in Hong Kong.
Very Well said!
Go to Dream bespoke and tell Ricky fishball send you in, he will take care of you. I think his price point is around the same as Lee Baron
My worse experience was Baotou took my fabric and disappeared!
Haha, interesting, if they did carry fabric, that is not "CMT" by definition, and for sure not CMT "only".
First sentence you said: "BaoTou don't carry fabric", then you said " I have seenĀ a few BaoTou carrying very limitedĀ fabric , e.g. VBC, Scabal, etc", so I think you agreed that some Baotou do carry fabric.I am just telling you I saw some baotou do carry "poor & fake" fabric as some tailor shops do, You don't want to believe?
Yes, I can agree that some good baotou may provide "good service" than some lousy tailor shops, but the baotou still can't give some "service" to their customers, that you also agreed with.BTW, I also saw those baotou sell cheap & fake fabric to customers(especially those do BtoC), so what is the point?
New Posts  All Forums: