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AAt that quality level?I don't think so
I see, I don't know them, and don't even know they exist.
Who and what is "the Kerbau"?
Many Pals ask me to do so, but sorry, no. I think I still have more than 20 pcs of unfunded liabilities at home.
Yes, I agree that the organizer don't have to spell out the precise profit they are making, in fact, I don't know are there any profit at all.However, I think a member should be free to disclose his information to help other to evaluate the deal.I remember another member did a re-run of Minnis Rangoon last year selling at GBP40/m or USD59/m which was also a discontinued cloth, and I think he didn't claiming pro bono either. I will estimate the retail price of that cloth at...
BTW, if that is for profit making, should it moved to buying & selling section?
I am not criticize any person, I am just share my experience here.Is it a better value, I left it to the buyers to think.I think the cut length without any discount will sell at $80/m.From my experience, to order a special design didn't need any extra cost, so I don't think a re-run need extra cost either.
Yes, I think we got a huge discount because of the high volume, however, also from my experience, I got a pretty good discount even I just order 60m.And since we didn't earn a penny from the sell, and don't have any middleman, we handle everything by ourselves. That is how to cut the cost as low as possible.
Of course not!
Hmm... I think the retail price of the 12oz Minnis flannel is GBP54.6/m or little bit less than USD80, today.
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