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I can't image your boss will allow you to wear cotton suit to office if he did required you to wear suit at all in Hong Kong. Wear wool suit. Take off your jacket when you are outdoor in summer, that is what most people do in Central, or stay indoor!
Is Ho Sifu your coatmaker?
May I ask who was the tailor?
Mine, not yet. but many pals did I just have too many cloth waiting in line.
Yes, AC default is fused collar and cuffs
What then is the difference between the Wellington and riding boot? I saw most of the riding boots come with trees.
Thanks JB
May I know why this "grinning" happened?
So if your customer want to order a pair of boot tree for his Wellington boots, where should he go?
DW, I have a question, where I can order three pcs boot trees if my bootmaker didn't offer one?
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