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I learn it in a hard way, mate
I think AC is doing some kind of referral discount now, I saw a sign board at their shop last week, but I didn't know the details since I am not planning to do any referral
Not bad at all for first attempt
Graly is not bad on his price range, just the seam is not as fine as AC. I like his shirt better than Jenzen.
My shirtmaker used the Made in German interlining for collar, it wear great IMHO. and I think threads doesn't has any real difference between them.However, the button AC used is better. Therefore, I supplied my own button.One thing AC also make it better is the buttonhole, it is little bit finer than my shirtmaker.
He is no tailor, I go directly to the workshop and buy the shirting directly from the agency, so I cut all the "extra" cost, or save the "profit" of the tailor shop to myself.
It is about USD 72 for a TM silverline shirt
I don't know how much they charge CMT now, some pals told me it was 1.1k Hong Kong dollars.My Shirtmaker charge me HKD 300
That is Khakee, that mean 60+ chinosI got all the subscriptors in 24 hours time.And it just take two days for the roll reach HKG.
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