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What you mean by "award winning" ?
Some makers in the other part of the world still hand folded the edge.
Is that J&J Minnis?
Hi Choy, They are Fox Flannel, since I don't want it to be same as LL Agnelli Tweed, I also add a narrow white line adjacent to the blue line.It was woven to the same standard of the LL Eden in Paris, of course in a fraction of price.Actually, I have thought of letting you guys know, but as I said, it sold out in less than 48 hrs after I announced the group buy.One thing unlike the LL group buy, the mill doesn't doing the cut up and shipping to individual subscribers, it...
haha, indeed.Btw, would you mind me to come to the trunk show even I am not palnning to commission anything?
BTW, nice blazer of Gennaro, Kolecho!
Those good old days!
Thanks for all the PM about the Agnelli flannel. No need to PM about buying that flannel, they sold out few months ago. In fact, I got the 150m subscription in less than 48 hours. It was sold at USD65/m CIF HKG. I think it was a steal comparing with the USD156/m EXW of the same quality cloth LL collection are selling. Thank you for all your kind words.
When I first know of London Lounge, they are selling at around GBP55/m for their BOB Tweed, lovely tweed indeed. I like the idea very much for grouping few cloth lovers to order special design from the mill. So I organized mine first special run for Fox flannel. A design mostly based on Agnelli photo. Hope it will make a great suit for this winter!
The list price in Hong Kong for the 480g Loro Piano Cashmere is HKD4,500/m ~ USD580/m
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