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Finally, my MTO Wigmore arrived.
Be careful of your Clayton Cordovan, don't let them touch with water. They will have marking on the surface even after dry.
No, I am not talking about Lee Kee.Most of the shoemakers as well as tailors are near their late 70s, few of them who were trained at 1970s reach 60s already.I just know last month, one of my tailors (maker) retired.Can you believe that my shoemaker is still working everyday (just few hours) and he is 92 now? ( He is not the real maker though, I think he just make the forme)
I do know one Hongkong shoemaker will do this kind of job for their customer. In the old day it made good sense. Since at that time a pair of Church shoes may be around HKD2,000 and replace the insole and welted by hand with a new sole may be just around a thousand. But now, it doesn't make sense at all. But they do have old customer asking for that.
Wooow! That will be more than a thousand HKD for whole suit !May I have a picture to see how it looks like?
Because they are too tight for me
Indeed they haven't really been worn
I don't think he is still doing that.My boots were made few years ago
left: Cliff Robertright: G&G
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