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My tux 17yrs ago was made by Yuen's, a solid dinner jacket, full canvassed, I like it very much.
I like the loop as a little detail
I like it short, when they are long, and you pull them as you need to, they will be toooooo long.Actually my trousersmaker has same problemThe fabrics made up ok, but the hand is not too smooth, I like my LP Tasmanian more. But can't complain, it is real cheap!
Haha, yes, I will reduce it little bit next time
Just got my odd trousers from my tailor, the CMT cost is going up and up! I miss the good old days! The fabrics was from Harrison Cru Classe, bin end sale, i got two pants length for HK$500 or ~USD65! So US$32 for a pair of pants. The total make up cost for the pants is USD140.
I learn it in a hard way, mate
I think AC is doing some kind of referral discount now, I saw a sign board at their shop last week, but I didn't know the details since I am not planning to do any referral
Not bad at all for first attempt
Graly is not bad on his price range, just the seam is not as fine as AC. I like his shirt better than Jenzen.
My shirtmaker used the Made in German interlining for collar, it wear great IMHO. and I think threads doesn't has any real difference between them.However, the button AC used is better. Therefore, I supplied my own button.One thing AC also make it better is the buttonhole, it is little bit finer than my shirtmaker.
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