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Sorry, We are Hong Kong tailors thread
I don't know well about "marcella pique," so I can't tell is it genuine or not.It did look good IMHO.
That shirt was for my wedding I wore it couple times.
I did starch the collar, but I used the collar I bought from RJW England, it came in starched. I think that is the standard collar used by those lawyers and Judges.BTW, Jeeves did a great job to starch the shirt and collar
haha, that was 19 years ago! I think it was around HKD300 back then.
My tuxedo piqué fronts shirt with detachable wing collar was made by Graly.
I think I have few metres of Rangoon in black
Haha, I think Geeboo totally understand what welting means.BTW, I am not "qualified," you should ask DW to comment
You can see the company name who sell this fabric on the book cover. I don't think it is a secret at all.Just like people know that you can buy a kilo of "pak choy" at SSP much cheaper than Citysuper in Hong Kong.
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