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I believe that their workshop is not located in HK, but I am not 100% sure
Summer is the low season! Actually, after CNY holiday should be the start of low season.
Pacific Coffee and Starbucks are not too far away. You can find PC at Lee Garden Two and Hysan Place, Starbucks is on Leighton Rd
Actually, it can be replaced totally by hand with needle and a needle handle. I can do it by myself, although it wouldn't be look very good. This is some kind of "know-how," when you know it, it is simple.The cobblers in Hong Kong can do a pretty well job to replacing it.
No, it is very easy to replace the elastic on intact boots. the stitching machine has pole head, not flat-desk like.
I do, I visited their factory two years ago, with 20-30 Sifu there doing all kinds of tailoring work
You just asked for completely made in Hong Kong.craftmanship? nothing special, just "in between"5k is the minimum charge, and I think it is a fused suit with canvas.
Bonham Strand?
M, when will you visit HKG? I visited SF last summer, but with family, so didn't have time to call you up
Who make it, M?
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