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I think you did know that this flannel is " the fishball special run", didn't you?
I'm not interested on Lai's work, I'm interested on "my flannel" hahaha
Baromatic,I think the invisiblity of the flannel coat was mostly due to the weight and woollen used, although I agreed with you that Lai's coatmaker did a good job on that.BTW, would you mind posting a pic that you wearing this flannel jacket? I would like to see how it perform.
I saw few Hong Kong Sifu made pants with those feature, but not on par with Ambrosi "craftmanship". That is what I am saying.
I don't know, may be you can show us some pics to see how this workmanship look like.For what I saw the "Fatboy" work before, I am not impressed.
I think Lai just copy some of the Ambrosi pants feature, but in terms of workmanship, it is far far beyond Ambrosi level IMHO.
Haha, not really, he is not my personal tailor.If I can find it, you can find it, it is a game of trial and error, no secret at all.
Add, you know that I know Lai is cutter not maker.Actually I don't know who make my pants, I order it thru a "tailor". My point is for that amount of money, you can still find a better option/value in the market.
Yes, the famous HK snack The missing button is inside the "belt" pocket (actually I don't know what it called).
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