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I saw Braidkid's Ted Baker Esprits in this pic and I really liked them. However, they are outside my price range. Then I saw which isn't that bad and is much much cheaper. Granted they are nowhere as refined as the Esprits, do they seem decent? edit: for reference, here are the Esprits -
Brown rice is awesome. It has a nutty flavor that makes it taste much better than plain white rice. You can also prepare it in rice cookers if you have them. Just double the water. The bagged brown rice at Trader Joe's is pretty good, but pales in comparison to fresh cooked brown rice. Steel cut (not quick or instant) oats are also pretty good. Similar nutty flavor. You can also cook it in a rice cooker, but it's a little messier since the water bubbles a lot more. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Actually not that much when I think of it. It does affect my impression only in the extremes (very poorly or well dressed, very caricatural outfit one way or another). Everything in between doesn't seme to really affect my first impression of people I meet. Same. I didn't used to like fashion, and I got to a school where people don't really bother dressing nicely, so it's never been a big deal.
Thanks for the suggestion, but the problem with that is that I have a pair of black chucks, and I would like a little diversity in shoe designs. However, the shoes don't actually even have to be sneakers. A pair of loafers would also suffice, although I'm not sure if they would work with something as casual as jeans + t-shirt.
What do people like more or I need a pair of brown shoes, and I will mainly be wearing them with jeans (SJDJ and NS if people are wondering) and a t-shirt. If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to share.
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