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I'm going to be in NYC (Manhattan) for two months. I'm mainly looking for places with squat racks/power cages, lots of free weights, and lifting platforms. I don't really care about exercise machines. Any suggestions?
If he hasn't really ever lifted weights or trained before, he could do both at once.
If you haven't lifted much, start with a simple program like Bill Starr's Linear 5x5 and do some running. I'm skinny as all fuck at 5'10" 130lbs, but I found that doing large lifts like squats and deadlifts along with shedding body fat with running and a sensible diet drastically improved my definition. edit: eat more protein, too
I mostly hate running, too. Every once in a blue moon I get an awesome run and I feel so good afterwards, but those are rare. Most of the time, it's just boring. Thanks god for nanos. I run pretty much just so I won't put on anymore body fat, and because I'd like to stay on a fitness level where I can run 10k whenever. Oh, and I also resolved to run 1000 miles this year.
I'm in the process of drastically revamping my wardrobe. So far, I have bought a pair of Nudies SJDJ, APC NS, Ted Baker Esprit oxfords, and white Jack Purcell. I'm going to order some American Apparel from a wholesaler, and I'm still looking for a nice fall coat. The problem is that I'm really skinny (size 34R), so it's been tough. I'll be in NYC (near SoHo even) in three weeks for two months, so I'll probably be able to find something there.
Bratz the movie. It's a live action movie based on the dolls about four lifelong ethnodiverse friends who get into cliques, but discover that they only need themselves. A few friends and I are going to go, and mock it MST2K style. There may or may not be alcohol involved beforehand.
Seconding Austin. I didn't really get a chance to enjoy it when I was there from elementary to high school, and now I regret it.
Here's what I've been loving lately: ISIS (favorite band) Rosetta Jesu Nadja Aidan Baker Tim Hecker Godspeed You! Black Emperor Maserati Alcest Amesoeurs
Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine
Thanks. I saw that and ordered it after messaging Braidkid about his experience with the shoes.
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