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I'm currently living right between Soho and Chinatown and it is amazing. I can have my high class shopping to the west and my good cheap resturaunts to the east, all within walking distance.
Is 28 the smallest size you have for anything? edit: except SSKs it seems
Probably 29. They stretch a fair bit. I have a pair of sz25 NS and a pair of sz27 SJDJ, but I'm already wearing a belt to prevent it from stretching any further.
Are Nice Collective jackets particularly slim? I'm looking for fall jackets and I'm debating between something like a medium Hare M65 or a small Nice Collective jacket.
Forgive me since I'm a newbie to tailoring, but would it be possible to reverse the inseam alteration? Right now I'm seriously considering it.
I'm a skinny asian so the A&F doesn't really work with me. Just as well since I probably wouldn't dress like that even it it did.
What are people's opinion on this blazer: http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/MARTIN...012C/areaid/35 I'm in the market for a casual blazer to be worn with jeans and black slacks, but I'm super skinny (34R) and it's hard to find things that fit me. I would get mtm, but I'd like to limit my spending to around $300, with a hard limit at $400. Additionally, I'm more than willing to hear suggestions if anyone has any. I'll be in NYC for two months including labor day if that helps.
Damn, I'm really liking the narrow jacket. And the XS size is still available. But $500 is a little too much for me. What are the chances that I can find something of similar fit (I'm probably a size 34R) elsewhere else for cheaper? I'll be in NYC for two months including labor day.
I recently bought a pair of white Jack Purcells and I love them. How would I clean them if they get dirty?
My NS just got in today. I had a difficult time getting into them (25x34), but if they stretch as much as people say they do, they should be perfect soon. Little preview from Photo Booth taken in a downward angle because my camera got stolen earlier this year. The waist/crotch is very tight, but I'm hoping they'll loosen soon. Sorry for the crappy angle, quality, and lighting.
New Posts  All Forums: