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Quote: Originally Posted by jabreal00 This tread is ridiculous. Being thin will always be healthier than being fat. However, when it comes to fashion some people will always want to push things to the extreme. The scientific community uses body mass index as a measure of what a healthy weight range should be. It's weight (in Kg) multiplied by 703 divided by height (inches) squared. Normal is 18-24.9. Anything below or above starts getting...
Agreeing with Socal. Physical fitness is an incredibly broad idea and so is a mix of everything including strength and cardiovascular (and possibly other stuff like agility). You can easily be strong as hell but be crap cardio-wise.
I'm a little of the Japanese mindset. I just happen to find the slim fashion aesthetically more pleasing. It also matches my personality better. I think I'm just a little too heavy right now at 131lbs/5'10" to pull off any of the truly skinny clothes (think chris), but I'm fairly happy where I am. I do eat a fair amount so I try to offset it by running about 20 miles every week. I also lift weights three times a week just to keep muscle definition. Oh, I'm...
Senior math major at Caltech. Almost out of here.
Dumpling House on Eldridge and Broome (I think). 5 dumplings for $1. Can't really get a better bang for your buck when you can get stuffed with awesome food for $4.
Paypal only. I ordered these from an online store, but unfortunately they were just a little too small. Just want to get back what I paid for them minus the shipping to you. $45 shipped in the US
Uniqlo's T-000 black jeans are terrific.
Too much for a poor college student, that's for sure.
I need some fairly inexpensive layering shirts that could be worn by themselves. I'm thinking of ordering some AA longsleeve henleys off of a wholesaler. Has anyone had experience with these? I'm usually a size small in AA t-shirts so I'm wondering if the fit will still be consistent.
Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines, Part II: Invocation to Seditious Heresy Death - Painkiller (Judas Priest cover) Abroym - Det Som Engang Var Built to Spill - Twin Falls Halou - Feeling This is Like to Fall Awake The New Pornographers - Centre for Holy Wars Mogwai - My Father, My King Nathan Johnson with the Cinematic Underground - Emily's Theme 3 (Lunch is Difficult) Deathspell Omega - Obombration Sigur Ros - Untitled (guessing from (), but it's a live recording on...
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