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Anyone know where I can get a slim casual cloth/canvas blazer? I'm wear a medium in Hare, so I probably need a size 34L. Specifically, I'm looking for something like this Cloak blazer: I like the kinda rough angular look it has.
Quote: Originally Posted by landho What jacket size do you guys normally wear? 34L. This should fit you. I'm just really skinny.
Impulse buy online that fits too large. Looking for $110 shipped. With tags. You know the deals with these. Sold thanks for playing. Measurements:
Anyone know any good light jackets for spring/summer? I have a really developed winter wardrobe, but am lacking on the summer.
Does anyone know how the sizing is for Wrath Arcane jackets? Most smalls are still too big for me as I have a 44" chest. My best fit jackets are my medium Hare M65 and my size 1 Julius blazer. On a related note, I'm looking for a light spring/summer jacket. Being in socal, spring comes extra early. Anyone have any suggestions?
No resolution this year. I fell short of my resolution from last year of running 900 miles by 30 miles. I think I'll just focus on maintaining my current level of health and possibly cut a few BF% (can't really figure out how I can do it safely without sacrificing lean mass right now).
Maybe a duffle coat?
The metal I listen to is mainly death and black, and I find those to be too chaotic to be good running music (great for lifting weights to, however). For running, I prefer bouncy accessible music that I can just mentally sing along to to pass the time. My absolute favorite song for ending my runs is Jesu - Star. Some more: Voxtrot - Wrecking Force Stars - Ageless Beauty Saxon Shore - Isolated by the Secrets of Your Fellow Men Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Upon This Tidal...
Eh, I've never found Uniqlo to fit well. Their S is too boxy on my and their XS is too short (and still somewhat boxy). If you're looking for undershirts, then I guess they would be no problem. I really like H&M stretch cotton t-shirts and AA, although both are fairly more expensive. The only problem with H&M is that you have to be careful when washing them or they'll shrink, a lot.
I take it with Bailey's. Adds a nice aroma that milk and cream just don't have. No sugar since I usually have it with something sweet.
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