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Own a few pairs of crappy Levi's.
Could someone tell me how paypal fees are applied? When I sold something for $100 transfered, I was hit with a 5% fee, but I when I sold another for $350 I didn't get hit by anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by ken Or, if you're not a math major, just cut out all breads, pastas, and cereals. Your body will thank you. As a math major, I can tell you that a lot of us do not like numbers either. To lost fat, eat about 400-500 below your BMR and exercise. Cardio such as HIIT can definitely help. Lift weights if you'd like to lose fat rather than indiscriminate mass. If you're looking for a radical diet that apparently...
A black russian's probably the only vodka drink I can have since it doesn't actually taste like vodka. Unfortunately, I had my appetite for vodka forever spoiled after ingesting some long islands at a party that was using Prestige vodka (plastic bottle). My other liquor of choice is gin in the form of gin and tonic.
Had a few black russians last night. Might have another one tonight.
Anyone know where I might be able to find a slim-fitting unlined blazer (preferably in some light material)? I wear size 44 euro, so it's very hard to find anything that fits me.
What about poly-cotton stitching? Will it replace the F310? Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Three more SEX's in 2008. Jesus fucking Christ. My wallet can't handle this. Although I'm sure (hope) I won't like everything you guys put out.
Amount of wear: Nudie SJDJ - 6 months-ish. Bought them beginning of June, but I had a lot of rotation going on at first. Will probably wash soon. APC NS - few weeks. Bought around the same time. Decided to focus on my Slim Jims to get them out of the way. SEXI04 - Coming in the mail. Definitely have way too much for a college student who just studies all day.
Jesus Christ, how many jeans are in your rotation jpgm?
This should fit a size S perfectly, but I am a size XS, and so it's a little too big for me. I'd like this gone since it's just taking up closet space, and I'm trying to get rid of the junk that I never wear. It's in excellent condition since I've worn it only 2-3 times. I couldn't find runway pics, but this is legit as I picked it up in the Cloak store. This is called a "Judo blazer", and it features two cloth straps that are supposed to tie off around the waist like...
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