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I've also been considering getting a denim jacket, but I would have a problem with denim on denim. I'm considering getting the black overdye Nudie Connie on cultizm. That would probably go better with normal indigo jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by smoothy504ny looks great. hard to pull off a jean jacket imo.. I appreciate the honest feedback and opinions from this forum White T Stiches Denim Juicy Couture Jacket Laceless Converse Chucks I definitely like this more compared to your other fits. Yeah, the brands still aren't canonical SF brands, but this is much more understated.
Wow. So completely not what I was expecting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black jacket - number (n)ine hoodie - AA jeans - Dior sneakers - Converse What wash are those diors? Can't really say I'm digging it, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by ts4them Can someone who is taking the fish oil caps tell me if they cause burping or a fishy taste in the mouth? I take two caps a day, and I'm usually fine. It might depend on the brand, also. I take NOW Super EPA.
As far as weightlifting goes, I find Bill Starr's 5x5 lifting program to be terrific for beginners. Very easy and fast program that focuses on compound lifts to build a strenght foundation. I'm not really interested in bulking, so I've just continued with the program for 1.5 years now.
Some of my favorites for running: Voxtrot - Wrecking Force Jesu - Star The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba Saxon Shore - Isolated by the Secrets of Your Fellow Man Don't really give a shit when lifting as I'll just listen to anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Shit, i don't eat 3500 calories at all. It'd take some work for me to get it that hi. I guess i could do it if i drank soda or juice instead of water or diet soda. That's 3500 calories in excess of the calories you burned including BMR, and that's overall not per day. And whole milk would be better. As for starving myself, true I am definitely eating at below maintenance, but I've been doing this for...
I'm 5'10" and, weighing myself just this morning, hovering around 128 lbs. For the last few years I've been pretty much within two pounds of 130. I like this weight for me. It's definitely skinny, but it's not anorexically skinny. I'm not "chicken-chested" either. I lift weights three times a week. My 5RM on bench, squat, and deadlift are 135 (injured my rotator cuff recently so this is probably overshooting it), 185, 215. I have a six-pack and pectorial muscles and...
This is probably a mistake, but:
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